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Monday, October 20, 2014

the people of Kings Landing ~ Mosaic Monday

Kings Landing Historical Settlement, near Fredericton, NB, has a large staff that portray different characters in the homes, barns and other buildings.   They are knowledgeable about each person they represent as well as the house they 'live' in and must stay in character all the time.  If you know any of them personally they will not go out of character to recognize you.  The staff are hired for their knowledge, or are trained, in animal husbandry, handcrafting, cooking on wood stoves and over wood fires, black smithing, carpentry, etc.   There would be a lot to learn about life in the 1800's - without our modern day conveniences - so it's a great lesson in living history.

We do know this young lady.  :)  She and her brother grew up with our kids.

I am joining Judith at Lavender Cottage for Mosaic Monday


Friday, October 17, 2014

this and that from this week

It's a hay day.

It's Friday again and I thought I'd share some random photos from this week that just passed.   The above photo I took while I was preparing Thanksgiving dinner on Monday past.  I looked out the kitchen window and saw the tractor and wagon full of bales passing over the field.  I guess they must have had their dinner on Sunday.

This container of summer annuals is on our pergola.  It has bloomed profusely all summer and fall.  I'll definitely be buying fuchsia again.  It's an annual I've never had before and the pergola is a perfect spot for it.

The hydrangea bush is so pretty with it's rosy tinted blooms and golden leaves.

The large creamy marigolds were full of blossoms this year.  The frost left a rose tint on the edges of some of the blooms.  Don't they resemble carnations?  We haven't had a killing frost yet.

What's this?  It might be a snack with my cup of tea.  :)  I found these Purity brand ginger cookies at the grocery store and at Walmart recently.  They are made in Newfoundland and there was several different products on the shelf from that company.  I remember a similar type of cookie when I was growing up.  Do any of my Canadian friends remember these?  I also remember spreading them with butter, real butter, and cheese tastes really good on top of them.  Yummy!

On Wednesday it was a really warm day - 24C - and some clouds moved in before sunset.  I was watching out the window (while doing dishes, I don't just watch all day long LOL) and all of a sudden the yellow turned to coral/orange/pink and blue.  It was stunning.  The clouds looked like smoke blowing across the sky.  It was amazing!  So, I grabbed my camera and went out on the deck and snapped some pictures.

Look at those vertical lines in the clouds.  Different eh?

I took this photo this morning before the heavy rain started.  We're in a tropical type weather system today with the rain and wind that was over Ontario and Quebec the last few days and with warm temperatures from the southern US.  It's 20C.  Thankfully, we won't be affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Gonzalo.  However, the wind is pretty gusty out there right now and the leaves are flying off the trees.

I saw this cute mason jar ring pumpkin in Better Homes and Gardens on Facebook this week so decided to make one.  It's so simple to do.  They used raffia and a cinnamon stick but I used twine and a real pumpkin stem, which I just happened to have in my stash.  What.  Don't you save your pumpkin stems?  :)   I used 12 silver and 5 brass rings but maybe could have used 1 less as it was difficult to keep it tied tight and standing up straight.  Try it.  :)

Well that's been my week.  Nothing exciting going on.  Thank you for all your kind comments on my recent posts.  I appreciate your visits.  Also, welcome to my new followers.  
I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend and that maybe you will get out and enjoy the beauty of fall.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Good Fences #30

Can you see a fence in each one of these pics that make up the collage?  Even through the barn doors you can just see the wood of a fence. ( I checked)  :)

There are lots of barns and fences at Kings Landing.
And lots of fences here ~ Good Fences at The Run*A*Round Ranch Report.

 Showers on the way here today but very mild.  Have a great day!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kings Landing and Thanksgiving

The Hagerman House

As I mentioned the other day, Murray and I went to Kings Landing Historical Settlement on Friday afternoon.  We spent several hours there on a beautiful autumn day and enjoyed walking in the fresh air with a brisk breeze, visiting the homes, the staff and taking lots of pictures.

We have had our  Thanksgiving weekend which concluded with our turkey dinner Monday.  Our son and his wife joined us and we had a delicious meal.  I was stuffed!  Really, you'd think I'd learn after all these years, but it was so good!   We had a Skype visit with our Calgary family too and enjoyed the antics of our grandsons and seeing how the newest baby is growing.  

I hope you enjoy the photos.  Some of them have been edited a bit for colour as it was a washed out kind of day and the colours were more brilliant than my photos showed.

An outhouse.

Kings Landing just finished it's 40th Anniversary season.  I was there last week to see the exhibit of the anniversary in the Visitor Reception Building.  The above photo was part of the exhibit and explains how Kings Landing came into being.   You can find more information here and here.  And of course, I've done many blogposts about it which you will find on the link in my labels at the bottom of this post.

This is the Joslin Farm.

This barn is really long.  All of the buildings were moved from their original sites along the St. John River before it was flooded.  It was quite a feat to move them, some by road and some across the ice in winter.  

two of the many work horses

Mucking out the horse stalls in the Joslin farm barn.

This was a display in the ell of the Joslin Farm.  I love how the old farms had additions attached to the end or back of the house for storage and often, indoor 'facilities' rather than outhouses.  I remember my aunt and uncle's farmhouse had an ell with the 'facility' before they had an indoor plumbed bathroom installed.  It was nice to have it indoors out of the weather but I'm sure it was cold in the winter!

Another barn on the Joslin farm had pumpkins next to an old wagon.  There were sheep and cows here as well.

Well hello cow.

As many times as I've been to Kings Landing I try to find different things to photograph.  It seems I never run out of different things to see, different angles, different light which all add up to different photos.  Good thing I only go there once or twice a year!


Murray picking apples on Sunday afternoon. (iPhone)

The drive to church on Sunday morning. (iPhone)

That was our weekend.  Busy and fun and filled with blessings.  I hope you had a beautiful weekend and Thanksgiving in Canada.  Have a great day!


Saturday, October 11, 2014

a personal photo challenge ~ still life

Hi there.  Although I don't usually post back to back posts I had forgotten that I wanted to join A Personal Photo Challenge today being hosted by Donna at her blog "Cottage Days and Journeys".  Thank you Donna for hosting this monthly meme where we are challenged to be creative with our photography.  I love taking landscape photos but I also enjoy the artistic side of still life art, the theme for this month's challenge.  Thankfully I had spent some time this past week preparing some still life photos.  The first two were done in my home and the third one was taken at Kings Landing last September.

I got out my piece of barn board and placed it on a small table in front of the living room window one morning.  This window faces east and gets great natural light in the morning.  I used my Nikon D5200 on the auto/no flash setting.  I wanted to capture the shiny apple, the texture of the slices and the grain of the wood in the cutting board and the barn board.  I did not edit this one at all.

This photo consists of a stone vase.  These vases are made in Nova Scotia and I love them as they come in different sizes, colours and of course, stones.  I like to cut spent seed heads of purple coneflower in fall for a couple of vases.  Three fit perfectly in this one.  I simply laid the vase down on the barn wood.  I did edit this one slightly in Picasa using the lomo-ish setting to bring out the textures in the stone, seed heads and wood.  

This photo was taken with my old Canon Powershot last September at Kings Landing Historical Settlement.  Auto setting.   I edited it a bit in Picasa to lighten it slightly to enhance the darkness at the bottom and left of the photo.  I love the red geraniums against the green grass and, of course, the view.

Please feel free to visit or join us at Donna's Personal Photo Challenge.  There is a different theme each month

Have a blessed weekend.


Friday, October 10, 2014

fall phone photos

A rainy day in the fall can bring out the best of colours in the landscape.

Hi everyone.   I hope you don't mind but I have a few more fall pictures to share with you.  The colour as been spectacular this past week and I'm always ready to take pictures of it whether walking or driving in the car.  Because one can't always take their camera with them every where they go it's handy to have a cell phone that can slip into a pocket of a purse, jacket or jeans.  They take pretty good pictures too so I am sharing some that I took this past week when it was raining and I didn't have my big camera with me.  Most of the photos were taken on dark cloudy days so I had to lighten them a bit.  I hope you aren't tired of seeing them!  :-)  

I tweaked this one a bit in Picasa.

Note the bare trees along the hedgerow.  I can't believe how fast the leaves are dropping.
Soon our scenery will be browns and greys and dark green ~ the dullness of late fall until the snow starts to cover the landscape.

 Pumpkins for Sale

I found a few pretty roads in our area the other day in the rain.  It was pouring rain when I took this picture between wiper swipes.  

If you look closely at the rise of the road you'll see a deer in the middle.  We watched 3 deer cross the road there.

Do you use your phone's camera a lot?  It sure comes in handy when you don't want to miss a photo opportunity.  

It's our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  Monday is the holiday and we will have our son and his wife join us for dinner.  The weather sounds perfect for October with sunshine, a bit of cloud and typical average fall temperatures around the mid-teens Celsius.  I'm hoping we'll have a real bonfire (not just burning weeds!) and do some s'mores some evening.  I bought the ingredients back in June and haven't used them yet!  They'll be stale by next summer so we have to make it happen.  Of course the big Hersey's chocolate bar can be eaten no matter what!  :-)  Murray and I are going to visit Kings Landing Historical Settlement this afternoon and I can't wait.  I haven't been there all summer and they close for the season on Monday.

 I'd like to wish my Canadian friends a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving.  I hope you enjoy the holiday and don't eat too much turkey and pie.  

Blessings to you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

fall colour in our yard

Looking out our living room window.

Fall is really moving along isn't it?  Well, fall will be here until just before Christmas but, the fall colours are what is really moving along.  The leaves are changing so fast and dropping like confetti at a wedding, carpeting the ground in crunchy colour.

This is our neighbour's backyard.  The big maple tree on the right is ours and so are all the leaves on the ground.  :)  Murray actually 'raked' them all up with the mower Monday evening but the ground is littered again as it was very windy yesterday.

And this is the culprit!  It was looking so beautiful but now it's getting pretty bare.

This is looking out our driveway.  We have 4 maple trees across the front by the road and the one by the garage at the side of the house.  They sure do shed a lot of leaves!!

My favourite fall colours.

There have been a lot of bees around of different types.  I don't know one bee from another.  Some are huge and lazy just sitting on the mums for hours and others are flitting about from bloom to bloom.   I counted 30 bees on the sedum one evening.

We had a good rain on Sunday.  I took this photo as it was starting to clear up a bit.
You can see that the garden is about cleaned out.  I finished pulling the onions and carrots on Monday afternoon.  Not a huge haul - about a half a pail of each - but we also have been eating them all along.  The green bushes that you see are marigolds and the rest of the green is those awful weeds!!  

Oh, and we got 7 very small squash and about a dozen small beets.  It was a rather dry summer I think and maybe we should have fertilized more but it was nice to grow our own veggies for the first time and we learned a lot.  Like.... not to plant lettuce or squash and cucumbers and peppers.  LOL  I think the garden will be half the size next year! 

Our front porch is looking very colourful still.  I think the annuals will still be blooming through Thanksgiving this weekend.

These two young fellas were passing through one morning at sunrise.  I often see several deer wandering across the field in the morning and evening.  Down the road there is a doe and triplets that I see a lot, usually trying to cross the road.

We've had some foggy mornings the past few weeks including this one above with the golden sun.

That's our yard so far this October.  I expect in two weeks or less the trees will be bare and the colourful flowers will be frost bitten.  It's been a beautiful summer and fall so far.

I am adding one more photo that isn't in our yard.  My sister let me share this one.  This was their view on Sunday after the rain stopped.  Thanks Pat and Richard.  :)

Isn't this beautiful?  It's along the Miramichi River.

Are you finished with your summer gardens?  It's kind of nice to take a break once it's all done but I'll be looking forward to next spring when things start growing and blooming again.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a great day.


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