summer time

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

if a tree falls in the forest....

....does anyone hear?

This is one of thousands of trees that fell to Tropical Storm Arthur this past July here in New Brunswick.

We're back on the beaver pond trail with a few more pictures continued from my previous post.
You can see the trees that blew over in a large swath in this section.  It was incredible to see!

Trees were either snapped off or were uprooted from the shallow soil.  Sometimes it was a domino effect where one tree would take out a lot more.  There is a lot of clean up to do.

This is the new footbridge across the pond.  It was installed earlier this summer and is on pontoon floats.  It's a bit wonky in one spot tipping toward the water but not too bad to cross on foot.  We came from the other side in this photo.  This trail is supposed to be wheelchair accessible but I think more work will have to be done on it after the storm and the bridge will have to be adjusted too to make it passable for a wheelchair.

I think this is my favourite photo of that day.  I love the colours in it and the patch of blue sky that reflected in the water.  The sun never did shine though.

I may have shared a photo of this tree one other time but it's till hanging on to the rock while others are leaning terribly or have fallen over.  

So cool.  Like a big claw.  

Last picture.  (thanks for hanging in there with me)   Have a seat!  Someone cut this tree that had fallen across the path into chunks and lined them up.  As I said, there is still a lot of clean up to do.  We had a nice walk but I was happy to get into the car with the heat on as I was so cold.  Fall is here.


Yes, I got my pickles made today.  The house smells so good!  It's not a big batch but enough to do us the next year.  We don't eat them with every meal after all.  

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.  And welcome to my new followers too!  It's so nice to have you along.  Have a great day!


Monday, September 15, 2014

a walk around the beaver pond

Sunday was a dreary, cloudy, grey and cool day but we decided to go for a walk in the park after church and lunch.  We haven't been out there all summer.  I can't believe we are half way through September already and we never once walked the beaver pond trail.  I guess we were so busy with the yard, garden, and deck and all else that was going on this summer that we just didn't make the time.  

I just about froze too!  Well, not really froze.  It was 15C. (about 60 F) but the clouds and the cool wind chilled me to the bone.  

Here is one of 2 beaver lodges in the pond.  We didn't see any beaver today though.  Never have.

I believe these are elderberries.  This bush was loaded with them.  I guess the birds haven't found them yet.  Speaking of birds.  We didn't see or hear one bird out there.  Strange.  

Beautiful reflections on the water.

Goldenrod was abundant as were a few bees.

A mushroom that has a bite out of it.

We couldn't get over the numbers of downed trees from Tropical Storm Arthur that came through in early July.  There were thousands and thousands of trees that fell from this storm and Mactaquac Provincial Park lost about a thousand as well.

I'll share more pictures with you next time.


We have a frost warning for our area tonight but since we are quite high up on this ridge we hopefully won't get cold enough.  I'm going to throw some towels on my planters tonight, just in case.  Have you had frost yet?  They (the weather people) say we will have a nice high pressure system come in for the rest of the week with nice seasonal temperatures.   I'm sure missing our summer weather and the longer days already.  Are you?  It seems once we get supper over with the sun is already going behind the hill and it gets so cool.  Our yard work will have to be done in the daytime and on Saturdays now I guess.  

I started my Lady Ashburnham pickles today and will cook and jar them tomorrow.   They are a nice mustard pickle with cucumber and onion chopped fine, and a favourite of ours.  I didn't get many cucumbers from the garden as the deer and crows ruined them and some of them simply turned to mush under the leaves and weeds. 

The harvester has been cutting the fields around here the past week.  They didn't finish this one yet. (this was last week)

I caught these two bucks going into the field last week.  They soon disappeared in the long grain.

Well I must get those towels out and cover my beloved annuals.....just in case.  ;) 
Have a wonderful week.  I'll see you soon.


Friday, September 12, 2014

movement ~ a personal photo challenge

This month's Personal Photo Challenge at Donna's blog, Cottage Days and Journeys, is movement.  I scrounged though my Picasa albums for a few photos that showed movement.  Mind you, I have lots of bird photos and grandson photos that are a blur and a lot of pictures that I deemed too blurry have been trashed long ago.  So I managed to find a few that would class as 'movement' photos for this assignment.  I should have been out taking photos which is the real idea of this meme - it is a challenge after all - but the most recent photos I've taken didn't classify (or were deleted as they were blurry!!).  So here goes.

This first photo was taken on Canada Day in 2013.  These buskers were playing with fire and having a ball.  I like how the flames dragged though the air and one girl's back looks like it's on fire.  I was using my old Canon point and shoot for this one and probably on Auto or Sport Mode.


This second photo was taken in July of 2012.  The farmer was 'making hay' that hot summer afternoon and I decided to capture the action.  You can see the bale of hay flying into the wagon and all the dust and chaff blowing off it.  Again, this was with my old Canon.


This third photo was taken on July 6, 2014 through the kitchen window.  The swallow parent was feeding one of the babies on our deck railing.  It was taken with my Nikon D5200 on the Sport Mode so I could capture the motion quickly.  I love how I caught the wings spanned out.


If you'd like to join the photo challenge this month please visit Donna's blog here.  It's fun to see what other bloggers have selected each month and you really need to see Donna's contribution!  :)

Have a super weekend!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

fences, fields of grain, and prairie skies

There is nothing quite like prairie skies whether in Canada or the US.    

The fields of grain are ripening for the harvest.

One can see for miles and miles.

Pop up rain showers are common there.  

These photos were taken on the outskirts of Calgary, Alberta a couple weeks ago.  We had nice weather but not summery hot like it was at home.   At least we missed all the snow they got this week!  I've seen a  lot of photos of the snow - about 20cm. - in some parts and even in our daughter's yard!  It was weird to see photos of trees and summer flowers laden with heavy wet snow.   There was a lot of damage to trees, power lines, cars and buildings from falling limbs and trees.  Also, the crops in the fields (as in the photos above) were really laden with the snow that may ruin the harvest.   I'm thankful for the beautiful late-summer days we've had here since we got home. 

I'm linking with Good Fences #25 at the "Run *A* Round Ranch Report" blog.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

following the sun

We have had some beautiful late summer days here this past week and I am really enjoying the sunshine and gorgeous blue skies, along with the warm temperatures.   Summer's last blast.

Down the road at the apple orchard I found a plantation of sunflowers growing so I carefully went down the deep ditch and snapped some pictures.  They are so beautiful with their bright golden faces following the sun.

There were some bees buzzing about the blooms.

The larger picture.  In the foreground is a field of pumpkins for the fall u-pick.

No frost on the pumpkins yet.  :)

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you are enjoying nice weather where you live.  I know we are.
There was a few inches of snow in Calgary yesterday.  Good thing we came home last Thursday!



Sunday, September 7, 2014

a river runs through it

Any way you look at it, the St. John River is beautiful especially on a sunny summer day.   It flows through our province and our city and into the Bay of Fundy at Saint John.  Funny that this 'saint' is spelled differently for the river and the city.  

The Westmorland St. Bridge crosses in the downtown.
There were a lot of boaters out on this day in early August.

The north side of the river.  The Nashwaak River flows into the St. John River just past the point where the people are sitting. (photo below)

Looking toward Carleton Park on the north side of the river.

looking south on the walking bridge

the Princess Margaret Bridge crosses below Fredericton

When you leave the bridge you see this beautiful view of the green along the river with the spire of Christ Church Cathedral across the street.

This isn't the street.  It's the walking trail that follows along the river in the downtown of Fredericton. It's a beautiful place to enjoy the beauty of nature, the city and the river.  

When we got back to my car next to the cathedral we heard a noise in this oak tree.  We looked up and saw this little fella looking down at us.  Raccoons in the city.  So cute but so destructive.  I wonder how many garbage cans he raided that night?

I wonder if he has a nest in this broken off part of the tree.  This was at least 30 feet up.

I see you.

I love our nearby city, the capital of our province of New Brunswick.  We are blessed to live here.

After 3 days of temperatures in the low 30'sC with a humidex into the low 40'sC, today it dropped to 23C with no humidity.  It truly felt like a typical fall day and was quite nice although I must say I'm going to miss the heat of summer.   The nights are definitely cooler too (9C last night).....almost down to frosty temperatures (zero).  There'll soon be frost on the pumpkins.  We'll have many more beautiful days ahead to enjoy the outdoors though.   I do have some major weeding to get done.  I can't hardly find the cucumbers and squash in the garden for weeds.  What a mess!  I hope to make Lady Ashburnham pickles this week.  Are you into pickling yet?
Speaking of the new season coming up....I even managed to get some fall decorating done since we got home.   I still would like to buy some fall mums and pumpkins for outside....perhaps later this week.  Have you started any fall decorating or preparations?  

Thank you for all your kind comments and congratulations on the birth of our new grandson.  I appreciate it so much.   I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.



Thursday, September 4, 2014

my three grandsons

Teeny Tiny Toes

Hi there.  As I mentioned in my last post, our new grandson, Liam, joined our family last Thursday.  He is such a sweet little one who looks a lot like his older brother at that age.  Murray and I are privileged to be able to be here and help out Jennifer and Matthew, especially to entertain Ewan and Eli on the day of the birth, and every other day too.   They are so cute and funny......quite the little characters and with different personalities as well.  I love them so much.

Here's Grampie and the boys in the mall.  We spent 4 hours here and they were so well behaved the whole time.  We also visited IKEA which I loved and we treated them to fast food and chocolate ice cream of course.   :)  Just a little spoiling.

When we got home after supper the boys met their new little brother.  They were so adorable as they commented on his tiny hands, feet and nose and gave him lots of hugs and kisses.  I love the look they have on their faces in this photo as their mum answers their questions.

And here is our precious new grandson.....just 3 days old here.  He's doing really well and I think he's growing already.  He sure was bright eyed today turning his head to our voices and 'looking' at us.  It's just amazing to see and realize the miracle of new life.  How precious it is.

A collage of the boys playing outside.

Why not one more picture of this little bit of sweetness. (6 days old)

 Well, we are now back home as of 6:00 this evening.  I had this post all ready to go so don't think that I did this after we got home.  I'm not that fast!  However, I have unpacked and put everything away (which I like to do as soon as we get home).  Our house is so quiet!  I miss the boys playing and laughing and the baby's wee cries already!   We had a wonderful time and, as I said, are privileged to be there for such a special time.  God is good!
I guess I'll get to bed early even with the 3 hour time's now 10:15 here and 7:15 there.  That means I'm not really ready for bed but we've been up since 4:00 am and after a day of travel and sitting in planes I think I'll find my bed nice and comfy tonight.   Sweet dreams.

Bye for now.



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