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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

a summer sunset on the river

When my sister, Maggie, was home for a visit we went down to the causeway at the river to take sunset photos.  I don't think I'd been down there since she was home 2 years ago.  We picked a great evening to get some photos after a hot sunny day. 

The water was calm and provided great reflections of the shore and sky.

There are always people fishing for bass along the shore.
The culverts are where the boats go through to get to the main part of the river/headpond.

A boat heads to the marina as a group of Canada geese swim by.

I love the smooth as satin waves from the motor boat and the soft sky reflections.

What a beautiful scene!  We really enjoyed this sunset evening and then we went up the hill and took pictures of the full moon which I shared before.

I always enjoy sunsets and sunrises (if I'm up that early).  I hope you're having a wonderful week.  We are enjoying our vacation and our sweet grandsons and, are still waiting for the arrival of baby #3 who seems to want to stay put for now.  All in God's time.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

August blooms

The August gardens and flowers are full and gorgeous here right now.   Although I don't have the best flower beds, and they are full of weeds it seems, the flowers are putting on a great show lately.

Summer is winding down in the garden which makes me sad.  I love the colours that the gardens provide to the landscape in our world.....everywhere you look....gardening is a huge hobby and is so good for the mind and soul.  Do you agree?

Can you tell I like purples and pinks?

L to phlox, blue Endless Summer Hydrangea, purple coneflower
Cosmos, Morning Glory, Liatris
Rudebekia, Tickseed, American Revolution Day Lily

Our neighbour's "barnyard daisy" on our old fence.  

I am linking to Judith's blog "Lavender Cottage" for Mosaic Monday.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


Monday, August 18, 2014

black and white mosaic

The rusty iron bridge, formerly a train bridge which crosses the St. John River in Fredericton, is part of the Trans Canada Trail system.  It was a beautiful place to walk and on a sunny and hot Sunday afternoon there were a lot of people taking advantage of the weather and the bridge and trail.  It doesn't look busy in this photo but there were walkers, runners, bikers, skateboarders and roller bladers coming and going while we walked across and back.  

Although it was a gorgeous sunny day with blue skies and lots of green on the shores in the original photos, I decided to do a black and white theme for these ones because of the architecture of the iron bridge.

Pointing the way.
The spire of Christ Church Cathedral on the green in Fredericton stands out in just about any view from the bridge or the city for that matter.


making waves

brace yourself

criss cross

I am joining Judith at Lavender Cottage for Mosaic Monday. This meme has been transferred from Mary at My Little Red House to Judith's capable hands recently.  I hope you will join us or visit and view what we are sharing for mosaics this Monday.  The link goes up on Sunday afternoons but I'm a bit late.  Don't forget to leave a comment.  Have a wonderful week.


Friday, August 15, 2014

full sturgeon moon

It's been a few days but I wanted to share my photos of the full sturgeon moon on Sunday evening, August 10, 2014 around 8:00 pm over the St. John River Valley.


Waning full moon on Monday evening August 11, 2014 over looking the St. John River valley taken near the same spot as in the above photos and about a half hour later in the evening.

Not good pictures but I like the lighting in the last two and it was nice to document this super moon for August.  I also like the moonlight on the few clouds in the bottom photos too.  The moon was a soft orange colour which doesn't show in my photos.  It was a beautiful sight!

We had a full day of rain yesterday but the sun broke through today.  We really needed a good soaking rain as the gardens were dry.  At least I don't have to lug the watering cans around!  ;)

Thank you for all your visits and kind remarks on our son's wedding pictures.  Enjoy the weekend!



Thursday, August 14, 2014

there was a wedding in the country

candle light at dusk

There was a wedding in the country last Saturday.
Our son, Mark, married his love, Jennifer, at an outdoor ceremony.   The sky threatened rain and it did pour a half hour before the ceremony....with the satin slip covered chairs set out for the guests....but the sun shone beautifully for the nuptials...and the chairs dried off too.   It rained again during the reception but at least we were under tents and kept dry.  The sun returned again and it was a beautiful evening with a full moon rising in the sky. 
Enjoy the photos.

A funny moment while practicing their vows on Friday evening.

relaxed at the rehearsal party

the real deal here  ;)
{photographer's photo}

The bridal party wore navy lace dresses of their choosing {great idea!} and brown cowboy boots.  Their bouquets were sunflowers and white hydrangeas.  The flower girls were adorable sisters and cousins of the bride.  They wore yellow dresses and cowboy boots.  The men all wore jeans (not new ones!), brown vests and white shirts along with their black toed work boots!  Instead of boutonnieres, they wore fishing flies attached to pins made by a friend of Mark's.  The ring bearer, nephew of the bride, was dressed the same.  The little ones did a fantastic job and were so good!  They had a lot of fun. {there were frogs to catch in the pond!!}

A beautiful couple!

Ma and Pa  :)

Yep, sunglasses on the head.  :)

And now, his ball cap.  ;)  Cutting the cake.

This cake says a lot.  A Dodge Ram truck and mud seem to go together with Mark and Jenn.   (Although he takes really good care of his truck and doesn't take it mudding like he did his old ones.}  They love the outdoors!  The cake resembles birch bark wood rounds with their initials 'carved' in a heart.  

Mother and son, father and daughter ~ special dance.  

Dancing off into their new life together.

It was a beautiful day even with the scattered rain showers and everyone had a wonderful time.  We laughed and we cried; we ate roasted pig and salads, and we met new family and friends on both sides.  Family came from near and far although we were greatly missing our daughter (39 weeks pregnant!), son-in-law and two grandsons, and my brother (who is very sick) and his wife, along with other family members who couldn't make it.   
Now, the next big event is a new grand baby arriving sometime around the 24th!  This time next week we'll be visiting our daughter and family ready to meet baby #3!!

My posting and visiting will still be scattered.  I hope you are enjoying the summer.  It sure is going by fast.  Well, there's still September, but it already feels like fall here some days, and I hope to do some entertaining on our deck before it gets too cold!   We haven't even had a bon fire since June so I guess the next one will be to warm us up.  :)


Thursday, August 7, 2014

along the mighty Miramichi River

Looking up river from Wilson's Sporting Lodge on the Miramichi River

Hi everyone!

We were visiting along the Miramichi River in central New Brunswick just over a week ago.  The Miramichi River is known for it's salmon fly fishing and is famous around the world as many great and famous people would come here in past years for the thrill of catching a beautiful Atlantic salmon.  

Hip waders, used for fishing in the river, are drying on the porch of the lodge.

This old sign was on the original lodge which was located farther down the road/river.

This is the lodge where there is a large restaurant, lounge and a reception room downstairs.  The views from the upper floor are beautiful.  We had a fabulous meal there enjoying the view and even saw an eagle.   Wilson's was established in 1855 in McNamee and is advertised as Central New Brunswick's Four Season Resort.  Their website is here ~  Wilson's Camps.  We are planning on a trip over in the fall to enjoy the fall colours while we dine. 

Some canoes along the shore.

Looking down river.

The old railway bed that runs along the river has been converted to a trail used by ATV's (all terrain vehicles) and snowmobiles and hikers.

Looking up river as the dark rain clouds move in.  The little black flies were so bad we could hardly stand it.  They bite!!  So we didn't stay down there long.

Tomorrow is Friday, the day before our son's wedding.  I won't have time to post then so I am a day early this week.  (at least I'm here!)  It's been so busy.   The weather is calling for thunder showers  most of the day tomorrow.....the day we set up for the wedding....outdoors!!  Then Saturday is calling for showers in the afternoon.  I'm checking the weather on line just about every hour hoping it's going to change.... what will be, will be.   We'll have a grand time anyway.  
My brother's health hasn't changed this week.  He has one week to go until his next treatment.  Please continue to pray he will be strong enough to have it next Thursday and that the nausea will go away.  It breaks my heart.  

Well, I'm off to do some cleaning and wedding preparations.  I hope you have a great weekend whatever you're doing.  I'm planning on enjoying Mark and Jenn's wedding as much as possible.   I may even take my own camera and get some snapshots to share with you later on.  Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post and for your prayers for my brother.  I appreciate them so much. I am not able to visit or comment much but have been visiting a few of you this week.  
Take care and enjoy your weekend.



Friday, August 1, 2014

it's a shore thing

The seashore with the tide coming in on Tuesday morning.

Another week has passed and it is now August.  

A feed of lobster on Tuesday night.  This was one platter of 2.  

My sister and I spent Monday to Thursday in Moncton visiting our family.  We stayed with our cousin at her cottage at the shore and spent the afternoons visiting our brother in the hospital.

I finally got down to the beach when the tide was out on Wednesday morning. The shore is a bit rocky in places but there is beautiful sand when the tide is out.

Sunset on Wednesday evening.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Looking the other way.  Such beauty painted in the sky and reflected on the water by the "master artist".   Walking along the shore and in the shallow water was very therapeutic and relaxing for me.

Heavy clouds moving out on Thursday morning.  My cousin and I walked way down the beach while the tide was out.  It was warm with a light breeze and the water was warm.  We saw lots of shore birds.

Farther down the shore, before the next settlement of cottages and houses.

Walking back we could see that the clouds were dispersing in the west and knew it would be another sunny and hot afternoon.  

 My brother was released from the hospital in the afternoon!  He has two more weeks until his next treatment so we're praying that he will get stronger each day and be well enough to stay at home surrounded by his family until Aug. 14 when he will have his treatment.

This coming week is pre-wedding preparation.  Our son's wedding day is next Saturday (9th)!!  I am looking forward to a joyful time celebrating their special day.  It will be a busy week and I doubt if I'll get to post until after the wedding.  I would appreciate your prayers for my brother, John, and for our son Mark and Jenn's wedding (we need sunshine for Friday and Saturday as it's an outdoor wedding!!!).  
Thank you for your kind thoughts and especially for your prayers this past week.   They are so much appreciated.  

It's a holiday weekend here with New Brunswick Day being celebrated on Monday.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

Blessings and hugs,

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