red and white Christmas

Saturday, December 20, 2014

this and that from the week ~ snow, sunset, and some vintage memories

The star is a Christmas gift from my dear friend.  Her hubby made it and she painted and decorated it for me.  

Hi there.  Can you believe it's almost Christmas Eve?   I've been so busy.  Too busy to blog a lot, but I've been visiting a few of you to stay in touch and see what you've been up to, and seeing all the pretty decorations in your homes and the lovely winter scenes if you are enjoying snow.  Speaking of which....we had a nice little 'no school day' storm on Thursday when about 10 inches fell.  We went from no snow (photo below was taken on Wednesday) to a winter wonderland in a day.

A peek between the trees across the road.  It was still snowing when I took this.

Although it was a quiet day traffic-wise, and there wasn't school so the buses weren't running, there were still those who had to go to work and travel from the rural areas beyond us to the city.  The plough made a 'path' and spread salt at about 7 in the morning then never came by again until 2 and 3 o'clock.   The road was quite snow-packed until then.  This one came down the road about an hour before.  

The little brook is still open and running.  It has been quite mild this month.

The sun broke through on Friday morning ~ a pretty wintery scene.

A lot of you are posting favourite recipes and traditions on your blogs and I have really enjoyed reading them and sharing in the comments.  One of the favourites I love to bake for Christmas is shortbread cookies....shortbreads with pale pink butter frosting, cranberry shortbreads and chocolate chip shortbreads.  I freeze them and only get them out for 'special' occasions.  Haha  Do you believe that?  Hmmm....well, I try to be good.  Do you have a favourite treat at Christmas?  

Christmas 1953.  
My brother, older sister and me.  Our baby sister was only 5 months old.  I think we got the table and chairs that Christmas and do you see the "Blue Willow" tea set?  I got that from Santa that year and I still have it!  I think my brother got the train engine (?) by my foot.  Funny, but I don't remember who got the bear.  I wish I still had Mum's old lampshades.  They were cut paper flowers - sort of 3D and very pretty and the lamps??  White milk glass!  Note the foil wrapped bells and tinsel on the tree.  And my brother is wearing shorts and I'm in bare legs??  That's surprising and rather unusual as we had very severe winters back then.   Do you have old photos of childhood Christmases?  This was a rare time to take photos in our house.   It didn't happen much even through the year.  It was film cameras then and often would take months or more to use a roll of film then take it to be developed.  I'm glad we have digital cameras today, aren't you?

Last evening....well at dusk....we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset.  At first it was just soft clouds that had a rainbow effect in them.  

Then as it grew darker the clouds rolled up and turned orangey.  

Even the snow has a soft glow to it.

In another couple of weeks we might just notice an extra minute or two of daylight.  Haha.  Maybe by the end of January.  :)

A peek into the living room from the kitchen.

Won't you join me for a cookie and a cup of tea?

Well, I should get rugged up and clean the back deck a bit and fill the bird feeders.  

I hope you are having a good weekend and enjoying these last few days before Christmas.

If you don't get back here before the holiday, I'd like to wish each one of you a wonderful Christmas holiday.  I will have one more post in a couple of days then a break.

Take care, be safe and enjoy this special time of year.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I'm still here!

I'm sorry I haven't been around much the past week.  It is just such a busy time of the year isn't it?   I've been shopping, wrapping, writing cards (a few), practicing with our choir for our music night this  coming Sunday, celebrating my sister and brother-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary, etc.   
One thing we haven't been doing is shovelling snow as you can see by these photos taken last Thursday afternoon after we had all the rain.  The warm sun made an appearance for about 20 minutes and the fog was lifting from the cold ground.   It looked so pretty with the fog moving about.  You couldn't get a photo edit to do it so nicely.  Most of our snow is gone again.

The weather has been so dull.  The days are so short and dark right now and they are really affecting my mood. I'll be glad when the new year comes and January's snow and cold will make the landscape brighter and the lengthening days will make my spirits brighter as well.  

  I finally got the big parcel that has to be mailed ready to go.   I had to pay double the price for it to get to Calgary for Christmas!  Our postal system is so expensive but I guess it's cheaper than flying there myself, which would be the more fun option of course.  Sigh.  How I wish.

Wilson's Sporting Camps is in McNamee on the Miramichi River.  This is where we had the party for my sister and her husband on Saturday.  It was just family and we had a great time, excellent food and delicious cake.  

A similar view in August.

I shared about our visit to Wilson's Sporting Camps when we were there this summer and had a wonderful meal.  As you can see there is no lack of snow there.  When we got rain last week they got a lot of snow first followed by rain.  The river had been frozen over but the rain thawed it and the ice flowed downriver and jammed in Blackville.  This doesn't usually happen until the spring.

The view from the dining room.

Here is the same view in August.

This is the fireplace in the dining room we were in.    
And that is a very big 'stuffed' salmon on the wall above it.  

The pretty little Anglican church in Ludlow.

On the way home we drove through St. Mary's First Nation in Fredericton.  They go all out with Christmas lights every year and people from all over drive through their streets to see them.  We were a bit disappointed that there were very few houses lit up but we thought maybe it was because it was only 5:00 and not quite dark enough.  

This house had the most lights and displays.  Fun!

Speaking of displays....this is the one at Santa's in the mall.  A man who designs for Theatre New Brunswick designed this winter wonderland.  It is really beautiful up close with so much detail.

This is my friend's sweet store, Savour Decor, downtown.  I'm inside looking out one of the beautiful windows.  There is an old window suspended from the ceiling above the window with fresh greenery and twinkle lights.  On the outside of the store there is more greenery across the awning.  She has some really beautiful giftware so I did some Christmas shopping there.

One of the beautiful displays in the store.  Someone restores old furniture to sell
in her store.  Isn't this vintage sideboard gorgeous?

Well, I am finished my shopping and most of my wrapping.  That means I'm just about ready for Christmas.  How about you?  Are you still struggling to complete your preparations?   I can't believe where this month has gone already.  

I will try to visit around a bit but probably won't be posting as much.  We'll see how busy I get.  

I hope you all take care and take time to really enjoy this beautiful season.  



Wednesday, December 10, 2014

we need a little Christmas

So this was our weather today.  The view out the front window was rain spattered due to a big nor'easter storm that is over the Maritime provinces, and southern Quebec and Ontario.  It's nasty out there.  The wind has been howling and the rain blowing against the front of the house all day.  The temperature hasn't budged above 2C (34F).  The schools were closed due to very icy roads and driveways.  The northern regions and Quebec were getting heavy snow from this instead of rain.   I'm thankful that we haven't lost power yet as thousands have in NB today.  This will continue into tomorrow morning but the temperature will rise then and maybe the icy driveways will melt down some.  

We need a little Christmas...

Inside though, it's cozy with the tree lights on and candles burning.  I took most of these photos of our Christmas decor over the past week.  I love vintage decorations so they are seen everywhere around the living/dining rooms and kitchen.  Enjoy.  There are lots of pictures. 

Our tree has a mix of new ornaments and vintage glass ones.  I use the underside of an old quilt for a tree skirt.  The brown and white transfer ware platter on the coffee table is old, the cloche new.  The silver candlesticks were my mother's.

A reflection of our tree looking in the vintage mirror.

Our house is a split entry so this is the view of the bookshelf next to the open stairwell.  I went with garland  after a break last year and this time added my vintage putz houses.  The shelf in the stairwell has vintage bottle brush trees, a Santa sleigh and reindeer, a new Santa and my childhood slate, which I guess is vintage too!  :)

This is a vignette on an antique drop leaf table.....all new things this year for a change and I love the sparkle.

Our dining room enjoys lovely sunshine all afternoon so it's nice and bright.  It's where I blog.  Most of the dishes in the hutch are vintage.  The ceramic tree was my mother's and was made for her by my mother-in-law.  One of those keepsakes that I enjoy.  ;)

Here is our hutch at night.

This is my second 'look' for the table centrepiece.  I didn't like the first one I'd done so I re-did it.  :)  We  use this table for all our meals as we don't have  an eat-in kitchen so I don't want anything big to move around.  I simply slide this over when we are eating.   Plus I have the option of setting out a new centrepiece when we have company....and a plaid tablecloth with our white and silver snowflake dishes.  

The vintage painted table in the corner with my favourite little medicine cabinet.

This is a wall space between the Kitchen and dining room.   The little shelf is filled with vintage dishes and ornaments.  I have two smaller trees in sitting on one of the kids red chairs and the other in the dining room.  The empty crock is where I keep our newspapers each week.

On the kitchen counter I put some artificial greens etc. in this vintage enamel teapot.

This vignette is on the peninsula next to the dining room.  I love these vintage Santa mugs and my white pitcher.  

The skate photo is the front of an old Christmas card that I liked.  I often save the pretty ones to set in different spots and it worked with the red and white theme here.

Well that is a tour of our little house.  I don't decorate the bedrooms or bathroom.   I know some of you do these rooms too and they look amazing.  I find it's just too much work and no one really sees them.  I have some decorations in our family room downstairs but nothing fancy.  I've cut back a lot on what I put out.  It is just too much effort and the thought of putting it all away in January.....just too overwhelming.  I've certainly enjoyed visiting all the beautifully decorated homes in blog land haven't you?  There is lots of inspiration out there.  

I've been writing this post by candlelight.  :)  And the soft lights of the Christmas trees too.  I bought this lace edged tin at IKEA in Calgary and just love it.  I may have to bring a few more home next trip.  At least the power stayed on!

Thank you for staying with me to the end.  I hope you enjoyed seeing our home decorated for Christmas.   I haven't been out taking photos of nature the past week so I thought this would be a good time to do this post and share it with you.  Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.  A few of you have mentioned that you've had problems commenting the past week.  I am not sure what's going on with Blogger but for some reason they have put Word Verification on all blogs.  I didn't do that willingly!  But, I have been able to comment without putting in the numbers to 'prove I'm not a robot' without any issues.  Hopefully this will be changed soon.  Unless there's something I don't know about this.  Do you know?  If so please enlighten me/us.  Thanks.  :)



Sunday, December 7, 2014

Barn Collective # 10

I took both of these barn photos on November 30, 2014, just a week ago, on the way to church.  It was that morning that we had a hoar frost on all the trees and shrubs and it was so beautiful out.  The top photo looks kind of grey but that is just the kind of morning it was at about 8:30.  I've shared the red barn many times here and always try to capture the second one but unsuccessfully until now.  Drive by shootings are difficult with a fast driver.  :)

I'm linking with The Barn Collective today.  

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great day!


Saturday, December 6, 2014

this and that chit chat

Here I am watching the light again.  :)  The other afternoon the sun was shining so beautifully and reflecting into the dining room window.  I have a prism in the window and the light was refracting off of it across the wall.  

On the other side of the room is the Christmas tree all lit.  I'm enjoying the lights in the evenings and even on the grey dull days.

Friday afternoon there were 3 deer at the top of the hill.  I cropped the photo to include the 2 closest together.  They stood there looking around for a few minutes then....

....they laid down and had a rest and enjoyed the view for almost 2 hours!  I think it was a doe and her twins.  They then got up and disappeared over the hill.  

This little guy comes around a lot to clean up on the seeds that spill.  He shells a couple then takes off and buries them, runs back and shells more.  Such a busy character.

Although Saturday is the Full Cold Moon, I'll admit I took this photo Friday night (through the window) because it was nice and clear out to view it.  We had snow most of the day today followed by a cold rain so there is no visible moon this evening.  

Here's a photo I took a week ago today.  There was a chainsaw artist at the local shopping plaza and he was carving an angel.

Those are some of his other creations on the truck.  He had one wing made and was working on the face.  One slip of the saw and OOPS!  Ruined.  He was pretty good at it.  It must take a lot of patience and skill.

I went shopping the past two days trying to get something done in the line of Christmas gifts.  My heart just isn't in it much this year but I did find a few things.  I still haven't started Christmas cards and it's getting too late to mail some to be delivered on time.  I spent the afternoon baking cookies.  Shortbread with pale pink frosting and Ginger sparkles.  All in the freezer.  :)  But we did sample some a few.   Can you believe Christmas is less than 3 weeks away?  Panic time.  I'm not going to worry about it.  I do this every year.  I expect one day my tardiness will backfire on me but, I hope it's not this year.  Are you panicking yet?  

I hope you are having a good weekend.  Are you entertaining or being entertained?  Have you got your decorating and baking all done?  It's such a busy time of the year isn't it?  

Look what happened to Mr. Red.  He looks like he's ready for Christmas.



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