November 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

our first pretty snowfall

Sorry about the light reflecting in the window.  I should have turned it off.  :)

We awoke at about 6:00 am to the muffled sounds of cars passing on the road....muffled due to the snow falling outside....our first snowfall of the season.  We were warned yesterday of a lot of snow....possibly 15 cm.....and a lot of rain for southern New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  It is zero here and in Halifax NS it is 15C.  That is quite a difference in temperature.

As I write this post the snow has stopped and it's only about 11:00 so I guess we got about 5 cm. on this high ridge we live on.  Just enough to make it pretty.  The temperatures will be dropping to -7 tonight and won't get above freezing the next 2 days so the snow will stick around a couple days anyway.

The government plough doing its job.

It was snowing heavily for about half an hour and looked so pretty.

Snow on the hydrangea bush.

The goldfinches and chickadees were feeding.

I heard a light thump at the living room window and knew right away what it was.  I quickly walked over and looked down on the deck to see a sweet chickadee laying there in the snow, wing splayed out and head bent.  I grabbed my jacket and gloves and slipped into my duck boots and went out to see if it was still living.  I could see its little chest moving up and down so I gingerly picked it up and protected it in my gloved hands for a while.  It slowly started to straighten and move so I carried it around to the picnic table on the back deck, cleared a spot and set it down.  It didn't want to leave my hand and clung to my finger.  It was surrounded by snow to protect it and in 10 minutes it was moving more and flew away.  They are so sweet and I hope this little one survives.

I have a busy week ahead including a little day trip to Woodstock and Centreville with girlfriends from college days to do a bit of shopping and lunch.  Should be fun!  

Thanks for visiting.  And. A big welcome to my new followers.

Have a great day and wonderful week ahead.  

I also want to wish my American friends a blessed Thanksgiving week.  I know it is busy for you and you may be scarce on here so my wishes go out to you early.  :)  Enjoy the time with family and friends.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas at the Train Station

Outside the McAdam Train Station.

The McAdam Train Station is a National Historic Site in the small village of McAdam, NB situated near the New Brunswick/Maine border.  This train station was a very busy place during the 1900's. 
If you want to see my previous post on this beautiful train station and it's history please go here. 

Last Thursday and all this weekend the train station is beautifully decorated for Christmas.  The volunteers and staff do a fantastic job and each year the themes are different.  This was my first visit for this event and I was amazed at all the work they do to raise money for the upkeep of this almost 115 year old building which is now a museum and tourist attraction.  Pour yourself a hot beverage and enjoy.  Lots of pictures!

Lets' go inside.  I'll take you through the station and share some of the beautiful things we saw.

When going through the station I couldn't help but note the beautiful woodwork and windows, and even the old radiators.

This room was really interesting and decorated for the men with a hunting/fishing/outdoor theme.  

Yes, those are bullet shell casings.  :)

And antlers.

Can you see who's taking a nap while camping?  :)

This was my favourite table.  

Take a look at this beautiful moose antler.  Someone has carved a moose and tree scene in it.  The pretty quilt is a lovely backdrop for it.

The 'ladies lounge' had handcrafts and collectibles for sale.

This was a stairwell between two rooms.  Beautifully done.

Look at those cute stocking shaped dinner napkins.

You've all seen this ladder idea on Pinterest.  Love it!

The tour ended in the old cafeteria with light refreshments of tea, coffee and sweets.  I love the old stools and counters.

At the counters there were these signs telling the story behind the 'wedding couple' in the photo below.  The bride's dress is 113 years old and the man's wedding suit is about 133 years old.  The suit is made of wool and the pant legs are lined with burlap!

And that is the end of the tour.  We are back outside of this beautiful building.  I hope you enjoyed the Christmas tour.  I know we did.  There was so much to see and take in and one could take their time and not feel rushed.

If you have time please check out the link to my other post about the train station at the top of this post.  

And if you're wondering if the station is still in use, sadly it's not.  But, there are trains that come in for commercial purposes.  The engines below were shunting back and forth and hooking up cars.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

last hike - part 2

I'm continuing our hike in the park from my last post.  If you missed it just scroll down to the next post below this one.  Above is the pretty road that leads up to the campground at Mactaquac Provincial park.  As I mentioned in my last post this is one of my favourite spots to hike in the fall with the crunch of the leaves underfoot on this golden pathway.

Looking back toward the picnic shelter and the sailboat marina.

I am tugging my hat over my ears as we walk back and head down the ravine again.

We followed a different trail up the creek bed.  I think my girlfriends and I will have to explore these trails more next summer.  

We crossed this sagging bridge.  

Looking back from the bridge.  It didn't break!  :)

We climbed up the hill without stairs this time and found out if we'd walked a bit farther we would have found a nice easy path up the hill.  Murray disappeared when we got to the top and took the path back back down to the bottom of the ravine.  I kept calling him and he didn't answer and I couldn't see him anywhere.  I was beginning to get worried but I knew he was trying to scare me.  Silly man.  Then I spied his orange jacket.  You can see more of the Treego apparatus in this photo too.

Here he is coming up the trail.  Much easier than climbing up the slippery steep slope!  Next time we'll know better.

Me and my shadow as we leave the park.

The skies have been cloudy and it's been raw, windy and cold but the sun appeared this afternoon for a couple hours and, with no wind blowing, it was really beautiful even it if was only 1C.

Tomorrow I'm taking a couple of friends to McAdam, a former railway town about an hour from here, for "Christmas at the  Station".  The train station there is a national historic site and the volunteers decorate it beautifully for Christmas.  The tour includes coffee, tea and light refreshments and the money from ticket sales goes to continued restoration of the station.  I'll have my camera with me.  :)

Tonight's sunset was pretty and the first one in almost a week.

I hope your week is going well.  Thank you for visiting and for commenting on my posts.  


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