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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the snow is going so fast

I just wanted to show you how fast our snow is disappearing.
The photos top and bottom left were taken 9 days ago on April 6 and the ones on the right were taken April 15.  Pretty amazing eh?

This morning we got this.  A cold front pushed in with about 4 cm. of snow and cold northwest winds.  It looked like January!

The sun shone this afternoon and the snow is pretty well gone but it has turned very cold again.  Oh well, I'm not going to fret over it as it won't last long.

We had a lot of rain in the province last night and that, along with all the snow we got this winter plus the mild temperatures the past 10 days has caused some very severe flooding in our province.
I wish I could show you the videos all over Facebook of the terrible flooding in some places.  The town of Sussex has declared a state of emergency as the whole town flooded.  Several roads are flooded or partly washed out.  A century old covered bridge was taken out by the receding ice in a river and floated downstream.  It's just sickening to see the damage and it is a nightmare for thousands of people.  Quebec and Ontario are also having their share of severe flooding too.  

After supper tonight there were about 25 deer up on the hill.  You can see how much the snow has melted even with the fresh snow from this morning.  The fire pit (that pile of rocks in a circle) was buried under over 2 feet of snow just on Monday.  I tried to find it but couldn't and the snow was up to my knees in spots!  We'll soon be able to have bon fires! 
I can't wait to start yard clean up.  There will be lots to do very soon.   

Thank you for visiting and your lovely comments on my note cards.  I appreciate it!  
We have a very busy weekend coming up as we prepare for our Easter services but I will do a post for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  It is such a special time in the Christian church as we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  I look forward to it with great joy.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Note Card Wednesday

It's time for Note Card Wednesday for April at Vee's blog "A Haven for Vee".  

I've chosen four photos that I think would make lovely notecards for spring.  I have shared the next three with you before but the first one, above, is a new one.

This is my wish for you this weekend.

I hope you will join me and Vee and many other bloggers as we share our favourite 'notecards' for the April Note Card Party.  There will be lots of inspiration there.


Monday, April 14, 2014

a bit of Easter decor and Royal Doulton Bunnykins

My spring/Easter tray on the dining room table

I thought I'd share some photos of my Easter/spring decor....just a few bunnies and eggs and artificial spring blooms to bring some spring cheer into our home.

The china cupboard is mostly in green and white.

Royal Doulton Bunnykins Casino teacup and saucer, Family with Pram designed by Barbara Vernon.
For more information on Barbara Vernon please click here.  The RD logo on the bottom of my cup is for the period between 1934 - 37.  The cup has a chip in the outside of the rim and some crazing.   I love these old Bunnykins dishes and had some pieces given to our children when they were born.  The artwork of the bunnies doing everyday human things is so adorable and of course so are the trademark bunnies running around the rims of the dishes.

This cute bunny dish came from Dollarama.  I love my eggies chocolate candies.  :-}

This cardboard egg held Easter treats many years ago.

This little vintage turquoise teacup is from the Medicine Hat Potteries in Alberta.  I've had the eggs for about 30 years.

Thanks for visiting today.  Tomorrow I hope to post again as it's time for Vee's "Notecard Wednesday" link party.  I have to get busy and find some photos for that!  Have a  great day.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

I've been busy

A deer lying in our yard on Sunday morning.

No, I haven't been lazing around the past few days.  :}  I've just had too much on my plate it seems and haven't been able to blog much.

There have been a lot of deer around since the snow started to melt in the past week.  There is more grass in the fields for them to eat and they are on the move looking for food.  

We had company for supper on Friday and then we watched the new Hobbit movie.  Of course I had to clean the neglected house from top to bottom all day and make supper and dessert {chilli and pistachio squares} so, I was right out straight most of the day.  

This is a view of the head pond (lake) near us at 7:30 in the morning.  The ice is melty soft and a pretty blue shade.

We had 4 sunny days in a row with mild temperatures that has really melted down the snow.  Saturday was a shirt sleeve day!
On Saturday morning we decided to take a day trip to Moncton.  We did a bit {very little} of shopping and just had a fun time driving around the city that I grew up in.  We went to Centennial Park and spent an hour walking around the trail which I will share with you later this week.  It was a beautiful spring day!

blackbirds and red wings cleaning up the bird seed in the snow

There are lots of birds around now.  We saw over a hundred  robins tonight along the roadside.  The sun shines on that side of the road and the lawns are pretty well snow free so the robins are feasting.  There have also been hundreds of Canada geese on the fields near the river.  

5 'honkers' flying over the river

and four on someone's lawn

The flats by the river are starting to thaw and the Keswick River is getting very high but still is mostly ice covered with some open spots.

a change from 10 days ago

April 3

April 13

Hopefully I'll be able to visit around some this week.  Things should be a little slower with nothing pressing until Thursday then we have a busy weekend with Good Friday and Easter and practicing with the choir and band.  

Are you doing anything special for the Easter weekend?  

I'll be back in a couple of days.   I hope you all have a 
beautiful week.  Thank you for visiting!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

signs of spring and selfies

Thank you all so much for your kind words of encouragement in my last post.  You are wonderful friends and I appreciate you so much.  I did get out this morning and found many signs of spring in our yard.  The birds were singing and chirping and the sun is shining after a day of rain.  

Just look what I found!  The crocus were up this morning and about to bloom!  This is along the foundation wall at the south end of the house and they were under over 2 feet of snow on Saturday.  The sun, warm temperatures and rain melted the snow away to reveal their beauty.

And the daffodils, which had been up in January's thaw, are poking through and survived.

But....step back and this is what you'll see.  Still LOTS of snow.  

There is a small patch of grass showing and it even has green in it.  

I did say it was a small patch of grass didn't I?

As I was gingerly walking in the snow afraid that I'd sink, I did just that.  In one spot it was mid thigh and I thought I was going to fall over.  That would make a cute picture wouldn't it?  I'd be stuck there in that water saturated wet snow trying to hold my camera up and laying at an awkward angle.  I can just see it now!  lol   The snow is so soft in some spots that you do sink and then the next step is quite firm.  

This next two photos are a comparison from Monday to today.   

Murray shovelled out the paths a bit yesterday so the water can flow.  He also removed my Christmas wreath from the shed door!  Can you see a bit of difference in the snow depth?  I can.

We are thankful we didn't get as much rain as predicted yesterday but parts of the province did get a lot and there are flood and ice jam concerns on a few rivers.   Some roads were flooded and washed out too.

Have you ever taken a selfie?  You may (or may not) have noticed I have a new profile picture.  I've been wanting to change it for a few months now since I got new glasses in January.  I had fun a challenging time trying to get a decent photo so I went on line...yes you can learn all about how to take a selfie there....and got some tips....like standing in front of a bright window....and took a few dozen pictures.  We are our worst critics aren't we?   I showed a couple of the photos to Murray and he liked this one saying it looked most like me with a smile on my face.  I do smile a lot.  :-)

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a beautiful day.


Monday, April 7, 2014

I have run dry

Four deer on the hill one evening.  There are usually a couple of dozen deer around this time of the year.  Just too much snow.  It's been a very hard winter on them.

Well, I've run dry.  I have nothing to show you or share with you.   April is a boring month.  (so was March for that matter)  Everyone else has spring to share and we still have white stuff everywhere.   Except for one glimpse of colour I found today in one garden on the south facing wall.  The crocus is about to bloom.  It was under 2 feet of snow up until yesterday.  Then one foot and late today.  Zero.  Snow is gone from that one spot.  I was quite excited to see that pop of colour.  And there is a patch of brown grass near it too.  But, I waded through 2 and 3 foot drifts, sometimes walking on top of the hard packed snow and sometimes sinking part way down and up to my knees, to get to that spot and I didn't go in to get my camera.   Too much effort.  

Last Thursday evening we went to choir practice and I brought my camera so I could take pictures of the snowbanks and the snow on our rural route.  These next pictures are from that evening.

I don't know why the snowbanks were so high in front of this house other than the plow operator piled it there from along the side of the road where it had filled in from drifting.  This was the result of the snow storms over a week ago with high east winds.  I noticed today that this pile has been greatly reduced, having been removed.

No, this barn isn't half buried but, it's partly buried.  I believe the cement foundation walls are about 5 feet high.  At least it didn't cave in from the heavy snows and ice this winter.

This is the interval where the Keswick River meets the St. John River.  It floods every spring sometimes covering the road which hugs the left side and then curves to the right to cross the bridge over the Keswick River.  There usually isn't this much snow here this time of the year.  It will be flooded.

This view is as we rounded the curve in the road.  It's so beautiful here all year around, except in flood season.  It looks like the snowmobilers were having fun one last time.

A couple of sleds parked at the local eatery.

Along the St. John River.  That is an island behind the tall trees and the river runs on either side of it (of course).  :-)  The river is still frozen on this side but open on the far side.  Soon the views across the islands and river will be hidden by leafy green trees.

Dirty snowbanks, potholes and puddles are the norm.  It's like driving through an obstacle course in some places.  A lot of people have lost their tires, rims and hubcaps from hitting one of these holes.  It can get very expensive.

We had a beautiful sunny and mild day today with a lot of snowmelt.  There is a lot of rain (30-40mm) in the forecast for tomorrow which will definitely melt more snow and definitely cause some of the rivers and streams to fill up and flood and will possibly cause ice jams.  I'm really hoping we won't have any problems with water coming into our basement as the snow is still 3 to 4 feet high around our house.  We live on the side of a hill so there will be run-off coming down through the yard from the melting snow too.  We'll be on pins and needles for a couple of days.  Thankfully we have a sump pump in the basement.  Just in case.  :o)

So that's what's happening here.  I hope I will have something more exciting to share soon, other than photos of snow.   It's getting rather old isn't it?  But, we are getting into some spring weather now so that makes me happy especially when the sun is shining.  And.  I've seen robins.  Lots of robins.  :-)

Thanks for all your visits and comments.  I appreciate each one of you.  I enjoy visiting and seeing what you are doing.  I hope you all have a really nice week.


Friday, April 4, 2014

flowers on the windowsill

Beautiful yellow daffodils are one of the first flowers of spring   although we may not see them blooming for another month around here.  I often try to purchase a bunch of these beauties to support the Canadian Cancer Society each April.  Volunteers may be seen selling them in the grocery store or mall.  When I bought these they were a skinny bunch of tight buds but within a few hours a couple started to open up and within about 3 days they were all opened.  I bought these last Saturday and they are still quite pretty.

My good blogging friend in Ontario, Linda, of the blog
"Woke up...got out of bed"  {fun name eh?}, always has Kalanchoe plants in her house and takes beautiful photos of them.   If you haven't visited her blog I invite you to stop by and see her wonderful photos of what she sees and enjoys around her home and cottage every day.   I decided I should buy a Kalanchoe last week and picked out this tiny pink one in a pretty green pot.  It's a mini and is enjoying sitting on my kitchen windowsill which gets a lot of sunlight.  

We are enjoying a third beautiful day in a row and the snow is melting ever so slowly.  I have seen a robin, a blackbird and a starling so that was pretty exciting.  I don't know what they'll be eating as there is no grass showing anywhere.  Poor things.  Saturday it's calling for snow, ice pellets then a lot of rain.  A messy day.  But, the temperatures are slowly getting above freezing and helping with the snow melt. 

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your comments.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get to enjoy the outdoors.  


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