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Spring 2018
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A trip to the coast.

A couple of weeks ago my hubby and I took a 2 day trip to 2 different coasts in our province ~ the Fundy Coast and the Northumberland Coast.  They are each beautiful in their own way.

The Fundy Coast is on the Bay of Fundy which separates New Brunswick from Nova Scotia and is home of the highest tides in the world.  The water is muddy brown, the shores are rocky or coarse sand and there are very high cliffs along much of the coast.  This photo is the beach at Alma with the tide out. 

When the tide comes in these boats will be near the top of the wharf.

The next photo is at Parlee Beach Provincial Park on the Northumberland Strait which separates New Brunswick from Prince Edward Island.  The water is very warm and the beach is fine sand.  It is a very popular spot as you can see by the crowds this day. 

A lot of boaters come in to use the beach as well.

Maybe you'll find your own stretch of beach to enjoy this summer ~ along the coast, or on a lake or river ~  to relax, read a book, play in the water or make sand castles.  Enjoy!


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