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Spring 2018
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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yup!  I'm packing my bags and getting ready to go.  'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane.  We are going to visit our daughter, son-in-law and brand new grandson!!!  Baby Ewan (pronounced U-wen) was born this past Wednesday to Jennifer and Matthew who are doing as well as new parents with no sleep can be expected to do.  This is our first grand child and we are very excited to meet this precious gift from God.    So I'm going to do lots of cuddling, along with some cooking, laundry, and cleaning, and then some more cuddling of that precious wee one. 

Since I'll be away for a bit, I probably won't have time to do my blogging so I  hope you'll come by and visit me when I return.  I am thinking about changing my blog name as well but will let you know in advance so you will know it's me.

Here are a few fall pictures I took last October.  I am going to miss our gorgeous fall colours here in New Brunswick while we are away.  The trees are just starting to change in the past few days and it will be glorious.

These first four pictures were taken Thanksgiving weekend  in the Coe Hill area of Ontario on a very rainy, cold day.

This is one of our maple trees in glorious colour.

Milkweed seed pod.

Sugar Island in October

And yes, sometimes we get some white stuff!

Bye for now.  I'll see you soon.



Friday, September 24, 2010


On this past Wednesday evening I was watching the sky for the sunset and moonrise.  It had been partly cloudy at suppertime so I thought the sunset may be nice but I may not see the moonrise.

Here are the sunset pictures I took which at first didn't look very promising. But, I hung around the back yard and field and waited and watched and was rewarded with the most spectacular sunset!  Enjoy!

The moon rise wasn't as spectacular due to the cloud cover but the pink
clouds made for a pretty photo.  I wish the power lines
weren't there but if I had crossed the road to take the
picture I would have missed the sunset ones.

The leaves are just starting to turn on the trees this past week.  These
are in our front yard and will soon be very colourful.
It is supposed to be 25 C. and partly sunny here tomorrow so I will
savour the warmth while it's here.

Enjoy your weekend.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the snowshoe maker

       This is a story about my hubby's uncle, Boucher (pronounced 'bow') Palmer.  Uncle Boucher lives in the small community of Tabusintac in northeastern N.B..  He has been making snowshoes and axe handles since he was a teenager and is very well known for his work.  When we dropped by that day last summer he was thrilled to have company visit with him.
this is his mode of transportation these days ~ I love his red hat

Boucher was a very hard-working man all his life and built this workshop when he was 17.

When he married, he moved this workshop to his property across the road from his parents.

these are old, rusty traps hanging outside the door

these are one of the first pair of snowshoes he made

axehandles and tools of the trade

an old and well used anvil
this is the last pair he was working on
the old wood stove that heated the shop

the door, old and weathered

an old cabinet

Oh the stories this man can tell about the old days.  He has such a great sense of humour
and can talk for hours about his life experiences. 

Hard working hands of a wonderful man.  He had to give up this
hobby of his due to his health.  I think he still strings a few pairs of snowshoes

when he can.
We need to drop in for another visit soon.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit with Uncle Boucher.
I hope your week is going splendidly.

Monday, September 20, 2010


  My mother loved antiques and collected many pieces of furniture, hundreds of dishes and collectibles over the years.  A lot came from the farm where she grew up and from her aunt and uncle's as well.  I also picked up a few things from my grandmother's on my father's side and from my mother-in-law's home.   These treasures have been in my house for years, some in boxes and some in cupboards or cabinets.  Since my decorating style has changed from 'newlywed' to country to traditional cottage I have begun to dig out some of these treasures to use and display in our home.

I had two picture frames without glass that needed some tlc so I painted them Heirloom white, bought glass, mats and had 2 of my own photos enlarged to make a new look.

Here is the first frame that was spray painted gold.

It has beautiful carving all around it.

Now painted.  Much better.

A close up of the carving.

The new look with a sepia toned photo. 

This frame had been painted black and is very old. It has pretty carving on it as well.  


This is a very old print that was given to my great uncle's father in 1857
when he was 5 years old!  It is a print, not a painting, in the primitive style.  It says at the bottom
(after Alexander Blaikley)
The frame is hand made, the glass is original with all the bubbles and lines in it, and the back is
hand carved wood with pencil writing of the different owners  passing it down the generations.
This picture is now 153 years old!
There won't be any makeover for this picture!

My version of French-style sacks.
We found these in my mother-in-law's attic - empty!  We have no
idea where they came from but I thought they'd make cute pillows
and are a conversation piece, for sure.

Glad you stopped by today.  Please leave a comment below.  You just have to sign on Google.
It's easy!


Saturday, September 18, 2010


I love to decorate for all the seasons don't you?  We purchased new living room furniture last year so I had fun decorating around the new colour as I went from blue and rose of the 90's to sage greens and creams.

Yikes!  My how my decor has changed since this picture in 2006! 
Can you say country??  Denim blue furniture with pink roses
and dusty rose drapes!  And beige carpet too!

Here it is at Christmas that same year but, there is something new.
Beautiful hardwood flooring!  Still a bit country but slowly evolving.

Here we are in June, 2009.  New furniture ~ sofa, re-upholstered chair and footstool.
Going for a traditional/cottagey look.

These chairs are opposite the sofa.  Not your traditional recliners ~ but very comfy.
What to do with those rose drapes???

Well, in Feb. 2010 we replaced our 38 year old picture window with a new, energy efficient one.  It has side casement windows which we have thoroughly enjoyed this summer.  It's also a lower window so we can see more!  I purchased cream lace panels and a new roller blind that lets light in but not the harsh glare of the morning sun.  The vinyl fabric is woven and the colour is wheat grass.  It coordinates perfectly with the furniture and makes the room cozy feeling at night.

Here's the before picture Oct. 2006:

and here's the after Sept. 2010:

I am very happy with it but do you see the bookshelf behind the chairs?  It's a brown stained wood that I'd really like to paint white someday and have doors on the outside shelves to hide all the books.  Also, I can't get rid of my coffee and end tables and I'm not totally happy with the table between the chairs (an end table with the sides opened up) being in front of the bookshelves.  It will have to do for now.  Over all the look is warmer, lighter and cozier and I enjoy this room very much. 

Here is our dining room which is open to the living room.  We use it every day as we don't have an eat in kitchen.  I'd like to buy a proper chandelier for over the table to replace the ceiling fan light someday

The entrance to the living room.  This antique game table came from my grandmother's house. 

a vingnette on the table

The oak comode was from my great aunt and uncle's home. The lamp was turquoise and I sprayed it Heirloom white.

mini white pumpkins

The bowl is white milk glass.  The brass candle stick one of a pair that are a family heirloom.  They are sitting on a wooden tray that I painted, lined with muslin and a lace doily under glass.

This is a 'punch paper needlework' that hangs above the sofa.  It was made by a relative in the very early 1900's and was found in my aunt's attic.  I had it professionally framed many years ago.  Isn't it beautiful?

Thank you so much for reading my blog.  I hope you enjoy decorating for the seasons.  I was a little light on colour this fall with mostly creams and touches of orange and bronze. How do you decorate for fall?  Do you like lots of fall colours, leaves and pumpkins?


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