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Spring 2018
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Friday, September 24, 2010


On this past Wednesday evening I was watching the sky for the sunset and moonrise.  It had been partly cloudy at suppertime so I thought the sunset may be nice but I may not see the moonrise.

Here are the sunset pictures I took which at first didn't look very promising. But, I hung around the back yard and field and waited and watched and was rewarded with the most spectacular sunset!  Enjoy!

The moon rise wasn't as spectacular due to the cloud cover but the pink
clouds made for a pretty photo.  I wish the power lines
weren't there but if I had crossed the road to take the
picture I would have missed the sunset ones.

The leaves are just starting to turn on the trees this past week.  These
are in our front yard and will soon be very colourful.
It is supposed to be 25 C. and partly sunny here tomorrow so I will
savour the warmth while it's here.

Enjoy your weekend.



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