Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, September 6, 2010


Today is Labour Day, the last holiday of the summer.  The day before students go back to school for another semester. The day that ends the weekend that people try to get away for another quick holiday.  The day that we are supposed to rest from our labours.  What??  Rest from our labours?  That's what we're supposed to be doing?  It seems that this is the day (weekend) that we, my hubby and I, try to get all the things done that we didn't get done in the summer.  Do you do that too?  There's always something to be done around the house and property and the 'honey-do' list never ends. 

Our long weekend started on Friday with a very beautiful outdoor wedding at our local park.  The day was sunny and hot ~ very hot ~ 30 degrees celius with a humidex of 40 hot!  The wedding was beautifully simple and the reception, under a tent in the same park, was simply delicious.  This day was also the day before Hurricane Earl was to arrive in the Maritimes.  The first photo is York Centennial Park at Mactaquac with the Mactaquac Dam in the background.  Note the calm water and haze.  The second photo is the tables for the reception with baskets of freshly picked apples, maple leaves and photos for decoration.

Saturday, we worked around the house as the rain and wind started mid-morning and lasted until around 4:00 in the afternoon.  It was minor, just a typical tropical summer rain.  Unfortunately, those in Nova Scotia got the brunt of the storm with a lot of damage from falling trees on homes and vehicles and some flooding and a lot of power outages.  The next photo is the sun setting on the St. John River on Saturday evening.

My hubby plays keyboards at the church we attend and doesn't take very many Sundays off through the year.  Yesterday, he did.  And we took a little trip to the Fundy coastline to tour some of the harbours, coves and beaches, and to eat at Comeau's Seafood restaurant in Pocologon and to buy fresh, homemade blueberry pie and muffins at the Blueberry shop.  The day was bright, sunny, and clear with no humidity!  It was also very windy and cool, as in 'feels like fall' cool (20 degrees).  We had a wonderful day exploring places we hadn't been to in years and places we've never been.  Here are some photos of the beautiful  and rugged shoreline and a very wonderful beach (New River Beach) that was very windy and cool but on a hotter day would be perfect.  Since I took many pictures that I'd love to share with you I'll post a few more again tomorrow.  I hope you enjoy the remainder of your holiday weekend.


Dipper Harbour
Mill Pond covered bridge ~ Little Lepreau 1909
Lepreau Falls
New River Beach

Chance Harbour

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