Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, October 22, 2010

oldclothesand houseclothes

These are some old baby clothes I have collected.
I'm not sure how old the gowns are as they were at my mother-in-law's
all folded in a drawer.  They are machine stitched and this one has
a sweet little rabbit embroidered on the bodice between
the pin tucking.  The hanger is a reproduction.
The hanger on the right with the baby's face is vintage.
The hat is satin and hangs in front of a pretty satin baby's coat.

This is another old hat hanging over a hand made bib.
The bib is embroidered with my husband's initials
and his birthdate.  There is a gown underneath as well with lace
trim around the neck.  They are very sheer cotton and quite fragile.
I wish I knew who wore them and if they were christening gowns
from the early 1900's. 

I have a collection of old things on the shelf including jars of buttons,
a hat stand, a china tea set from my childhood, the book "A Child's Garden of Verses,
sample hats of molded plastic from Stetson in the yellow box, and a pair of
leather baby shoes. The baton laying across the pegs is from the 50's.

This is a vintage laundry bag with appliqued 'laundry' on
an embroidered clothes line between poles.  So cute!

These are some old patterns I found.  I love the colourful
drawings and the vintage clothing styles.  Too bad
I don't like to sew as these apron patterns are beautiful!

Do you remember your mother wearing an apron while doing house work
or baking?  I do.  My mother always wore a half apron while baking
and she even had extra fancy ones that she wore to serve dinner in.
My great aunt wore a full apron over her house dress.  Yes,
there were "house dresses" back in the day.  A properly dressed lady
didn't wear her street clothes while in the house.  She wore a cotton dress, usually
flowered or patterned and always wore an apron over it to protect it.

I have house clothes.  Yes, I do.  I wear a tee shirt and jeans and if it's cold, a sweatshirt
or hoodie.  And I don't wear these particular clothes to town.  I may
wear them to the corner store but not when I go shopping or visiting.  When a tee shirt gets
a little worn it becomes my house shirt.  The same with jeans.  I do wear an
apron when I bake, but not when making or serving dinner :-)

I am wondering if any of my readers wear aprons or if they have house clothes
as I do.

Have a wonderful day.

Blessings to you,


  1. hi pam

    I do have aprons. Made my mum. You would think they would be rotten after all this time, but they aren't.I have a pretty Christmas one which I always wear Christmas Day.
    From Carol P.

  2. I love the christening gowns-I have a few too.
    I love to wear aprons when I bake-I have a few of those too!
    I remember my Mom had her house dresses and half aprons that she wore until mid afternoon and then she freshened up and put on a different dress and had her cup of tea and maybe did some knitting before getting the supper on. My Mom only ever wore pants when she went on bus tours even now she always wears a dress.I actually love to wear a dress and apron when I bake but not always do I do that.

    Enjoy your weekend,


  3. Hi Carol and Carolyn,
    It's nice to hear about your apron-wearing mums :-) I hope you have a great weekend too.

  4. I have a peg rack in our bedroom with my Christening gown and Davids as well as an old hankie and bonnet ...coincidentally hanging on the rack that I bought in New Brunswick on Apple Lane!

    My mo. And Nany wore aprons and I made some in high school but hate them. I too wear house clothes...actually they are baby clothes too. I always seem to get messier whe Lili is here!!

  5. My mom always wore aprons - she had fancy half ones for serving dinner to company. I love to wear aprons while I bake (a necessity as I'm messy) and my daughter keeps that tradition going as well. I like to keep my eye out for cute ones at second hand shops. Your christening gowns are beautiful!


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