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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

are you ready?

Where oh where has the time gone???  Can you believe Christmas is only a few days away?  I think I'm almost ready.  Are you?  I will make one more trip to town to finish up.  I have some wrapping left to do.  My baking is done (and half gone!).  Almost there.

I added something to the top of the china cabinet last week.  I'm always tweaking, even this close to the 'big day'.  My friend has these on her candle sticks on her dining room table and I knew I had 2 pairs of them and lots of extra glass balls so I got them out,  I don't know what they are called but I think they look so pretty with the coloured balls.  The candle sticks are different but the one on the left is one of a pair and they are probably 100 years old while the one on the right is very old too.

These old 'tea leaf' dishes were my mother's.

This is a little table near the front door.  I've had the little mouse for 40 years.

This vintage bowl has old porcelain doorknobs in it.

A close up of Santa.

I found this beautiful ornament at a shop on Saturday.

This glass drop is new too - two boxes of four = eight :-)

I found a new vintage house last week at the antique store.  I love it and
it's in such good shape.  I put it on the book shelf so a light could shine through.

Here are a few more snaps from around the kitchen.

An old yellow ware bowl, crocheted pot holder and vintage
kitchen tools dressed up with faux greenery.

A couple of old jars.  The one on the right has cookie cutter
people for a 'nativity'.  I saw that on another blog and thought it cute.

Cookie cutter collection including two red plastic Christmas
ones from the 50's.

An old canning jar full of vintage glass balls.

It is raining and very windy here today.  Our bit of snow is gone for now
but it is calling for more in time for Christmas.  That's fine with me
as long as we are able to fly out on Sunday to visit our daughter,
her husband and our wee grandson in Toronto and they
can fly in from Alberta for Christmas at his parents.
We are so excited to see them!

This will be my last post until the new year but I
will try to keep up with my blogging friends when I can.

I wish you all a very happy and blessed Christmas and
many blessings for 2011.  Enjoy your time with family
and friends and be safe as you travel.

Merry Christmas!

Blessings to you and yours,

Monday, December 20, 2010

before and after

The heavy rains we received a week ago led to a lot of flooding in our area and other areas of the province.  Dozens were flooded out of their homes and some have lost everything - homes and possessions - all right before Christmas. It has been devastating.  There were a few people who were in their vehicles and got swept away in the water rushing over the roads but thankfully none were injured and there were no deaths.  That is a miracle in itself!

I took some pictures on the way to church on Dec. 12 of the Keswick flats with snow on them.  It was a frosty morning and I was trying to get pictures of the trees.

The smooth snowy area is frozen from a previous rain that fills the
low parts of the fields.  The Keswick River flows into the St. John River
on the other side of these fields and when they overflow they fill up the 'flats'.

I took these through the salt stained car window.

These next pictures I took on Wednesday, the 15th, after the flood
waters had receded.  The water was 2 feet over this road and it was closed for 2 days.

This area is prone to flooding but mostly in the spring with the snow
melt and runoff.  It was very unusual to have this flood this late
in the year.  But, that's what 120 mm of rain will do.  I didn't
get to see the flood as the roads were impassible in some areas
where they were washed out and some bridges were also destroyed.

This is about the same shot as the first picture.  Thankfully, yesterday,the waters
 had receded to about where they were in the first picture.  However,
the damage has been done and will cost millions in repairs. My heart aches
for the hundreds who have lost so much, 
as they clean up and try to have Christmas without their
homes and belongings. 

This is near the Mactaquac Dam looking toward Mactaquac Park.

Looking up the St. John River.  You can see ice forming after the rains.
The headpond was so full that all the gates on the dam were opened
for 2 full days.  They closed them just before I got there to take
pictures of the flow.

I wish I could show you the pictures of other areas of the province that
were hard hit.  It truly is devastating.  I'm sure those affected would
appreciate our prayers in the weeks ahead and especially at Christmas.

Thank you for visiting me today. I'm going to post again tomorrow
so I hope you'll come back.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a Christmas house tour

We were invited to our friends home recently for a Christmas gathering
and before the guests arrived I took some pictures of their lovely home.
They love Christmas and decorating so when you see
the following pictures you'll see how talented they are.
The above picture is a close up of the garland on the stairwell
railing and banister.  I love all the white and silver with touches of red.

Come along and we'll take a little tour of their home.  We'll start in the living room.

Now we'll move on to the family room which is more traditional
and so very cozy.

Here are a couple of pictures of the outside of their home. 
It looks magical with all the white lights.  Their whole
yard is lit up - trees and shrubs - with flood lights and mini lights.

All you need is some warm clothes and hot cider to sit and
enjoy the lights on a cold winter night.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this beautiful home.

Our weather here has been really unusual with temperatures yesterday
hitting 15 C and we had over 130 mm of rain in our area in one day!
Needless to say our snow is gone and sadly there are a lot of flooded
basements, homes, and roads with damage in the hundreds of thousands
of dollars. The St. John River will be reaching flood stage in the night
affecting hundreds of people along it's banks in the next few days. 
 It will not be a good Christmas for a lot of people. 
I know many of my readers are enduring bitterly cold weather and
lots of snow as well.  So, please take care when travelling
and at home.  Be safe.

I hope to see you again before Christmas.  Thanks for
stopping by today.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

miniature Christmas houses

I love the tiny, vintage houses from the 40's and 50's.  I found 3 of them at my MIL's house and they are very tiny.  The larger one I purchased at an antique store.  It's in rough shape but I love the size and it's all sparkley with glitter.  The cabinet is an old medicine cabinet with a glass door and cut glass knob.  I display small china cups in it year around and add the Christmas houses  for the holidays.

The sparkly trees came from our home growing up.

See the little angels and the Santa?

This is a very old candle stick.  It is made in England and was
one of a pair.  The other one broke and is gone.  It stands about 18 inches
high and has a brass or metal section holding the bowl.  The chimney
isn't original but is an antique.

This is the label on the back of the base.  I don't know what "Elaine"
means, perhaps the style?

Can you see the raised embossing on the bowl?

Today I am linking with White Wednesday at Faded Charm.
I hope you have time to visit there and see many other
posts relating to White Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by again.

Blessings to you,

Friday, December 3, 2010

jack frost

I'm back today with some pretty 'jack frost' pictures I took the other morning.  Sadly, we've had drizzle and rain here for two days and our pretty white snow is all gone!!

Hopefully, Jack Frost will return with more snow, especially in time for Christmas.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  I know it's a busy time for everyone.
So, take some time to relax ~  have a cup of tea, watch a good movie,
listen to some carols.  Try not to stress over all the things
that have to be done by the 24th.  I'm going to take my
own advice! 


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