Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, December 2, 2010


We've had our snow and today we are having rain and milder temperatures that are melting the snow.  It is very foggy too.  Fog eats snow.  We like fog in February or March when we are  tired of the snow.

Tuesday morning there was a beautiful hoar frost on everything and since I was headed to the city I didn't have my camera along.

Wednesday morning there was a hoar frost again so, before I even had breakfast I hopped in the car, with my camera, and headed around the area to take some pictures. 

Oh the beauty of fog, frost, snow and water on a gray December morning!

Can you see the skim of ice in the boat marina?

There is a current here near the culverts under the causeway.  It doesn't
freeze solid - dangerous for snowmobiles.

Can you see the other shore in the fog?

In January, this will be frozen solid to about 16 " - safe enough
to cross on snowmobiles.  But not with me onboard!!

This is a beaver lodge on the shore.

These are the small trees they have collected for the lodge and food.

This is the snowmobile trail that leads across the highway
then across the water to Mactaquac Provincial Park.
These trees are old maples that are tapped for maple syrup in the spring.

An old barn.

I'll be sharing more pictures later of the hoar frost.

Thanks for visiting today.



  1. Beautiful photos Pam...I love the colors of the soft greys and whites. Very picturesque scenery, some of the prettiest in N.B.!!! Not that I am partial or anything :-) These pics would be perfect for framing....great job!

  2. Really like these pictures Mom! I love the one with the ducks, and the one with the "lighthouse" on the point. As always, really nice pictures!

  3. Thanks Kathy and Jennifer. We do live in a beautiful place. The "lighthouse" is new this year. Cute eh?

  4. What beautiful pictures!!I just love the snow scenes.


  5. I love your photography Pamela! I especially love the serenity of the ducks in the fog, and the old barn photos.


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