Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, January 31, 2011

making the most of winter

My hubby and I took our dog, Marshall, for a walk at the local provincial park again.  Mactaquac Park has always been a year around park pretty well since it opened in the 1960's.  Last winter, due to expenses and cutbacks, the government chose not to open the park for the winter.  Many local citizens and users of the park had a petition signed by supporters and they protested at the Legislature in Fredericton last year.  Well, it sometimes pays to speak up and protest as the new government has reopened the park for the winter months.  It was a busy spot there today.  I remember when our children were younger and we took them there a lot to skate on the pond and slide on the big hill.  We cross-country skied there too.  The parking lot was jammed full.  Today there were a lot of people there but the big parking lot only had 2 vehicles in it while we were there. The smaller lot had many cars and there were quite a few near the skating pond.  I think it could be used a lot more and maybe once the word gets out people will start coming back.

This is the road going through the park.  It goes past the 18 hole golf course.

This is the skating pond.  There are two ponds but one is not being used.
When our kids were little this one was for hockey and the
other one was for skating - safer that way.

There are a lot of these old cedar rail fences lining the fields and golf course.

Someone has snowshoed through this field.

Cross country skiing

Sliding on the big hill ~ it's a long walk to the top


This is the Mactaquac Lodge - the club house for the golf course and
dining room, restaurant and canteen, depending on the season.

Saturday morning I went out and took a few pictures of the frosty trees.
It was soooo cold - my fingers in my leather gloves were hurting!
(you can't take pictures with insulated mittens on)

I hope you are making the most of winter where you live ~ whether
it's warm and sunny, cool and rainy or bitterly cold and snowy!

Today it's beautifully sunny with clear blue skies but very cold!
It's very deceiving when looking out the windows so instead of
walking outdoors I walked on the treadmill.  I am so thankful for that machine.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. I miss going to the park to skate and slide. Fort McMurray has lots of places to skate, ski, and slide, but not all in one place like Mactaquac Park. Those were always good times :) Thanks for the pics

  2. Jennifer, I have some wonderful memories of our winter trips (and summer too!) to the park and I'm glad you can enjoy the outdoors in Fort Mac even if you have to go to different places to do so. Thanks for stopping by today. ((hugs)) Mum

  3. Pretty pics...a true winter wonderland!

  4. What wonderful photos, Pamela! I love the skating ponds especially! You had asked me to email you but I don't see your email address anywhere. Perhaps you could email me and I'll get back to you. Thanks for your visit earlier today. Sounds like we have an old-fashioned snow storm heading our way again, eh? I'm sure looking forward to Spring!


  5. I love the snow/skating pics lovely Pamela! I love how you capture the scenes to make us feel like we are right there!
    Thanks for sharing,


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