Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, January 21, 2011

an old music book brings inspiration

I have this over 100 year old music book that is falling apart.
I didn't know what to do with it until I saw what some of
you folk in blogland are doing with old sheet music.
Please don't be mad at me for tearing sheets of music from
this book.  I had reservations about it ~ honestly, I did.
But, what was the point of this book just laying on the book shelf?

So, this is what I did with some of the pages.

I wrapped a candle.  But, I warn you, please be careful
when burning candles wrapped in paper!  Sometimes
the candle will burn off center thus causing the wax to flow to
the side and softening the 'wall' of the candle.  This
could lead to a fire.  Please be careful.  (I caught it just in time!)

I lined the back of this little shelf.

This is the dedication page in the book - 1896!

There are some lovely pages of poems and drawings.  Have a look.

These are just a few of the pages and I think they are wonderful.
I see a project of framable art don't you??

There are some very interesting song titles as well.  Some you will have heard
of before and some are quite funny everything from patriotic to
love songs to hymns.

This is a template in the book - a beautiful design of a harp
and horns, flowers and a bird.

This book was compiled by Henry Frederick Reddall and
was published by the Elliott Publishing Co. of Philadelphia Penn.
in 1895.

We are having a snowstorm here this afternoon and into tonight and it's
getting pretty nasty out there.  We may get up to 20 cm. and the wind
is whipping the snow around so it's a good night to stay home.

I appreciate everyone who has visited me lately and hope you'll stop
by again.  I appreciate your comments as well and try to respond
to as many as I can.
Have a blessed weekend!



  1. Evening Pamela, that looks like a great book and it certainly has some wonderful pages and there is so much you could do with it. Scanning the pages as a texture and background and make some even super pictures. I think I will have to look for a book like that it seems like it has great possibilities. Bloggers usually sure their ideas and textures so it will be interesting to see what other ideas they come up with.

    Have a good weekend, sorry to hear about the snow. It is cold here but we did have some sun today.

    Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  2. I think those are sweet ideas!! I love the candle (and will heed the advice) and the shelf lining. I've seen Christmas ornaments made from old music too. Like a paper angel with "Hark The Herald"

    You're going to love Ann's blog. She's a sweetheart!

    The storm is just beginning to start here. But it's supposed to turn to rain by late this evening - then back to snow again tomorrow. It will be messy.

    Hope you're cozy and warm!

  3. As always, a delight to the eye Pam!! You've got me thinking about some old sheet music I have laying around too.

    Hope you stay safe tonight my friend,
    Blessings, B

  4. lovely ideas - and a lovely book - have you seen this wreath if that is too long go to and search paper cone wreath - beautiful - great project for a stormy day - Nancy in NS

  5. Great recycling indeas! Really lots of wonderful pages in that one

    christina, sweden

  6. Very nice Pam...I covered some candles at Christmas that way too! And, shredded several pages to line some nests with...of course, my favourite project was the wreath. Still loving that!
    Hope you are staying warm on the ridge!

  7. Hi Pam,
    What a lovely little book! I love it and the titles of the songs, they were so descriptive way back then. The little motif is gorgeous, I would love to have that on a pillow. And yes, I can see some of those pages framed, they are so sweet.
    Enjoy the snow storm, but stay inside and stay very warm. It is -40 with wind chill factor and we are headed out soon to have dinner at a Montana's Restaurant and then cake and coffee out at our son and daughter-in-law's place. My oldest grandson turns 9 tomorrow! Impossible! I'm not old enough to have a grandson that old! God is so good to bless me with these precious grand kiddos!
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. I like what you've done with some of the old sheets of music...even if you didn't burn the candle it would be so nice to look at (and you could wrap a glass jar with the music on the outside and have the light shine through from the candle ...and really cute the way you lined your shelves!


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