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Spring 2018
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

can you see signs of spring?

After a lot of rain and temperatures above the freezing mark for the past 3 days there are some signs of spring showing.  Come along and I'll show you.  I'm pretty excited!!

This is a Common Redpole, a tiny little bird with a rosy breast and cap
on it's head. 

1.  I just hung out a niger seed feeder last week after seeing a flock
of small birds around the trees.  I don't usually feed the birds as we have a
couple of red squirrels that are attracted to the feeders and our dog,
Marshall, gets quite excited and annoyed  at the squirrels.
Our neighbours have several feeders out all year around so the
birds don't go hungry.  However, this feeder has attracted quite a crowd
of little birds, mostly Redpolls.

I took Marshall for a walk this afternoon. He was so excited, stopping
to sniff every smell and to leave his own scent for the next dog going by.
2.  A week ago I couldn't have walked along the side of the road due
to ice and snow.  I'll be happy to get out more often and so will the dog.

3.  The cyclists were even out today.  Soon the motorcycles will be out too.

4.  This is the field I have posted about before with it's winter cover slowly
melting.  Do you see that small blue spot in the left foreground?
That's a beer can.  Someone's trash.  I'm sure there will be a lot more
of these and other items like Tim Horton's coffee cups appearing
in the ditches along the roadways once the snow melts!
I usually do my own clean up on my walk once the snow is gone.

5.  This is our driveway - almost bare of snow.  It was totally covered with
snow and ice about 3 inches deep last Wednesday!  There's even
green grass at the sides!! 

6.  Daffodils!!  I can't believe they are up this high and even showing today.
On Friday there was  over 2 feet of snow here and I could barely see the shoots
underneath the snow.

7.  And crocuses!  If you click to enlarge you can see a tiny purple bud
on the upper left of the clump.  Amazing what 3 days of mild temperatures,
a lot of rain, fog and a bit of sun will do.

8.  I had to add a new one of the hay bale. :-)  Look at how the snow
has melted from the field!

I realize these signs of spring may not be very exciting to some of my readers
in the south but for us here in eastern Canada it's just great!  And I know
the Canadian prairies had a cold, snowy and blustery weekend so I
hope it warms up for them soon. :-)

Those are my signs of spring for now.  No doubt we'll get another snow storm
to cover everything up again but it won't last long.

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my last post.  I appreciate
each one of you and enjoy checking out your blogs too.

See you soon!



  1. Wonderful pics of your outing. Isn't it exciting to see the spring flowers starting to surface. Glad it has finally arrived, I have pitched my winter jacket for the season!!

  2. Morning Pamela, pleased to see the snow is melting, the temperature rising and signs of the Spring flowers appearing. We have had quite nice days here in the UK recently but still quite cold at night!! We have daffodils, and camellias out in the garden and I cut the grass for the first time this year on Saturday. Have a good week, Jackie in Surrey.

  3. Wonderful pictures. I have spring fever...I heard a red winged black bird on the weekend. Spring is on the way! ;-)

  4. I am enjoying your posts of anything outdoors. You make everything so interesting! Thanks!


  5. Ah, daffodils!!
    Haven't had any
    sightings of those
    yet, here in snowy
    Minnesota, but soon...
    SOON!! We will actually
    have temps in the
    50F range by the end
    of the week. Loved
    going on your walk!
    xx Suzanne

  6. How very exciting to see the snow melting so quickly and the daffodils and crocus waking up suddenly! I am so happy that Spring is happening in your part of the world.
    Yes, we had a very blustery, wild weekend. The blizzard had the Trans-Canada shut down for a long time, again. (It really needs large snow fences all along it, on both sides.) But we all stayed safe and snug inside.
    I'm sorry I missed a couple of your posts, I had my grand kids over and we were very busy.
    I did check them out, though. You have some lovely pink-ish dishes and I love the Italian made bowl with the little cherub hanging off the side of it. Very cute!!! Also, the story of the hay bale was great.
    I always enjoy my visit with you here.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  7. I can definitely see those signs of spring! It will keep coming!


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