Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, March 4, 2011

why do we keep these things?

I don't know why I have these rusty old nails.

I collected them from a dilapitated old house and put them in this dish.
Hand forged a hundred years ago, long before galvanized nails
were mass produced.

I call this my golf ball dish.

I love this old brass button and the beautiful design on it.

It was made in Paris.  I wonder what it came off - a coat perhaps?

This is another interesting button.  It says Art Gallery and has the
image of a building but I don't know where it is.  It is silver on
a tortoise shell colour.

This is the back of the button. The black knob is raised as though
it should be pushed through a hole.  Again, I don't know what it
would have been on.  They are both unique and were in an old
covered dish from my Grammie's along with loose pearls from old
necklaces that came unstrung and a few lost buttons. 

This is very beautiful bead work on velvet strips.  They are attached  to brass
clasps but I have no idea what they were for.

They were saved in this beautiful laquer painted box that is an antique from the 1800's.

The inside of the box is bright red.

It has the initials LAW for my grandmother's name, an address in Halifax N.S.
and the date Sept. 1884 scratched in the bottom.

 Little treasures saved for the questioning minds of future
generations wondering of their importance that they should be kept.

I can only imagine what my own kids will wonder when I'm 'gone' and they
find the golf ball dish of rusty nails in a cupboard!  "What did she
ever save these for?"

Have a super weekend!



  1. Hi Pamela,
    Fascinating! Yes, I'm sure your children, as well as my own, will wonder about a lot of things we have.
    Thanks for your visits this past week. I had had the flu and didn't start making rounds until I was feeling better.
    In answer to your question, we do have a webcam for which I'm very thankful! This keeps Nanny and Poppa very happy to be able to see the little ones who are so far away.
    Little nicer weather the last few days, eh? And about time too! Have a lovely weekend, my friend.


  2. Hi Pamela,

    I have the same questions as you do. I wonder about articles from the past--who used them and for what and why they are saved. We always say "for posterity" I wonder if my children will want much of the family history, but maybe someday they will have gone on in life enough to appreciate it more. I love your daffodil pictures in the sunlight. Maybe your snow is starting to melt? Have a lovely weekend, dotsie

  3. Love the pic of the ol' rusty nails. I love old and antique items, I'm just glad I have them and they are not in land-file site heaven!

  4. I am giggling as I write this post. I have asked myself that question many times ~ my daughter has answered it for me "Because you like stuff".. ;-)

  5. You know I really like the look of those old nails!! They even look good in a photo as you have done!
    Having stuff is fun!!

    Have a great weekend Pamela !!

  6. Such interesting old treasures you have! I have quite a collection as well and over the past few years I've decided to keep them all in one place. I have an old sea chest that my great great grandmother brought with her from Ireland and all the treasures and old photos have been making their way there. One day I might take pictures of all the treasures in that chest and at least write down the few details I know about each item. If our ancestors held on to those items there must be a reason.

  7. I pick up those old nails whenever I see them, on the ground, flea markets, antique stores, etc... Never did I think I would have a real use for them, until now. We are installing new flooring and instead of using new nails we are using the old squarehead nails. I love the way it looks!!


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