Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

childhood Easter memories

I've been thinking about Easter when I was a child.  There were 4 children in my family and we always looked forward excitedly to Easter morning for what the Easter bunny brought. 

We didn't get a lot.  We had those pretty woven coloured baskets with green 'grass' in them and a few of those colored candy eggs, maybe an Oh Henry egg or a chocolate marshmallow egg, or a chocolate bunny in a pretty foil bunny wrapper.

Yes, I saved my own kids Easter baskets!  I guess that makes them vintage
as they are at least 30 years old!

I remember we'd sometimes get a new skipping rope, soap bubbles, a rubber ball, a paddle ball, or some other spring toy.  I guess we could count on the Easter bunny to replace our worn out toys each year.

My Grammie sometimes gave us a Laura Secord egg in the yellow box with the excelsior inside. The egg would be chocolate covered with white cream and a yellow 'yolk' center and it would be wrapped in a thin white paper and laid in the excelsior.  They were the best eggs!  I have bought them in recent years but they don't have the same taste.  I'd keep mine in my bottom drawer and nibble on it every day until it was gone.  One year I received a pale pink New Testament.  I don't know where it is now but I remember taking it to church and Sunday school.

We would not be allowed to eat our treats until after breakfast and would be limited in how much we consumed before Sunday school.  Spring and Easter weather in the 50's was just as fickle as it is today.  My little sister and I would want to dress up in our best dress with our straw hats, little white gloves and good shoes.  We'd always want to go in bare legs but it would often be too cold so we'd wear leotards.  Those nice beige ones.  Remember them?  And we'd probably have to wear a coat too.

My younger sister, Margaret, and me one spring after church.
We wore matching dresses - a lot - even though there was 3 years between us.
These ones were grey and white seersucker with red calico collars and
hankies in the pocket.  We are wearing sheer white gloves and of course
our summer straw hats ( with elastic under the chin to hold mine on!).
My stocking was sliding down. :-)

We couldn't wait until the snow was gone from the sidewalks so we could
get rid of our winter overboots and wear shoes!  We'd play skip rope,
catch (ball), get our dolls and carriages out, bicycle and roller skate up
and down the block.  What fun we had.  And, lots of exercise too!

What are your childhood Easter memories?  Leave a comment and share
with me please.  Did you have a new dress or shoes?  Did the bunny leave
lots of treats for you?

I'll be back tomorrow with a special Good Friday post. 
Our church is presenting an Easter musical drama on Friday evening
and Sunday evening so we will be busy practising.
Hubby will be playing the keyboards and I'll be singing in the choir.

See you tomorrow.




  1. I remember the chicks and the chocolate bunnies and eggs the best. And coloring Easter eggs. what fun. And yes, in Chicago where I lived, the weather was never certain at that time of year. Most of all, my parents focused us on the reason for the whole celebration.

  2. Lovely post....ahh, the days of innocence when we were little. We too use to get the Laura Secord eggs in the yellow boxes, but I remember them more when I was a teenager, I guess Mom couldn't afford them when we were really young. To this day I still think they are so darn delicious!! I remember watching "Kings of Kings" on TV and "The Greatest Story Every Told" - great movies.

    Great post Pam, love the basket! Diane

  3. Hi Pamela,
    I enjoyed reading about your childhood Easter memories.
    There was four in my family too and we usually got an outdoor toy and pastel Easter eggs. I remember how excited I was to go skipping at my friends house in the evenings after supper when the evenings where a little longer and no boots were needed.
    When are we getting spring??? I was happy the snow was gone when we came home and getting out into the garden was a real treat.Right now the ground is white again!!!


  4. Bonsoir and Merci! What a lovely Easter story that you have shared. Such sweet memories! We appreciate your visit to French Charmed and are happy that you entered our "April In Paris" giveaways. Wishing you the best of luck in the remaining two! We are now following your lovely blog. Merci and Happy Spring ~ Chelle

  5. Aww...Pamela - what a sweet post filled with Easter memories! Mine are a lot like yours. On Easter morning I would rush to the front door because the Easter bunny always left my Easter basket on the porch. I had almost the same things in my basket at you! Then we'd go to church and I dressed like you - new dress and shoes, little gloves and of course my Easter hat.
    Have a blessed Easter,
    Shelia :)

  6. Your memories of Easter are somewhat like mine, but we did not get as many treats. We did have an Easter basket like the one in your photo, but we only had colored eggs that we colored on Good Friday. We were poor Pastor's kids and there were six children in our family.
    I can remember a couple of Easter dresses, my favorite was a lavender, and a little lavender flower covered hat that I wore for several years. I loved to dress up!
    I enjoyed your memories!
    Hugs, Cindy


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