Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, April 18, 2011

powder room makeover

We have a small power room downstairs that is there more for convenience when using the family room so we don't have to run upstairs.  Also, when we built this small bathroom in the 90's our son was at home and his bedroom was downstairs too.  I regret not putting a shower in this room as it would have been great for when company visits.  Do you remember the 'big' colours of the 90's?  Pink and blue??  Well, this room got a heavy dose of  pink ~ Pepto Bismol pink.  It was time for a change!

Here it is in all it's pinkness!  It was much deeper than this in real life. 
I had removed all the decor prior to painting
this room last July.

Here it is today.  Much better???  I think so. :-)
I painted it Benjamin Moore's Powell Buff after priming it.
I just couldn't get that pink to go away!

I bought this gorgeous basin and pitcher at a yard sale 30 years ago!

The set included the mug and the soap dish.  The old chamber pot
was purchased at another yard sale.

This is the cover to the chamber pot that goes with the set.
The pot is missing so I hung it on the wall above the antique wash stand.
The wash stand was my mother's. It is a burgundy brown colour
and has it's original  gold painted trim.

Here is a closeup of the table.  It has a towel rod on either side.

This old shelf holds some vintage bathroom items and shells. 

This is one of three chairs I have.  They are from my aunt's tea room in the 30's.

We just recently got this wicker shelf hung in the corner.  It had
been in the family room and really needed to be in here.

And here is the 'modern' wash stand vanity.  It is oak and I had always wanted to paint
it and the mirror when the room was pink.  Now, I think it looks great
with the warmer wall colour and also, the bronze towel rods look fine
now.  I was going replace them and the bronze knobs on
the vanity. They will do for now.
We changed the plain brown door to a colonial white one which
is so much brighter as there is no window.

I am loving this little bathroom now.  All we have to do is replace the floor and
add some baseboard.

Thanks for stopping by to see the "new loo"!  :-)

I hope you will visit Susan at
for Metamorphosis Monday for more great makeovers.

I hope you have a great week!




  1. Pamela,
    This is wonderful - love the neutral colors and the blue accents - gorgeous basin and pitcher - love how you hung the lid to the chamber pot - well done,

  2. Hi Pamela! Oh, I love it! Your bathroom is so charming! Love the gorgeous basin and pan is wonderful. The little cabinet is so pretty.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. That looks a lovely warm welcoming room for a comfort stop for visitors.I love the bits and pieces and the way you have hung the lid to the chamber pot on the wall.

    Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  4. Oh wow Pam, what a change...I love it! Love the decor throughout the room, especially the sea shells - I love nautical. Have a great week. Diane

  5. Pam,

    What a lovely job on your guest bathroom. I love the blue and white. Very nice.

    Have a great week and yes I remember that pink!


  6. Oh, I'm loving your new look, too! You did an awesome job! ~Rachel @ The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill

  7. I never did the pink - but I think everyone else I know did. What a delightful change!! Love the Powell Buff! My favorite color for walls - I wonder where we both saw that? :-)

  8. What a wonderful 'new' bathroom! I love the neutral colors. It's quite beautiful now. :)

  9. Your powder room is beautiful Pamela!

  10. Hi Pam, love the new color! the bowl and pitcher is gorgeous! xo Debra

  11. The new color is great. I love your pitcher and bowl and used to have one very similar. And I love your post on your neighbor's yard! Beautiful view!

  12. What a fabulous makeover Pamela - it looks so beautiful now! Love how you've added so many family mementos - they are the special pieces which not only look beautiful but also bring back family memories from years ago.

    Your loo is definitely one of the most charming I've seen.

    Have a happy week dear - and thank you for stopping by often, always love to read your comments.

  13. Oh my goodness what a beautiful change!'s almost a romantic bathroom!, right?! I would go there with a magazine and read for a while...hahahahihihiii...Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment. Your silver overlay bowl must be gorgeous, maybe you can show us one day, I'd love to see it!

  14. What a beautiful job!! You have inspired me to get our bathroom dealt with...avoidance!! But, if I get similar results I will very happy.


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