Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the river

While on my way to and from town today I stopped by the St. John River and took a few photos.  The St. John River flows from northern Maine and down through New Brunswick into the Bay of Fundy at Saint John.  It is often called "the Rhine of North America" because of it's pastoral beauty.  When the river ends at the bay, the tides from the bay flow against the river's flow.  It's called Reversing Falls because the two rushes of water flow against each other.  Quite amazing!  I have a photo of Reversing Falls down the side of my blog so have a look at it before you go.

quiet reflection

The old train track has been made into a walking trail, part of the
N.B. trail system.  That's it in the foreground.  The land on the other
side of the river is Hartt's Island, one of many below the Mactaquac Dam.

A couple of ducks resting on a log.

Last week there were hundreds of Canada Geese in the river.  I guess
they've flown on farther north for the summer months.

You can see that most of the snow is gone.  There are still spots along
hedgerows and in shaded areas and in the woods with snow.

The river is up.  There are a couple of floodgates open at the dam
to ease the level of the 'headpond' behind it which is filling up from
the snowmelt into the tributaries above the dam.

Those are trees in the rising water.  We are to get 30 mm. of rain tonight
which will definitely bring up the water levels.  I expect by Friday that these
islands will have a lot less land showing.  Not good for homes along the river.

Dead pine trees.  There are often bald eagles seen in this area.
Good fishing for them.

Tomorrow I'll share my recipe for the Lemon Chiffon Cake that
I told you about yesterday.

I hope you have a wonderful evening!



Reversing Falls ~ Saint John, N.B.


  1. Beautiful photos Pamela!
    Back home they did the same thing with the old rail tracks. The trail went through 4 towns and is well used by everyone. Great idea!
    Pamela ox

  2. Love the photos....always so happy when the snow disappears and spring arrives in N.B.! I never get tired of the scenery on the drive to Keswick♥
    On our way back from Maine yesterday we drove down the northside from the Mactaquac Dam....soooo pretty!

  3. This is such incredible scenery, Pamela. The reversing falls is amazing! Have a great weekend ahead. – g

  4. Beautiful photos! I have driven along next to the St. John River many a time. It is such beautiful countryside.

  5. This is an amazingly beautiful river - awesome photos! I have never heard of or seen a reversing fall - very cool!

  6. You always take the most amazing photographs! They are just beautiful and make me want to visit!! Thanks for stopping by:-) We have gone from 80s to 30s and back again. I would love to get some seeds in the ground!

  7. There is such a stark beauty in these photos. Very nice to see your environs. But you need a bit of sun don't you? :) I hope you don't get too much rain! Thanks so much for your comment!

  8. Morning Pamela, how lovely to have a place like that to stop at and appreciate the beauty and peace before going on your busy day. Great photographs. Have a good day, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  9. These are great shots, Pamela! I especially like the one of the Reversing Falls.


  10. What wonderful pictures...especially that last one!

  11. Fantastic pics Pamela, how great that this beautiful river runs thru the town and you can pass by on your way to your daily chores! I also have a gorgeous river by my home and I can see it thru my dining and kitchen windows, priceless! Your lemon pie is making me droole looking at it! Thanks for the recipe.
    Thank you for dropping by and for the lovely comments, you're so nice!


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