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Friday, May 6, 2011

mother's day and memories

My mother was born on May 30, 1915 in a small rural village.  She was raised on the family farm with her 2 brothers and a sister.  She was named Mary Catherine but always was called Catherine, with a 'C'!  Her middle name was passed on to me and I passed it on to my daughter.

Ernest, Catherine, Charles and Marguerite

This is Mum's high school graduation picture.

This photo is one of my favorites of my Mum, taken in 1984 when she was 69.
She loved the sun and would sit out and get a dark tan every summer!
I'm surprised she didn't get skin cancer but she always had nice skin
and a beautiful complexion.

Sadly, my Mum passed away in 1993 at the age of 78.  She had Alzheimer's/dementia
and was in a nursing home for the last year and a half of her life.  She didn't really know
us near the end which is such a terribly sad thing about this disease. 

There are days when I miss her deeply.  Early spring days when things are greening
up and trees are blossoming.  Hot, hazy summer days. Beautiful fall colour days. Christmas time. 
Every time I see a grove of birch trees or a pretty brook. Pretty countryside drives.
 These were her favorite things.

Mum was a decorator in our home.  She collected antiques, mostly family heirlooms, and loved
to change up the decor on a regular basis.  I guess I inherited some of her decorating skills as
I enjoy decorating in my home too.

We lived in an upstairs flat in the city and Mum would plant flowers in the
window boxes on our front cement step and a few plants went in a small bed
between the 2 sets of front steps.  She loved flowers, especially roses.  We never
had a vegetable garden as their wasn't room in the small yard.  I think she was quite
pleased that I got to live in the country and had a decent yard to plant flower gardens in.

This is our family, minus my older sister who was at college, taken around 1965.
That's me on the left.  Don't you love the hair??  What was I thinking?
Mum is next to me, then my younger sister Margaret, my brother John, and my Dad.

I have many wonderful memories of my Mum and even though some of them are
dimming, such as her laugh and her voice, I always remember her smile.
My sisters say I laugh like her and sound like her though, but I don't hear myself.

My daughter, Jennifer, will be celebrating her very first Mother's Day
on Sunday.  People say we look, laugh, talk and move alike.  It's uncanny
sometimes.  I can see it in her.  I miss her being thousands of miles away!

I hope all of you mothers have a very blessed Mother's Day and that
you will be able to spend time with your loved ones in one way or another.
Maybe even by Skype!

My dear hubby and I are going on a short trip to Saint John tomorrow and Sunday.
We are going to shop and play tourist and I will have some pictures to post
early next week.  I hope you come back to visit then.





  1. It is so lovely to see photos of your mom and of you from years gone by. I love your little flip hairstyle, it is so pretty!
    I'm sorry that you don't have your mother any longer or your daughter close. Being a mom and having a mother is amongst the little things that make life so wonderful, though, aren't they.
    So I guess you and I will just enjoy the fact that we have these sweet memories.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Hi Pamela! What a sweet tribute to your mother! Wasn't she so pretty! Love your family photo and I had hair like that too - the flip! :)
    I do hope your heart is filled with the sweet sweet memories of your mother.
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Your Mom was beautiful. What a sweet tribute! You're must be just a little bit older- my sisters had the flip! My full name is also Mary Kathryn (the k version) and I go by my middle name as well only my parents nicknamed me Kathie.:) And I named my daughter Sarah Kathryn.

    It's been 20 years since my mom died and I still miss her. It's wonderful to have memories.

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's day!

  4. Pamela what a beautiful tribute to your mother. Very touching and heartfelt. I too know the pain of a slow goodbye when my own mother was diagnosed with Dimentia.A great loss for sure when our mothers passed on. You and I have wonderful memories that we hold in our hearts ..our mothers are there always with us in spirit. love and light to you as you enjoy Mother's day celebrating with your own daughter now a mommy.
    Your comment on my blog so generous. It's nice to meet you and know that you followed my blog.
    hugs Anna

  5. Morning Pamela, what a lovely post. My mum died suddenly aged 79, just after Phil and I married and I am always grateful that she was healthy 'til the end. I know we watched Phil's mum suffer with dementia and after having a bad stroke, completely bedridden for two years before she passed away three years ago.

    I am sure you and your daughter have shared some wonderful Mothers Days together.

    Hope you have a good time in Saint John with all your memories and that you daughter has a wonderful first Mothers Day. Jackie in Surrey.x

  6. My next door neighbors have dealt with Alzheimers as well. They said the same thing as you, how awful it is. We're afraid we may go through it with my father in-law too.

    What a wonderful photo of your mom in the chair! Man was she tan! Happy Mothers Day to your daughter! That first time is rather surreal.

    Enjoy your fabulous trip! You have no idea how envious I am : )


  7. What a beautiful tribute to you mom. You have some wonderful photos...I love old pictures. Hope you had a great Mother's Day :)


  8. How lovely! Those photos are fabulous! I have one quite similar to the last photo....strangely enough. Lovely post.

  9. Love your Mother's day post...
    I'm happy to have found your blog, so nice to find Canadian blogs.
    Blessings, Angie


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