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Thursday, June 23, 2011

a sneak peek at our new kitchen

This is just a sneak peek of a couple of my favorite things about our new kitchen.  It is almost finished.  There are a few little things to be added -  like the lighting, electrical outlets and switches, and a couple of big things  - like the countertop on the peninsula, backsplash, an over-the-range-microwave and a dishwasher. 

One of my favoite things is the display shelf over the kitchen window.  I've already decorated it with a few vintage items.

I love this shelf!  It is quite deep so it will hold large bowls.
There will be lighting under it just behind the valance to light up the sink area.

All these items came from my mother-in-law's house.

Another of my favorite things in our new kitchen is the sink!

It's a Steel Queen from a Quebec company called Richilieu.
The sink has 2 protective stainless steel grids.

It came with this fruit/veggie strainer and a removable stainless steel drainboard.


The other favorite part of the new kitchen is the china cupboard!

This was a challenging place to put things in because, well,
I have too many things!  So I saved my favorites and the rest
will go in a yard sale.  I know a lot of people use these cabinets
to display a few large items but I wanted it for my china cups
 and mugs.  So, there they are.  Messily stacked.

Aren't they pretty??  I just couldn't part with these.

So that's a sneak peek at our new kitchen.

I'll be doing a full post with before and after pics once everything is in place.
It takes a while for these things to come together as anyone who has
done a renovation or built a house knows. 

Stay tuned and check back for the full reveal!

Today I'm joining Sarah at Modern Country Style for
Kitchen Favorites Linky Party.




  1. Kitchen makeovers are the most fun, and the most stressful.

    That sink!!! Oh I would love a double sink, what a joy that will be for you.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. Good job Pamela....lookin' good so far! Looking forward to the next set of pics. Diane

  3. That is GORGEOUS china! *sigh*

  4. Thanks for stopping by. Your new kitchen is wonderful. I love all the places for display and it looks like you like me are a collector of pretty things. Enjoy.

  5. Oh my!!! It is so pretty! The little bit that you have shown us is just marvelous, I think!!!
    I'm so glad you did decide to put those mugs and teacups in that cupboard, they look wonderful, my friend, really wonderful.
    I can't wait to see the full reveal!
    I love my over the range microwave, so I hope you do too. It is out of the way and is in a space that wouldn't be really used up anyways.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Mmm pass the blueberries please! I love the shelf above your window and all the special touches.

  7. It is looking good! you must be really happy with it. I love the china in your cupboard,


  8. It all looks so nice already. The sinks are amazing...I had heard about the grids from my sister-in-law who got a new kitchen last summer. What a great idea...sinks can scratch so easily. How exciting that it's almost finished!

  9. It is wonderful. How fun to build it the way you want it! Can't wait to see more! :)


    P.S. the blue strip is a strip of blue and white polka dot ribbon. just for pretty. :)

  10. Hi Pamela
    I am really liking white in a kitchen and your new china cabinet is nice.
    The new SS sinks we put in with our kitchen reno in fall are similar to yours and I am thrilled to be able to wash the roasting pan right in the large sink now.

  11. Wonderful touches! I really like that shelf over your sink. Thank you for filling me in on the Torquay. Because you gave me the name, I was able to Google and now I know that it is called
    Babbacombe Pottery from Torquay somewhere in Devon, Great Britain. I have two pieces that I've found, but there's more...somewhere! You're a brave girl to part with those items that won't fit in your cupboard. I'm still trying to make mine fit. ☺

  12. Oooh, Pamela, it's LOVELY!! I really like your little shelf for bowls. Thank you so much for linking up to my Kitchen Favourites party!

    And I've been lusting over your lupins in your last post, by the way, they're at least twice as big as mine. Grrr!!!!


  13. how exciting!!! I know how great it felt just to do a little redo of our kitchen so happy for you. Hoping your weekend is a nice one. Thinking of you and sending ♥

  14. Oh your china is so lovely! We're putting some open shelving in our kitchen redo-in-progress and I can't wait to have some pretty pieces to display now that I have space to display them :)

    Stopped by from Sarah's - lovely inspiration!xxx

  15. It's looking great! I love the china cabinet too - there's never enough storage space, is there?

  16. I can see why you love your sink! And that strainer is such a lovely shape, isn't it? Working on buying a sink shortly myself, so I'll keep these things in mind!
    (visiting via Modern Country Style's link party)


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