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Sunday, June 26, 2011

thems the berries

I purchased fresh local strawberries at the grocery store on Friday.  Well, they were local as in 'grown in Nova Scotia', which is the province next to us and were probably picked on Thursday and trucked here for 5 or 6 hours.  But, they were certainly fresher and better tasting than the ones we get all winter from 'down south'. (no offence)

Yummy, delicious, red, ripe strawberries!

Saturday we had severe thunder showers for most of the day with about 4 inches of rain.

My poor potted plants are so water logged.

It's supposed to be warmer on Monday and Tuesday.

I hope so.

I'd really like to be wearing shorts and tees instead of jeans
and sweatshirts!  Afterall, it's summer isn't it?

How is your weather?  Is it summery where you live?

Canada Day is on Friday, July 1st.  We usually go into
Fredericton for the afternoon and evening and enjoy the
festivities.  There will be fireworks at dusk (10:30) weather permitting. 

Are you doing anything special for Canada Day?

Have a great week.  I'll be back soon.




  1. We bought some local grown strawberries today and they were delicious!! It was too hot here in Surrey UK today we still have the doors and windows open in the house at nearly 10pm!!

    We visited Juno Beach when in Normandy and I have lots of photographs to post.

    Hope you have had a good weekend and that the weather picks up for you next week? Jackie

  2. The strawberries are beginning to show up in the markets here, but they're not as sweet as in other years - we just haven't had the heat or the sun.
    We'll probably watch the fireworks from the beach at Esquimalt Lagoon - it's great to see them over the water.

  3. We don't celebrate July 1 anymore, though there was a time when we celebrated straight through the long weekend beginning with Canada Day and ending with the 4th of July. That's what happens when you've got a parent from each side of the border. ☺

    Waterlogged plants no kidding. I'm having an awful time with slugs. Slug Be Gone is on my grocery list. In the meantime, I'm doing it the old-fashioned way.

    Enjoy those berries. We did get some absolutely marvelous berries imported from California one time this winter. Just one time.

  4. Strawberry season is just starting here in Ontario and I spent Saturday making jam. It was raining all day:( Shorts and T's would be wonderful. Have a great week.

  5. It is HOT where I am and strawberry season is about over!

  6. Those strawberries look delicious!

    We had beautiful cool weather last week. Saturday night the thunderstorms began again. Lots of rain and still raining. Flooding in our county and others in Missouri and elsewhere. Supposed to be hot hot hot for 4th of July.

  7. My grandmother always said, "well isn't that just the berries". She's been gone decades now but it still makes me smile when I hear someone say it.


  8. Hi Pam,
    thank you for your sweet comment. Your strawberries look delicious. Summer has arrived yesterday. The time before was very wet and all the week before that time have been really warm and exhausting dry. So I was happy about the heavy rain. Today was very hot. The tomatos in the greenhouse (which I forgot to open today) have damages now! Crazy weather!
    Best greetings, Johanna

  9. We had our first batch of local growns yesterday from the farmers market. They were delicious.

    Summer should be extended for us, because of well you pick the reason.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. Hi Pamela
    Pretty soggy here too with another thunderstorm predicted for tonight.
    I'm glad I picked strawberries during a dry spell - wet, they cost more when weighed to pay for them. :-)
    Maybe July and August will be like summer? We can only hope.

  11. Hi Pamela-We are enjoying fresh strawberries here in Ontario too. Your photography is beautiful!
    Are you excited about the kids (Will and Kate) coming soon? They seem like decent sort of kids.
    I'm new to blogging and just found yours. Please drop by and visit my place soon!
    Happy Canada!

  12. Yummy berries and beautiful blooms! Are you loving your new kitchen? Beautiful and spanking new! I hope the weather is great, and you have a nice Canada Day celebration. We've got family coming in again for the weekend.

  13. Hello dearest Pamela,
    Your strawberries look wonderful! Much better than the ones that we've been getting at the Super Store and Costco. I don't know where ours came from, to tell you the truth. But my hubby loves them, so I buy them for his lunch.
    My hubby works on the 1st so we will try to do something the day before.
    Have a great week, dear friend,
    Hugs, Cindy


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