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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beulah land

We had the opportunity to go to a beautiful church camp on the weekend.  Our church's band and worship team was invited to lead the worship at the Saturday evening service at Beulah Camp.

This camp is operated by the Wesleyan Church (Atlantic district) and is located on the beautiful St. John River at Brown's Flat and has been ongoing since 1894.  It has beautiful grounds with cottages, some 100 years old, a new 'hotel', a trailer park, a lovely dining hall and the worship center, called The Tabernacle.

The Tabernacle

This building seats about 500 people and during camp week, it is
pretty well filled.  The camp also has kids camps on Caton's Island,
a small island nearby, all summer long.

Don't you love the ceiling?  I love all the trusses and braces painted in different colours.
If you could see it in person, you'll note that many brave souls have found their way
up there (via ladder and catwalk) to autograph the beams!

I love the beautiful old and very tall windows all around the tabernacle.
I think that anyone sitting next to this beautiful view would have a difficult
time concentrating on the message from the pulpit!

This is the dining hall.

The newer hotel.

This is the children's tabernacle ~ an old country church moved to the property.

Below are a few of the older cottages/homes at Beulah.  Some of these are
about 100 years old and have so much character and charm.

I think my favorite is the middle right.  What is yours?

It was raining very hard that afternoon as we walked around and there are
a few blurry drops on my camera lens.

The sun started breaking through the storm clouds just prior to the evening worship service.

After the service I was able to get some beautiful sunset shots.

Isn't that a beautiful spot?  It's almost 'heavenly' isn't it?

Imagine all the music and preaching from the Word that Tabernacle has
had for over 100 years! 

I hope your week is going well and that you are being blessed.

Blessings and hugs,



  1. OK...this is so not my idea of "camp!" What a lovely, lovely place. The cottages are incredible. My favorite is right in the middle of your mosaic. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful rest of the week!

  2. I love the middle right one too, but also like the lower left as it has views of the water. It certainly looks like a wonderful camp.

  3. What a lovely, lovely spot on earth. This was a special treat for me because I've heard about Beulah Camp from a lady who lived to be nearly 100 for years. I heard all of her fun stories about her family moving into one of the cottages for a week in summer to attend. Until today, I had never seen it. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures.

    My town has a "campground" too, with many of the dear little cottages and a center meeting hall. I've enjoyed a number of sunrise services there. What they don't have is a lake...how extra nice that is!

  4. Hi Pamela! Oh, this looks wonderful! I went to church camp when I was a teenager and it didn't look like this! :) What a beautiful place and I hope all were blessed by your church band!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  5. Beautiful buildings Pamela!
    Looks like you had a lot of fun.
    My favourite is the middle right building too!!

  6. Gorgeous spot! I usually go to a Christian Ashram held at the Berwick campgrounds here in NS. The trees and many cabins are 100+ years old. However, almost 2/3 of the trees and many cabins were destroyed in last winter's terrible storm that came through. My kids and I cried as we watched the news footage. But they are rebuilding what they can; and the camp goes on!

  7. Hi Pamela,
    My favorite is also the middle right, funny that it caught several peoples attention.
    What a great place to spend some time! Oh, how I wish I could visit Beulah Camp! It is so lovely, everything, the architecture, the lake, the sunsets, the tabernacle, very nice!!!
    Our church organization has camp at Harvey Camp, not sure where it is, but I have heard people mention it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. What a beautiful place. Loved seeing all the photos and the sunsets photos are stunning-- you did a great job!

  9. yes, the right one in the middle...church camp...it's been forever and a day since I've been to one....sounds just lovely! Your kitchen re-do is just beautiful! LOVE IT!

  10. Wonderful post Pamela.
    I attended church camp as a youngster. Nothing like this one though. Ours was rather primitive.:-)

    Loved seeing all your wonderful photos!

  11. Such a beautiful place to worship! I couldn't pick a favorite photo - I love them all! :)
    Wishing you a lovely one, Pamela.

  12. I've always wanted to see what Beulah Camp was like - thanks so much for the photo tour!! It looks gorgeous. I heard a CBC radio program on it many years ago. It sounded wonderful!

    And speaking of wonderful - your kitchen makeover is lovely!!

  13. That does look like a heavenly place-great camp!

    I am catching up tonight-my sister left this a.m.-your kitchen is beautiful -you must be so happy with it!


  14. Hi Pamela! This article is amazing... and even more so for me because the cottage right in the middle of your collage ( the white and black one with the rosebushes ) is my family's! I can't say that it is mine because I'm only 12 years old, but that cottage is where I spend most of my summer:) Thanks so much for taking these photos, you really made me smile :D



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