Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a country walk

I love living in the country.  I love going for walks along the road with the dog.  I love just walking around the yard checking on the flowers (and weeds!).

It's amazing to see the dips and hills along this road from this spot.  When I'm walking
I hardly notice them at all.  Also, that church only stands out like this from
this particular spot.  Otherwise you only see the steeple peeking out from the trees.

hydrangeas in bloom in a garden along the road

There are two of these old iron pots at the end of a farm driveway.
They are huge!  At least 2 feet across.  Probably they were used in
olden days for making lye soap or doing laundry outdoors.
Now they are filled with pretty flowers.

I must pick some of these soon!  I want to make jam.

This deer was watching me from the side of the old orchard.
I imagine he was feasting on the grass or perhaps checking out the apple crop.

The cattails are already forming and turning brown.

Back at home:

My perennial rock garden is coming into full bloom.  So are the weeds!  
See those ugly 4 x 4's?  They are going to be replaced with a stone retaining
wall in the near future!  I can't wait.  I'll be sure to post about it.

The climatis is in full bloom now.  I should have it growing against a taller trellis or a wall
as it has flopped over the top and is hanging down the other side!

Moonbeam Coreopsis or Tickseed is so pretty and dainty.

After all that walking I think I'll sit a spell and enjoy the view. 

There is so much to see and smell and hear.

Flowers, birds, farm tractors, lawnmowers.

Then there's the traffic on the road and planes in the sky!

Yes, it is sometimes downright noisy out in the country.

But, just try to block out the loud noises and listen.

So many bird songs can be heard.  Some I don't recognize.

But, most I do. 
 Robin, sparrow, crow, chickadee, blue jay, black bird, goldfinch,  mourning dove.

It's a lovely sound.  Just stop and listen.

And breathe in the sweet scent of the air.

Thanks for joining me today.  I hope you enjoyed our country walk.

Blessings to you,



  1. Your photos are spectacular, Pamela. I like to walk around the yard/neighborhood early in the a.m. with a cup of coffee! You have a lovely place to sit and take in the beauty. Have a blessed evening.

  2. I enjoyed the "virtual walk" down that country road with you...! Very pretty..

  3. Very peaceful walk it was, too. Your gardens are doing so beautifully. Hope that you get to sit a lot this summer and just soak it all up. Are you going to do the work of replacing the edge? I hope not! :D

  4. Hi Pamela! Oh, I've so enjoyed my walk with you and all the sights along the way! Love the pretty flowers and that little deer is so cute! Your flower garden is so pretty and you have such a lovely place! Your porch looks so inviting.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Hello my friend,
    You live in a lovely area, I'm so glad that I get to see what New Brunswick looks like through your eyes. I love the view that includes the lovely little white church with the steeple. How sweet that you see deer on your walks.
    Your own yard is so lovely, your patio looks like one that would be conducive to a neighborly chat. I wish I were your neighbor for a little while.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. It just looks like a little piece of heaven there, Pamela. Beautiful flowers and the sweet sound of the birds chirping, a visit from a sweet deer-what more can a person ask for?
    You are blessed!

  7. I've just come in from a country walk, taking advantage of the long evening before such things are past. I saw a deer too!

  8. Love your country walk! Thanks for sharing it. I feel like I was there! (Think I am out of breath)
    Love your pretty and your deck looks terrific with your Adirondeck chairs!
    I would sit and stay there for a long while.

  9. No wonder you love taking walks, you have quite a beautiful route! Raspberry jam...sounds heavenly. Diane

  10. I was doing a spot of blog ogling and Lo !! I thought this looks like it's Australia. Behold ---- it was Canada---- Sublimely beautiful ---- Oh my you are soooooo blessed to live where you do. That deer ---- i just could'nt stop looking at him-- the way he's looking back at you,so peaceful and your garden sits so well with that backdrop. Really it could be somewhere in Oz, except for Mr. Deer ! thanks for your wonderful pictorial. Katerina from Sydney.

  11. Your climatis is a show stopper...but what I wouldn't give for that hydrangea bush! Lovely walk.


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