Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, July 29, 2011

mid-summer blooms

I showed you some pictures from my garden the other day and today it's just blooming like crazy.  I also took some close up shots to share with you.

The Jackmanii Climatis just popped in the last few days.  This is one side of it
where it grows from the ground.

This is the other side of the trellis and the climatis is flopped over the top.
You can just barely see the blossoms forming on the Pee Gee hydrangea bush.
It looks like it will be loaded again this year.

These lilies are as tall as I am - about 5' 2"!  Aren't they gorgeous?
I transplanted them to this spot last summer and they seem to like it.

Hosta blooms.  There was a bee crawling right up into the blossoms.

Purple Coneflower bud almost ready to burst open.

Shasta Daisy

Hydrangea blossom.  This plant was a purchased at Easter in 2009 as a house plant.
I planted it in a garden and it actually grew - lots of leaves - until this year
when this one blossom came.  Love it!  I hope it survives another year.
There was 3 feet of snow drift on this garden last winter!

It was a beautiful day after a few cool, cloudy and rainy ones.
I went for a walk and when I came home decided to go and get those
raspberries picked.  I have to say I've never picked them before!
Just off a wild patch but not at a U-Pick.  It was so easy!

The rows were nicely kept with lots of space between.
The view was gorgeous.  I could hear birds singing and the neighbour's
rooster crowing - a lot!  I need to take my camera there just to take pictures.

When I got home I made this:

Two Medium and 1 small freezer jam with some left over for dessert!

This is the first time I've made raspberry freezer jam, which is hubby's favorite.

It is a long holiday weekend here in New Brunswick and many other provinces.
Monday, August 1, is the New Brunswick Day holiday.

We hope to go to Cornhill Nursery on Sunday afternoon.  It's about 1 1/2 hours away
near Moncton.  It's a very beautiful spot with many wonderful plants (for sale) and a
 lovely lunch room called the Cedar Cafe. I'll be taking my camera :-) 
Go to  to learn more.  According to
the website the roses are still blooming and it's daylily week!

And for all you U 2 fans out there.  Moncton is the place to be, or maybe not, on Saturday evening!
Bono is finishing up his 360 tour for an outdoor concert at Magnetic Hill - THE best
outdoor concert site in the Maritimes.  We won't be there.  :-(

I finally got around to weeding the flower beds yesterday.  I've been putting it off for weeks.
 I seemed to have so much energy so I just kept going.
I even drove the John Deere around the yard last night! (mowing grass!!)

Thanks so much for all your visits and comments.  You are all so kind!
One of you asked if I'd be building the retaining wall around the garden myself.
Hubby will be doing the work and I'll be wearing the white hard hat! 
In other words, I'll be telling instructing him on how I want it done. :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, especially my Canadian friends
who will be celebrating a long weekend!  Stay safe and have fun!! 

I am joining a new party for the first time at Tootsie's
Fertilizer Friday - Flaunt Those Flowers.

See you soon!




  1. The shasta daisy is so beautiful! (and the photography). You've done well capturing all the beauty of your garden. I didn't know the tiger lilies grew so tall--well they look like what we call tiger lilies. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. You've showcased some beautiful blooms. Those Lilies are just magnificent. I didn't know they could grow that tall either.

  3. Your Clematis is eye catching!

  4. My all time favorite is defenitely Clematis. I love them all. Since my flower beds are brand new this year, I have planted two varieties. I sure hope they do well.
    My son is coming for the U2 concert. Hope the weather co-operates.
    Have a terrfic weekend.


  5. Stunning photos! I love the clematis. We seem to have one growing wild on the edge of our yard. Can that be?

  6. Your garden is so full of colour - gorgeous!

  7. Like I said before...climatis is stunning. Have a good weekend yourself!

  8. Hi Pamela, Your garden is looking great! Beautiful photos of the coneflower, as well as the hosta and my favorite, Jackmanii. Great to see you got the raspberries too! You will enjoy your jam this winter!

  9. You really do have one of the lovliest gardens I've seen. Of course, you do a great job photographing them. That showcases them even more.
    I will be back for my photgraphic tour of Mounton. I have heard of this place.
    No thanks to U2.

  10. My daughter would love to be at Magnetic Hill today. Your posies are beautiful and your photography is as well. Your purple coneflower looks just like my bee balm. Now I'm wondering if I have a purple coneflower instead. (My readers told me what it was.)

  11. o my, those raspberries made me drool. the clematis is gorgeous.

  12. Hi Pamela,
    YOur blooms are all so delicious looking and those raspberries definitely are delicious looking! Yummy! I make some kind of jam every year. I ought to go get some of the last strawberries in the store and make rhubarb-strawberry jam, my rhubarb is growing like crazy!
    I'm glad to hear that you are going to have a fun weekend, it will be same old, same old here for me. My hubby doesn't get the holiday off. I am applying for work, hopefully something will turn up.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Oh my, I just read what I had written, I do not mean to complain, same old is good, it means there are no emergencies to attend to, no crisis! Thank you, Jesus! Life is good.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Hi Pamela, nice to meet you from Fertilizer Friday. You have an astounding garden, I have never seen clematis bloom like that! Your photography is also astounding...such talent.

    You asked about the pink hydrangea; I wish I knew what the name of mine is, too. Yours looks like it will be a much deeper pink than mine. I know I had some Endless Summer hydrangeas that are supposed to be blue if acid, pink if not amended, but the one on the photo was a gift from a friend. How neat that yours is blooming after having been a houseplant. Our winters are pretty cold here, down to -20, and I'm always amazed that anything comes up in the spring!

    Once again, wonderful to meet you!

  15. Oh, your flowers are gorgeous! And your photos are just stunning!

  16. Pamela- the photos of your flowers are fabulous- truly stunning! The raspberry jam looks wonderful- canned fruits always look so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos--

  17. Hi Pamela
    Great shots of the flowers in your garden, the clematis is beautiful.
    Yum, raspberries, great find and they look delicious. I'm off to pick blueberries next week at a farm, they're one of my favourite fruits.

  18. Your clematis is just stunning! They've never done well for me which makes me sad as they are so gorgeous in bloom!

    Your freezer jam looks good! I made strawberry last year but I love raspberries. On my summer to do list now!

  19. Beautiful photos my bloggy friend. Well done! Sadly my Climatis died this year. Yours are lovely. Big Hugs!

  20. Gorgeous images Pamela! The clematis is amazing!!

  21. YAY another Canadian!!! I am in Alberta!!! I am also excited to be your newest follower!!!!
    What a pretty post!!! Your photos are just lovely!
    Once again I am just loving the tour of all the gardens that have linked in to my little party! I am so excited to visit each and every post...they are all so inspiring and I am NEVER disappointed! The creative gardens and colorful displays that I am lucky to see are inspirations that I would never have found had I not found each of the gardeners I see online! Thank you so much for sharing your garden with my Friday Flaunt this week...I do hope you will link in again soon!
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


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