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Sunday, July 10, 2011

our new kitchen

It's done!  I've been promising to show you our new kitchen for a month now.  We started our kitchen renovation at the end of May and it is now completed.   This is a lengthy post so bear with me.                       

Here is the old kitchen ~

As you can see, I was packing it up this day.

This is the old peninsula area next to the dining room.
Note the bulkhead across the top and the full upper cabinet.

This is looking toward the dining area with the peninsula, fridge,
microwave and pantry area.

This is the back door and an underutilized closet.

A bare kitchen with a temporary sink.  It looked brighter already!

Hubby pouring the self-leveling cement over the wires for the heated floor.
This is going to feel so nice this winter!

The cabinets arrived on Monday, June 13.  Here they are in the living/dining rooms.

I love my new sink!
Our new kitchen sink is from Steel Queen (Richilieu, Quebec).  I was torn
about getting a single bowl or sink and a half and am so happy I chose the latter.
This sink came with the veggie/fruit strainer, stainless steel bottom racks and
a removable, stainless drain tray.  The faucet is from Delta.

We never had a dishwasher as there wasn't cabinet space to fit one in.
Yup!  34 years without one and I survived.  :-)
Now I can have a full sized dishwasher due to the smaller sink base!

Here it is!
This is the view when you walk up the front stairs.  You can see the empty
spot for the dishwasher which should be filled soon. 

The view from the dining room side.
The knobs are from Kent Building Supplies and the bin pulls are
from Home Depot.

The fridge was moved to the right of it's former position which is now the large pantry.
This wall is opened up more to the dining room and makes both rooms seem larger.
I keep this stool here for me to get things from the upper cabinets and to sit on!

This is the corner cabinets by the window/sink area.
I looked in magazines and on blogs to see what other homeowners put in their
glass door cabinets.  Sometimes there is only 1 or 3 items per shelf but, I
couldn't let that space go to waste.

This is the pantry area behind the double doors.  I love the space and the
roll out trays.  Now all my baking supplies are in one spot too!
The magnetic picture frames on the fridge are from Umbra.
The fridge usually has a lot more stuff stuck on it like magnets and notes :-)

The dining room side of the cabinets with the china cupboard.  I had difficulty fun trying
to fit all my china cups and saucers and mugs into this upper cabinet!  I ended up
packing some away for a yard sale along with 2 large boxes of kitchen things I don't need!

It's so much brighter!!  I love the colours.  The walls are Golden Ecru by SICO Paints,
available at Kent Building Supply.  The countertop is 'creme quartzstone' laminate
 with cream and beige flecks.  It looks like a soft green from a distance.
The big silver container on the end of the counter is the composte collector.
I bought it at Home Hardware.
You may have noticed I don't have a microwave oven.  We are waiting to buy
an over the range microwave.  In the meantime our old one is in the dining room
for now. 

I love the display shelf over the window.  This picture was before we added a light fixture under the shelf.
We also had to have a clock here (see the picture above) to glance at from the hall
and front door.  We always had one here so I found a little one at a dollar store last week.
I'd like to have a vintage 50's style one someday.

This is the new back door storage cupboard.  The left door is for the broom,
swiffer etc. and the right has shelves for cleaning supplies and small appliances.
The upper doors hold items I don't use as often.

The porcelain floor is heated and will be wonderful underfoot come winter!

The summer vignette on the windowsill.
I have two of these pretty blue bottles and they are old with bubbles
in the glass.  This is the closest I can get to blue glass canning jars :-)

We needed a place to hang our keys so I found this cute shelf/bulletin board
at Winner's and it works perfectly.  I also like to have a calendar in the kitchen.

This shelf was here before and I like to decorate it
for the different seasons.

This is a closeup of the pretty toletray I got recently.
It's behind the white hobnail milk glass cookie jar on the counter.

As Murray would say, I've got the counter top 'junked up'. :-)
I love my cookie cutter collection in the vintage glass jars.
The white covered dish is to keep garlic in.
The green bowl is Fiestaware.
The glass jar on the left holds two damaged Bridal Rose teacups.
The white enamel container on the right holds vintage kitchen tools.
You will notice I don't have a backsplash - yet!  I am still deciding what
to get for it and am open to suggestions.  I'm thinking cream subway tiles
with a strip of coloured glass tiles part way up.  What do you think?

This is the crown molding which I love.  It was all painted from the
cabinet factory in the same colour as the cabinets - coconut.
The cabinets are solid MDF and were built by
Stick and Stones Kitchens in St. Stephen, N.B.
Our contractor is Apple Creek Kitchens in Keswick Ridge, N.B.
Excellent work by both companies!

The before look again:

and the after:

                     I am so please with our new kitchen.  It is so much brighter and more efficient than
the old one.  I love the cabinets, the glass doors and the storage space.

I am very thankful to my hubby, Murray, for his hard work to provide this
beautiful kitchen for me to work in.  He also got a bonus for his 'man cave'.
Yes, he inherited 2 of the base cabinets and the cushion floor for his
basement work area plus, some upper cabinets for the garage!
We believe in recycling and  reusing!

There you have it!  Our new kitchen.  When we get the new
dishwasher and microwave I'll post pictures.

We had a wonderful Saturday at the Wesleyan Church Camp
on the St. John River.  I'll be posting about it in the next day or two.
You'll love the old cottages there!

I am joining Cielo  for Show Off Your Cottage Monday at


Susan for Met Monday at

and Cindy for Show and Tell Friday at

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  1. I just posted a long comment and then got knocked off the internet. I love your new kitchen and you did a wonderful job. Everything is fresh and new looking and I'm sure you enjoy cooking in your new space. Your photos are great of before and after and explaining it all. I also love the shelf over the kitchen sink! Beautiful ! enjoy!


  2. This is so incredible...what a transformation. Very smart of you to take your cabinets to the ceiling...I wish mine were that high. The crown molding is stunning. Don't you just smile when you walk in there? Well done. Enjoy

  3. OMG! Your hubby should think of a career change!! Goodness, did he do a gorgeous job!! I love all the light you have now and the floors ready for winter...nice an warm!! I am very impressed with such fabulous kitchen and practically home made! Your crown moldings are perfect, it finishes it beautifully, with the high cabinetry...we did the same to have more space and no dirt up there...stunning, congrats you guys! Lots of blessings for the new heart of the home. FABBY

  4. Hi Pamela
    Love the kitchen make over, and, it is much brighter. We spend so much time in our kitchens, it's nice to have them updated to give us a lift.
    Enjoy cooking, baking and just hanging out in your new kitchen.

  5. Your kitchen is lovely - so bright and open. I like the way you have some cupboards with glass fronts. You must want to pinch yourself when you roll out those pantry drawers! Well done!

  6. Hi Pamela,
    I am so happy for you!!! Your kitchen is so light filled and pretty now, there is no comparison with the old one. I'm sure it is a delight to work in too! I love that sink, I would have been happy with one like that. Everything is excellent! And I adore all of your vintage items, they ground it and make it look usable. You will have so much fun cooking and baking in your warm kitchen this Winter!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Oh, how fabulous! It all looks so wonderful! I love those Shaker style cabinets so much, and the bin pulls are perfect. What a tremendous amount of light there is now. You must be loving it!

  8. Morning Pamela, it all looks wonderful. I have white kitchen units and it certainly brightens the kitchen. We had a shelf unit like your green one in our kitchen until Phil bent down to get something and cut his head open on it, it is now a very useful unit in the garage. I think you should be careful using that stool to get things from higher cupboards!!
    Take care, Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  9. PS Congratulation on having 100 followers, well done!! Jackie.x

  10. My word, now that's a transformation! Wow! Good for you, Pamela!!!

    Glad you bought the racks for the sink. Most people don't, and end up with scratched sinks. And 34 years without a dishwasher? I use ours every day and can't imagine life without it. However, my in-laws have one and don't like to use it. They never have. When we go over for a family dinner I load up the dishwasher after we eat so we're not standing around doing dishes when we should be socializing!

    Everything looks so great. I can only imagine what it's like to walk into your kitchen first thing in the morning. Yippee!!!!


  11. Beautiful kitchen makeover Pamela! I love how light and bright it is.

  12. Oh my gosh, your kitchen looks wonderful. I'm in the process of deciding how to update/renovate ours. And snap, my husband's name is Murray also.

  13. Beautiful new kitchen! I also have a heated floor in my kitchen. You will love it in the winter!


  14. So much brighter! Very pretty new kitchen, which I know that you are enjoying more and more each day. I love that storage space you have near the door. Finding a home for the broom and swiffer is always a challenge. (I hope that we can find some space for a dishwasher here, too.)

  15. Oh, Pamela! I love your kitchen! It looks like a totally different kitchen and I love every inch of it. Your accessorized it most gorgeously!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Hi Pamela, I just came over from Show off your cottage monday. I'm sure glad I did. Love the kitchen transformation. I have a toile tray somewhere in this house.I put it away as a gift, maybe I will have to pull it out. That is if I can find it. Beautifully decorated.

  17. What an amazing change...it's so bright and cheerful!!

  18. Hi lovely lady.
    OH Pamela, you did a Beautiful job on your new Kitchen transformation... I know you will love it and do a lot more cooking now...
    I would like to Thank you for your lovely comments on my new table.
    I hope you have a Great Week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  19. Pamela! I am so thrilled for you! I couldn't believe the picture of the totally gutted kitchen! YIKES! Talk about starting from scratch!
    You did a wonderful job. Your new kitchen is bright and still so warm and inviting.
    LOVE the choice of white cabinets... I have had white ones for 16 years and have never tired of them!
    And that crown molding makes me weak kneed! YOu really did a masterful job and took care of all the details!
    Congratulations, and may you have years and years of kitchen joy!

  20. OOOOOOO! I love the colors too! Everything is so crisp and pretty! You must be so happy! What a difference. I'm so happy for you!

  21. Lovely new kitchen! And I'm so glad to find another Maritime blogger. I'm now following you.

  22. What a difference! I bet you love hanging out in there now, so bright and beautiful! And heated floors........nice!!!! Enjoy!

  23. Oh Pamela...this is gorgeous! You must be so happy. Of course, I love the pulls on the drawers! I love a white kitchen too! Enjoy!

  24. Your new kitchen is gorgeous! Everything is much brighter.

  25. You should be very proud of all the bloggers you inspired with this post.

  26. I love your kitchen; and I want to repaint my old cabinets white! Thanks for posting your wonderful photos.

  27. Beautiful kitchen. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  28. I can totally imagine how thrilled you are! What a huge difference. And you have so much storage space. Beautiful makeover!

  29. What a beautiful job you did. I love everything about it. We did the heated floors under our porcelain tile in the Master Bath...you are going to LOVE IT!

    Really, really fantastic choices you made.

  30. Looks great. Congratulations on your new kitchen!!

  31. Karen BrightwellJuly 17, 2011 at 4:20 PM

    Wow I love your new kitchen! Just beautiful!

  32. Enjoy your new kitchen! I am redoing what we have with paint and hard labor ;-))

    I got a couple of great ideas from your photos -- like using the tole tray against the backsplash! Thanks.

  33. You might be thinking it would be just as easy for them to make their way to the bathroom sink. Consider the fact that they will have to travel through the house with filthy hands and faces while leaving a trail of dirt behind them.

  34. No wonder you love your kitchen. It looks fabulous and is a real inspiration to me!


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