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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

questions answered


Hi everyone!  How is your week going?

We have had some beautiful days since last Friday and it was actually 30 deg. celsius today,
which is about 90 F.

It's been quiet around the house without all the kitchen construction that was going on
for the past month or so.  I've even been sleeping in! 

I had a lot of lovely comments on my new blog header and I thank you so much.
Vee from the blog "A Haven For Vee"  asked if one of the photos is from Kings
Landing.  Yes, it is Vee.  Actually there are two from there - the one of the fence in
the field and the one of the orange lilies.  The pretty pond photo is from a visit last summer
to Little Lepreau along the Fundy Coast and the beach is New River Beach, also on the
Fundy coast.  The brown-eyed susans are my neighbours.  And, of course, the front porch is ours.

Mary, who writes the lovely blog "A Breath of Fresh Air", asked if I picked the wildflowers
in my milk bottles nearby.  Yes, Mary, I picked them along the roadside ditches next door
(we mow ours).  I didn't have to go far at all.

Judith, from "Lavender Cottage", commented about the milk box her uncle had built
right into his house.  My uncle had one too!  It was a shingled house and the milk
box had a small door on the outside of the house and one on the inside in the kitchen.
You didn't even have to go outside to get the milk!  However, one time someone broke
into the house by crawling into the milk box door and into the house!  They must have
been a very small person as the box was only about 18" square and the inside door
was adjacent to the outside one!!

If you haven't already visited these sweet ladies blogs I hope you will do so.

This is a new wave petunia variety.  It's growing very well on the back deck.  Isn't it pretty?

I remembered the name of the milk delivery truck after I wrote the post.  It was
Brookfield Dairy.  Isn't that a lovely name for a dairy farm?  And I believe the driver's
name was Mr. Groundwater or something like that.

We also had fresh eggs delivered to our house once a week from a Mr. McCully.
There is a neighbour down the road that raises chickens.  Hmmmm.  I could walk
there and buy some from her couldn't I?!

If life gives you lemons ~ make lemonade!
Well, it might be difficult with these lemons as they aren't real.  :-)

I really enjoyed all your comments and reminiscing about milk delivery back in the
1950's and 60's.  I read in a magazine about a new 'vintage-style' community
somewhere in the states that has milk delivery.  Do any of you still have your milk delivered?

Fresh strawberries.

My friend brought me these yesterday.  She picked them herself and made a large
batch of jam.  We shared some after I took pictures of them.  She may have one blown
up and framed. 

I pick my berries just down and across the road.  I can walk there.  I am so blessed!

Tomorrow I will pick some and then make some freezer jam.

Thanks for stopping by.  I always enjoy your visits and comments.
Did you notice that I almost have 100 followers??  I can't believe it's almost 1 year
since I started this blog.  I am really enjoying it and love meeting new people.

I'll be posting all about our new kitchen soon - hopefully for Monday -
so come on back. 

See you soon!





  1. Pamela what a nice way to respond to comments! I too loved the wildflowers in milk bottles. I had such a one in my kitchen today--returning it to a friend who had brought my mother flowers in it. She had collected a bunch of them for her daughter's wedding reception centerpieces. I do know we have those created retro communities here in the US but I did not know about the milk delivery! How cool! We had that at our house until almost 1980--or I should say at the house we were living in, taking care of a wealthy elderly man, I should post on that some day. I just loved filling out the order and finding it there in the box early the next morning. I don't remember a box from when I was a child. It seemed to be a metal rack, he left two gallons at our door, but not sure about that.

  2. Congratulations Pamela!
    That's terrific.

    Love your photos and close-ups, Pamela.
    I just got a bag of peaches from my friend who is leaving town... I need to google some recipes quick before they go bad!

    Wish I had a nearby strawberry patch! How nice!

  3. Hi Pamela! Oh, I love your header too! Now I think I need to come for a visit - beautiful flowers, strawberries! Oh, and you're a fantastic photographer.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Thank you, Pamela. I thought that spot looked familiar.

    I'm realizing that we have a lot in common. My grandmother and mother were both born in Moncton. My grandmother grew up there moving to Maine after her marriage. (My grandfather was an engineer with the CPR and stationed stateside.) My current Canadian relatives live in the St. Stephen area.

    Yes, I think you're correct, Dee's cook book for children was a late 40s edition. I almost think 1947. Dee is my uncle's cousin-in-law, but no relation to me; although, she and I look more alike than my aunt and I.

    That wave petunia is glorious, just amazing. If I ever saw one like that, I'd snatch it up in a minute. Ours are all pretty common.

    Enjoy the strawberry picking! And eating!


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