Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sunset on the Mactaquac

With all the hot days we've had there have been some beautiful sunsets.  It seems I missed them all until Monday night.  We had been working in the yard cutting down a cedar clump that is half dead and we were very hot and tired so decided to quit around 8:30.  We noticed the sun setting a lot earlier these nights already!  That means the days are really getting shorter my friends.  And that makes me sad, but, I won't start dreading the shorter daylight hours yet. 

I decided to hop in the car and drive down to the causeway across the Mactaquac Headpond to take some pictures.  I'm so glad I went.  Here's what I saw.

I carefully walked down the very steep embankment to the narrow shore.

I like how the setting sun reflected on the driftwood laying on the shore.

A flock of Canada geese out for an evening swim.

Such a beautiful evening to be on the water.

Wasn't that a beautiful sunset?

I didn't edit any of the pictures.  The colours are true.
God painted the sky and I captured it with my camera.

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my posts about Kings Landing and St. Andrews-by-the-Sea.
It seems I've inspired some of you to visit these places the next time you're in New Brunswick.
There is plenty to see in our beautiful province so I hope to keep posting about it
and draw some visitors in.  I have pictures all down the right side of my page too.

And, if you do come to New Brunswick, I hope you'll take time to pay me a visit
in person or meet somewhere.  I'd love to meet you!

I am joining Outdoor Wednesday today at

Have a wonderful day!



The weather map for North America for Tuesday, July 19, 2011.
In the summertime it's HOT HOT HOT!
It's going to be 30 today (90F).


  1. LOVE the photos, they are did a great job at capturing God's amazing handiwork! Miss these views ;-)

  2. Wonderful sunset scenes! You did beautifullly capturing them.

    (Your discussion of sunset happening earlier reminds me how we loved being in NB in the summer because NB is on Atlantic time. The sun really sets early on Eastern Standard Time. The sun will set at 8:19 PM EST tonight. See what I mean?)

  3. Gorgeous. Looks like a lovely place to relax and enjoy.

  4. What a beautiful, magical place. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for stopping by to read about Queen Ann's Lace. I am your newest follower and hope to get to hear from you soon and often. Thanks so much, Richard from, My Old Historic House

  5. Hi! fantastic! amazing pictures


  6. Wow-love what you said about God's creation! Beautiful capture!

  7. Beautiful sunsets to capture with your camera. It is not easy to do. Yes, God's creation is something to behold.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. Just beautiful Pamela. You have captured the essence of summer. The best part of summer is always the water. Sounds you are working to hard - take a break and enjoy a cold glass of ice tea! Diane

  9. Just beautiful, Pamela!
    I have to laugh at the map because we are cool and wet and windy here on Vancouver Island....wishing for just a little of that heat!

  10. Hi Pamela
    I'm glad you took the drive to capture the sunset and then shared the beauty with us.

  11. Beautiful photos! They make me feel like I am there. We have lovely sunsets, but we don't have the water! The combination makes a breathtaking view. I'm glad you were able to capture it.

  12. Oh, my goodness! What gorgeous snaps of the sunset! It's so beautiful and you are a wonderful photographer!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Wow, wow, wow, incredible photos! God creates the best pictures, and you captured them beautifully.

  14. Hi Pamela,
    Gorgeous glorious sunset!! It's no fair the days are getting shorter summer has yet to begin here!

  15. WOW! I'm speechless... these are simply amazing!

    ~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~

  16. Your photos are picture postcard beautiful!!

  17. Beautiful images, that sunset was amazing. I love the last photo with the pink clouds and blue water
    Thanks for sharing such inspiration

  18. I've been away so have enjoyed just now catching up on all your posts and beautiful photos! The sunsets are wonderful--you can almost feel the water. And enjoyed all the historical ones. How nice that young people can have an opportunity to learn about life nearly 200 years ago--what a great opportunity to help them to appreciate history! It's hard to believe it is so hot up where you are. The heat is amazing this year.

  19. Hello Pamela,
    What gorgeous photographs! The Lord has certainly created a beautiful world for us to live in hasn't He? Each photo is simply stunning! Thank you for sharing them with us. Hubby and I are hoping to get over to NB sometime next week to visit my relatives. My auntie and uncle are planning to drive us down to St. Martins. Hoping for good weather so we can go.
    You had asked me which program I was using to make a collage and I'm using Picnik. I would love to get rid of the black frames and have white instead. I think the black oftentimes looks rather harsh. I am just getting the hang of it though. I guess I'll get there sooner or later. Have a delightful weekend, my friend.



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