Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Have you noticed them?

They are everywhere.

Intricate webs spun to lacey perfection sprinkled with dewdrops.

Unfocused.  However the climatis and hydrangea are focused.

Even over blades of grass and clover.

They are everywhere. 

I don't really care for spiders and to see so many cobwebs on plants, trees,
objects kind of creeps me out knowing there is a spider in each one.

I do think they are a masterpiece of construction to capture other creatures
who come too close and become a meal for the spider.

Our mornings are very dewey now plus we've had a lot of rain.
The cobwebs seem to stand out in the morning sun until it dries them out.

I have noticed while driving down the road there will be hundreds of these
cobwebs between the power and telephone lines along the road.

Take a look next time you are out early in the morning.

They are beautiful.

The spider web in the first photo was about 15 inches across.
I'm glad I didn't see the maker of that one!!

Oh, and there are cobwebs in the high corners of our front entry too.
Inside. As my son pointed out to me the other day.
I must get out my mop and sweep them away.

Have you seen any cobwebs lately?

We celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary today, which is almost over.
We went to a beautiful wedding of a wonderful young couple from our church.
It was a great way to remember our own wedding day 34 years ago
and how good God has been to us through every season of our life together.

Thank you for all your sweet comments the past few days on my vintage finds.
I love hearing from you, and I welcome any new visitors and followers.

Blessings to you,



  1. Happy Anniversary! How sweet to attend a wedding on your anniversary, too.

    Your photos of the webs are wonderful. I have noticed them spread upon the grass in the morning like dewy comforters. They certainly can wreak havoc with the dusting chores.

  2. Hello Pamela and happy anniversary.
    I love the intricacy of spider webs, I just don't like walking through the ones at head level where they stick to your eyelashes.
    You took some great photos of these works of nature.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I have spider webs every where outside...especially on my bushes. It was hot today and then rained. Was like a steam bath. My glasses fogged up when I went from the house to the deck! Thanks for noticing my picture...have a great Sunday...

  4. Those were such beautiful shots! I try to stay far away from spiders, as for some reason, I am often bitten by them.
    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both! What a wonderful way to remember your own wedding day by attending a wedding.

    The spiderwebs are amazing, such intricate work. Hard to believe they can spin a web in a relatively short amount of time, just magic.

  6. beautiful cobweb photos

    Happy Anniversary.

  7. Happy Anniversary Pamela and hubby, you indeed have been blessed.

    Great shots of the spider webs, they do look very majestic, but creepy all in one! Diane

  8. Great web shots...yes there are plenty webs appearing in the yard and on my porch. The big one's are up in the woods when we go picking berries....I know they are big when my hubby gets freaked out when one crawled up his arm...big girl

  9. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!!
    Beautiful photographs Pamela!

    happy Sunday to you!

  10. Great photos but I hate spiders!

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.


  11. Your web photos are gorgeous!

    I came by to see your cow dish. I love it! My sister in law gave me the cow dish. It has a chip and crazing too. I love it because the imperfections add character.

  12. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Please visit me again. As for spider webs, they have always fascinated me with all their intricate patterns. Your photos are great. Shannon

  13. Happy Anniversary!!! Lovely photos!
    We have not had any rain, a light shower one day last week, but I have noticed that the dew is on the grass when I go out in the morning.
    Have a lovely day, my sweet friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Your spiderweb shots are wonderful, especially the one with the water drops. I agree that I wouldn't want to meet the spiders.

  15. Wow! These are impressive spider webs. Your photos are beautiful!

  16. OMG! Your pictures are just exquisite Pam! The spiderweb with dewdrops is so cool.

  17. The webs are beautiful, especially with the droplets. It did send a shiver through me though just thinking of the size of the one who made the 15 inch web, yikes!


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