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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

flow blue lunch tablescape

Summer is almost over so I thought I'd show you this summery tablescape in blue and white with green that speaks summer to me.

I used my 100 year old flow blue dishes for this summer table.

I found these placemats at HomeSense and thought I'd keep the table light without a tablecloth.

Soup and home made rolls are on the menu today. 
 The silver spoons and butter knives are ones we used everyday when I was growing up. 
 The napkins are April Cornell.
These dishes were my grandparents and are used often so they are chipped
and the gold is wearing off.  I like the shallow, wide rimmed soup bowls.

I love these bright lime green mums with the baby's breath in the ironstone pitcher.

Sweet napkin rings from Clair du Lune, a candle shop.

Thanks for stopping by for lunch on this late summer day.

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday at

I hope you join the party too.




  1. I'm the first one! YAY! Your flow blue tablescape is really pretty, I love those old dishes. The lime green mums are so lovely.
    How is the grand baby? Are you storing up hugs and kisses?
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. What beautiful dishes, love the blue! I think this is the prettiest tablescape I've ever seen!

  3. My favourite colours are blue and white and I love your tablescape. I love the tablemats, everything goes so well together and I can imagine you all sitting having a lovely soup and roll and chatting the ambience will be amazing, I wish I was there too!!
    Pleased to hear you are having such a wonderful time with the family and especially the baby, you must notice so much change in him since you last saw him, I know I do in Harry and I see him every week.

    The sun is already shining here so hopefully this is the start of a lovely September.

    Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.xx

  4. Your flue blue is so beautiful. I'm always stopping to look at it in antique shops. I love the green with the blue as well. Such a pretty table!

  5. Gorgeous dishes, I just love blue and this is great! Love green and blue too and happy Autumn and happy TT at Susan's, see you later. Hugs.

  6. Just love that blue and white! Come on over and learn about Winnie the Pooh!

  7. Beautiful dishes...there is nothing prettier than a blue and white table.

  8. Hello!!! 100-year-old dishes? LOVE them!!! What I love just as much is that you teamed them up with the bright green florals. Bright colors with blue & white always makes for a very eye-popping table setting! Very nice!

  9. There's nothing more beautiful, on the table, than blue china (in my humble opinion!) and your Flow Blue is gorgeous!

  10. Oh there's nothing much more lovely than flow blue. What a great set of dishes you have from your grandparents; they certainly create a lovely tablescape.

  11. So pretty! We have blue and white china too - I think I'll keep an eye out for some pretty white placemats like yours. They set the china off beautifully.

  12. Pamela the flow blue is gorgeous. I don't have any, always wanted it but never bought any...wish I had and may just have to look for a plate or two!:-)

    Happy Weekend!

  13. .......aaaaaaah! such a beautiful table - blues and greens together in these shades are so perfect.

    Mary X

  14. The pop of green sprinkled in the blue and white is it!!!!



  15. Your flow blue is just stunning! You're so right, that color combination just shouts summer!


  16. Pamela, your blue and white table is lovely. The touch of yellow in the napkins is very pleasing to the eye. I really like blue and yellow together. I used some of those pretty green mums in a casual arrangement this weekend. Have a nice week. Shannon

  17. Oh I adore those plates. I have a thing about blue!! The other day I saw a large pottery bowl and the lovely blue treatment really made it hard for me not to buy it!!
    Lovely table setting!

  18. Hi Pamela! Oh, I love Flow Blue and have always admired it and wish I had some - but it's so expensive! What a beautiful table you've set with your and the centerpiece with the green little blooms looks so pretty!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Oh Pamela, this is a beautiful table! I love the color combination, and the blue plates are treasures!! I apologize for taking so long to get by, but things have been crazy. We'll be releasing a single tomorrow, so maybe it will get manageable!

  20. Oooh, Pamela!!! I wish I was there to tuck in with you!! The bowls are beautiful - what a lovely blue! And the flowers too! I love them!


  21. oh my goodness...we love dishes and Flow Blue....amazing! So beautiful!

  22. I love blue and white china, and yours is wonderful...So pretty.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  23. So beautifully presented, as always, Pamela. And blue and white is probably the best combination there is! Hope you had a great weekend. – g

  24. Thanks so much Pamela for stopping by:-) I appreciate so much getting to know you here and for your always kind comments. Take care!!


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