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Friday, August 12, 2011

mirror, mirror on the wall

Do you have mirrors in your home?

Sure you do.

We have to have at least one mirror to check on our wrinkles fair skin once in a while!

I don't know why I have so many mirrors.  I'm not a vain person and I seldom look
in one to check on things unless I'm doing my hair, putting on makeup (rarely),
checking on my clothes before I go out. 
Okay, so I told a fib.
I do look in the mirror ~ once in a while.
The mirror above was in the front entry hall of the home I grew up in.
I don't know anything about it.  I have thought of painting it white
or heirloom white but haven't made the effort yet.

I believe it once hung on a dresser or commode as it has two metal
knobs, one on each side, to attach it to a frame. 
It has a nice curvy shape to it and a little carving at the top.
The mirror glass is not original but has been there for a long time.
It is in the spare bedroom which I am trying to redecorate and get
ready for my family coming in 3 weeks.

This mirror also hung in our home and is now at the top of the stairs from the front door.
It is very old with it's gilt frame and wood back.  My mother told me if I didn't like
the mirror that there is a picture underneath I could show instead.
I took it apart one time but the picture was only a paper print of a grecian woman
or something or other.  Maybe I should check that out again....

Another mirror ~ or two!

Oh my, you must think I'm terribly vain.

Really, I'm not.  I love mirrors in the living room to reflect light and make the room feel larger.
Isn't that why you have mirrors in your living room?

This white, chippy framed mirror is very old too.  I think it came from a family home
via my mother.

It has it's original beveled mirror.

When I sit in "my" chair in the living room I can see the kitchen window reflected
in the mirror ( and the dirty dishes and paper towel wadded up on the counter).
I noticed this one day after we had our new kitchen finished.  The old kitchen had
a bank of cupboards that blocked the view and the light from the window.

This pretty vintage mirror is from my mil's and is more of a bedroom mirror.

I like the daisy pattern etched in the glass.

This is my favorite mirror just inside the front door.  I love the old wood and gold
frame that was once a picture frame and someone has added the mirror.
It has it's original wood back as well and is very old.
It's nice to have a mirror by the front door to check on your wrinkles and fair skin
before leaving.

Do you see the letters scratched in the gold?
It says MINNI'e' or 'c'.  It's hard to tell.
This frame came from my father's side but there are no Minnie's
in the family that I know of.  Unless it's Minnie Mouse.  Nah!
I wonder who etched those letters and why?

Do you have mirrors hanging in your house?
Do any of them have an interesting history?
I'd sure like to hear about it.

I'm joining these sites today for:

We're supposed to receive 3 days of sun and heat starting today
then 2 days of rain, Monday and Tuesday.  That's a perfect weekend!!

Blessings to you!



  1. Hi Pamela!
    I love love mirrors and have a little collection of them! I just can't resist the old ones!
    Pamela xo

  2. Hi Pamela! Oh, this is a wonderful post and you have some pretty wonderful mirrors reflecting lovely views! I wish I had more walls in my home so I could hang some mirrors! I love the olden ones.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  3. Evening Pamela

    We have a few mirrors in the bungalow. A very large over over the fireplace in the lounge and one not quite so big in the dining room. They say it is a good idea to have a large mirror to make the room look larger!! I don't look in the mirror very often, too much of a shock of the signs of ageing!!

    Love all your mirrors.

    I know Harry likes looking in the mirror, not sure what a three month baby sees but he smiles away so it must be good!

    Have a great weekend.Jackie.

  4. Yes, I have a lot of mirrors because my home is quite dark being under so many trees. (They're not my trees or some of them would get the ax.) I like vintage mirrors most of all and a mirror by the door is a great idea. I have a vintage medcine chest by the door that has been made over to hold car keys and also holds lipstick and perfume.

  5. I really like your collection of mirrors . The one with the etched daisies is my favorite. I think the addition of mirrors to a room gives a brightness that looks so
    special. The only drawback I see is keeping them clean and shiny,which reminds me to get busy cleaning mine. Have a great weekend!! Shannon

  6. What a creative post! I enjoyed seeing all your photos and the glimpses into your home they showed. Of course I love best the mirror view of your kitchen!

  7. Hi Pamela
    You have a great collection of mirrors. My favorite one is the small MILs flowered one.
    I have many mirrors, but have only hung two.
    This makes me want to get them out of storage and hang them. I just don't have the wall space
    I use to have.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Such pretty mirrors! I don't think you're vain at all - mirrors reflect light and make any room brighter.

  9. YAY! I hope you are getting the nice sunny day that was promised you! It is gorgeous here, of course! I went for a long walk and it was so nice out. I listed to the grass hoppers and crickets, so pretty!
    I love all of your mirrors! They all have a story, that makes them very special, doesn't it. I like mirrors, too. I have them everywhere!
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Hi Pamela! I hope you got enough sun! I have lots of mirrors too. I love old ones with fancy frames and use them to bring in light and make rooms bigger too. I have four in my living room. They're hung high so it's not like we can see ourselves easily. I love your little round etched mirror!

  11. What a great post!! I love the beveled glass, the view from "your chair" of your kitchen window is wonderful!!! We have alot of similar tastes...I even have the little white teapot with the pink roses!! Thanks for following my blog as well,,,I am your newest follower!! Your part of the country is definately on my travel list!!!

  12. I have a few mirrors. I remodeled my one and only bathrm in our home. I purchased a floor model vanity that has legs( I like the furniture look for vanities) It was a cherry wood . So I shopped and shopped and what kept coming back to me was this one mirror on line. Well I decided that was the one and another web site had it $100 cheaper and free shipping. It has the gold giled grey outside, inside is gold gilded and the edge beside the belveled glass is grey. The outside is braided design and inside design is hob-knobbed at the edge by the mirror. I chose the grey and gold because I used brushed nickle for all my fictures/ lights/ and the glass shelve brackets are brushed nickel. The right mirror old/new does make a difference. I am enjoying your web blog. lovely pictures and ideas for us to design with. Thanks


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