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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

peaches and granite ware

Fresh Ontario peaches are in the stores.  I bought a basket last week and they were pretty hard at first so I took them out of the basket and put them in a pretty bowl on the countertop.  They ripened pretty fast and were so sweet and delicious!

The bowl was my mother's and is one of my favorites.

The granite ware funnel and the enamel strainer were my mil's.
I found the pie plate at a shop now gone.

The peaches remind me of a rosey sunset.

                                                                  They were delicious...

and they are all gone.

Maybe I'll buy some more today.

Have you bought fresh peaches yet?

Blueberries are also in season and there are usually
5 pound boxes from Tuddenham Farms at the store.
I hope there are some today as well because...
peach and blue go good together
peaches and blueberries taste very good together!

Today's weather is just 'peachy' too!
The sun is shining after two days of cloud, drizzle and rain.

David Phillips, the Canadian weather guru, says Atlantic Canada
should have a nice sunny and warm rest of the summer but also
warned that the active hurricane season will bring those tropical storms
our way as well. 
Sounds like the first part of the summer to me!!

Do they really know?? 
I don't think so.

Well, I hope your week is going well for you.

Have a wonderful day!




  1. I've been buying peaches, so delicious. A favourite to make is a peach smoothie, so refreshing after working in the garden.

  2. Beautiful peaches! Sort of makes my mouth water. I see a lot of them now in the farmers' markets and the grocery stores. In my experience if they have no "give" on them at all they usually don't ripen well. But probably the fresh picked would! You will have to go get some more!

  3. Pamela
    I'd better get in town and get them right away.
    I always seem to miss out on the peaches.
    I like your mothers bowl.

  4. Have lost count how many peach/blueberry cobblers we have made recently! Tastes good with a few raspberries thrown in too.
    xo Cathy

  5. Hi Pamela,
    Peaches and blueberries...yum! Beautiful photos.
    Glad to hear that the weather looks good for the rest of the summer...that bodes well for us here in Maine too. (Enough rain this past week.)

  6. Such a pretty bowl and I hope to buy peaches when we visit some farmer's markets next week.

  7. There was a time I would make a few dozen batches of peach jam. I am just starting to miss it. Will have to pull out the old recipe!

  8. Your peaches with the blues are beautiful! You have some wonderful old things. I haven't bought peaches yet, but I've been having this insanely delicious peach and crusty biscuity desert with icecream at my fav restaurant. I want it right now!

  9. HI Pamela! OH, what gorgeous looking peaches and you've set up a sweet vignette too! Now I just can't seem to get good juicy sweet peaches anymore! The only place I can get them is at the grocery store!
    Well, our summer has been so so so hot and humid. It's been the hottest summer for Texas!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  10. Our peaches were not as satisfactory as yours...love your mother's bowl...so lovely and vintage...does it have windmills on it?

    Wish that your weather guru were ours. I can't think of anything nice that they have to say about anything. I've decided to stop believing them.

  11. Beautiful peaches and love the bowl with the sentimental attachment of having been your mother's.

    Hard to believe the weather reports sometimes. I often think they forecast and then just hope for the best, don't you?


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