Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, August 4, 2011

a thrifting we will go

I finally got to visit a couple of thrift stores on a rainy Saturday morning and found some beautiful treasures.

Today I'm joining Debra for Vintage Inspiration Friday over at her wonderful blog ~ Common Ground.

Do you see what I see?

I finally found an aqua canning jar! 

I'm so excited to have found this at Old Tyme Collectibles and Antiques
on Main St. Fredericton. 

I have seen them on so many of your blogs and didn't think they
existed here in New Brunswick.

She's a beauty.

Zinc ring and glass top! 

I love this beautiful dinner plate by Johnson Bros.
It's called "His Majesty". 
I remember seeing someone's blog with a table setting
of these beautiful plates for Thanksgiving so I was pleased to find just one.

I love this old butter dish with the cow on top.
He's missing his horns and the dish is crazed but I love
how it's aged and it's soft colours.

Finally, I found this 4 cup teapot.  I've been looking for
a pretty teapot for my tea parties and this was only $3.49.
It's made in Japan but I like the pretty roses which are on each side.

It was a successful thrifting day for me.  I found the aqua jar and
the teapot which were my main goals that day.

I hope you will join me at Common Ground for some more vintage inspiration.

Just click on this link:

Thanks for visiting today!





  1. Excellent treasure hunting Pamela! Love the tea pot, very pretty, can't wait to see how you put it in a teascape! Diane

  2. Great finds, especially the aqua canning jar. That is a cute teapot and I would of bought it to add to my collection. Happy thrifting.

  3. All sweet finds...I'm particularly fond of the Johnson Brothers turkey plate followed by the aqua canning jar. The butter dish is very cute and I've not seen one like it and the tea pot is a good practical find. Every gal needs a tea pot or two.

  4. Everything I see, I love, butter dish, oooh love it!! and the turkey plate is wonderful, so is the crown on the jar. thanks so much for linking up to the party! xoxo Debra

  5. Oh, I'm so glad you found one! Just like mine too.

  6. You did find some wonderful items...that butter dish is so cute...I love it!

  7. I think my grandparents had those dishes, but none of them made it to my mother (which means I don't have them)! I love that color of aqua. Isn't it great to find something you've been looking for?

  8. Oh how lovely! Your finds are all just magnificent! I love the butter dish, it's so sweet and the turquoise jar of course is perfection!
    Have a lovely evening,
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. Great finds. I have a large turkey platter that I picked up at a flea market for a steal. $3.00 and had seen the same one on e-bay for 50 plus. Yes that aqua canning jar is most precious.

  10. You did find some great treasures! Now have fun using them!

  11. Fantastic finds! Especially the old canning jar. I found a few in a antique shop last year but the price he was asking was just too much. Love the transferware plate. Johnson Bros make some of my favorite china patterns.


  12. You got some really CUTE stuff! I LOVE that little butter dish. AND the jar is darling! :)


  13. I love the butter dish with the cow on top! So cute. It looks like it might be Crown Devon. glad you found that aqua jar too!


  14. Hi Pamela,
    What great treasures you found. I especially love the canning jar and the turkey plate. Thanks for sharing them with us!
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

  15. You found some great treasures! The aqua jars are hard to find here too.


  16. I think you found the most beautiful canning jar I've ever seen, Pamela! Wonderful finds!!!

  17. I too have been looking for the same colour mason jar. Found one in my Dad's basement while cleaning this winter. I was so excited, there are just so beautiful and anything looks good in it. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Hi Pamela! OH, you did good. Love the blue mason jar. My mother used to use those for canning when I was a little girl! I have some of those Johnson Brothers dishes! :)
    The little butter dish is charming.
    You have a great weekend too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Hi Pamela! That's a spectacular blue jar you found! I haven't seen one like it. I love all the pretty details. Your little butter dish is so cottage. I would have snapped that up in a heartbeat! I'm glad you found your sweet teapot. I almost never find anything I'm actually looking for! I can see you're still enjoying summer! Carry on!

  20. GREAT the zinc top and the bubbles in the glass.

  21. Terrific finds Pamela! I especially love the top to that great canning jar. Wonderful photos in your header!
    - Susan

  22. Your blue jar is awesome! Love the other items as well, thanks for sharing with us.


  23. Great finds!! I just love your plate,and the jar is great.You had a good day.


  24. Congrats on finding your aqua jar! Isn't it fun when we seek something for a while and finally find it? It's a bit like winning the lottery (especially if you get a good deal on it). Also love the turkey platter; that will look lovely on your table! :) p.s. many thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comments.


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