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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

dear daisy

On Monday, I found this daisy blooming along the side of the road covered in dewdrops.

Playing with Picnik enhanced the dewdrops.

This is probably the last daisy of summer even though you can see 2 buds yet to open.
I'll have to check the next time I walk.

I am enjoying the hydrangea blossoms these days.
And just look at that gorgeous blue sky!

I am joining Outdoor Wednesday today.

I hope you'll come along too.




  1. First photo of the daisy is really sharp. Love this time of year especially on a clear sunny afternoon, the blue of the sky looks great in photos.

  2. Oh my gosh, your photographs are gorgeous!! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers - yours' are SO beautiful! Love them fresh or dried. The daisy with the dew drops is outstanding! I look forward to seeing more of your photography! Cindy

  3. The daisy looks like it is wearing diamonds and the hydrangea blossoms are so gorgeous! They look like cotton candy. I will miss such beautiful flowers now that summer is almost over.

  4. Outstanding photo of the daisy!
    Joyce M

  5. The last flowers of the season always seem to be the most beautiful, and your photography is amazing! The daisy is gorgeous and just look at the amount of flowers on the hydrangea; awesome!

  6. Beautiful pictures Pam!! I always love the way that you capture the beauty of God's creation!

  7. Pam,

    You have really captured that beautiful daisy and your hydrangea blossoms are amazing!

  8. Beautiful daisy! And the colors in the hydrangeas are so pretty! Good photography!

  9. I toodled in last night just before heading up the stairs and went to bed with sweet visions in my head. Sorry that I was too tired to comment. By morning's light, I see that I really did have lovely visions in my head. Such delightful photography!

  10. Beautiful daisy shot! We don't have hydrangeas in this area, and I love them so much! So much variety. Your photos are lovely! Hope you're good!

  11. That hydrangea is stunning. How on earth did you get so many blooms?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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