Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

McAdam Railway Station

When we were in McAdam on the weekend my friends and I wanted to take a little tour of the restored train station.

The McAdam Railway Station was built in 1900 and finished in 1901 for a total cost of $30,000.00.  You wouldn't get much of a building for that amount these days!

This building was 133 feet long in 1901 and after the 1910-1911 expansion it was 285 feet long.

The granite used to build it was from local deposits.  It is a combination of Gothic,
Baroque and Victoian styles and modeled after a Scottish castle.

The beautiful roof and dormers.

The fireplace in the Maxwell Room.  This room was originally the dining room and lobby.
It now serves as the board room.  It it named after well-known Montreal and station
architect Edward Maxwell.    He designed several train stations across the country
and also the home of Sir William Van Horne in St. Andrews, NB.

The Maxwell Room board room.

This is part of the large dining room which is used for functions such as weddings.
The hotel and dining room closed to the public in 1959.
These were first class 5 star accomadations in those days and catered to
an upper class of travelers with elaborate menus equal to  those found in
other CPR hotels.

A table setting of former dishware used in a CPR hotel.

This is the lunch counter which is located in the west end of the building.
I love this room with it's barstools and the curvy counters.
This room was added in 1911.

The lunch room is open for bus tours and also every Sunday afternoon for visitors
to enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or cold drink along with their famous
Railroad Pie!

The lunch counter served light meals and snacks daily to hundreds of passengers
on brief layovers at the station.  They served one of 10 different types of this
lunch counter's famous Railroad Pie.  This was a busy spot!

Can't you hear the clank of dishes and the din of conversation in here?

Just think of all the hundreds of folk who traveled by train, all the soldiers traveling
to and from the 2 world wars overseas, all the men traveling to jobs and worksites,
the women and children traveling to visit loved ones over the years.
What a rich history this railway station has seen!

During the busy days of the railroad, 16 passenger trains would stop here each day!

Sadly, the railway is closed down along with the railyard, hotel and restaurants.

And yet, the history remains alive because of some very dedicated people who
worked hard to bring this building back to life as a museum.

The golden age of the railway ended in the 1960's in McAdam.
The last scheduled passenger train (VIA Rail) passed through McAdam
in December of 1994.

If you are ever in the Fredericton area of New Brunswick, McAdam is over an hour's
drive away.  It's kind of out of the way but it's worth the trip by car.
And you can see Wauklahegan Lake while you're there too!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to the McAdam Railway Station.

For more information you can go to their website at


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  1. It's LOVELY! I've got a bit of a thing about old stations. They just seem so romantic to me - and this is an especially lovely one!


  2. Hi lovely lady.
    Your photos are Gorgeous !!! I love this old Stations. My Dad,Mom and I would go looking for old R.R.Stations on the weekend this was so much fun..great post.
    I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new Fall Tablescape.
    XXOO Diane

  3. I wish that this was closer to Fredericton for some pictures!

  4. Oh I enjoyed this so much. My grandparents rode the rails west to Banff for their honeymoon away back in 1931. I remember seeing the beautiful passenger trains going by with the viewing room high on top. So cool!

    Pam, if you'll stick an "a" in your link, it'll work. That's a great site, too.

  5. What a beautiful station and so good they restored it and actually are using it for Sunday afternoons! (and I think you said wedding receptions). They make it look very alive in the way they have restored it. Lovely photos!

  6. Hi Pamela! OH, this is about the prettiest rail road station I've ever seen! What a treasure. My Mr. Precious would love this as he is the Chairman of the board for our Rail Road Museum.
    No, I didn't know this about Paul Anka! I loved his songs and he was so handsome when he was younger!
    Be a sweetie,

  7. Hello Pamela:
    What a marvellous train station this is! The style does rather remind us of Scottish baronial and it is so good that it is being looked after and open for visitors. We are certain that we should love to visit.

    The presentation of the rooms with all the authentic furniture and furnishings is so imaginatively done. Clearly there are some very creative and talented minds at work behind the scenes.

    We are so pleased to have discovered your blog via your comment left on 'Jackie in Surrey' and have much enjoyed looking at your most eclectic and interestingly varied posts.

  8. What an absolutely gorgeous old station! I love the old railway buildings, (we have one here in Winnipeg that I have not been to yet.)
    The dining room is so gorgeous and I can just imagine pulling up to that wonderful old lunch counter, what fun people must have had traveling through there.
    Great photos.
    Hugs, Cindy


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