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Spring 2018
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

corn stalks and hydrangeas and exercise

I went to the neighbour's garden and cut some cornstalks that the raccoons had knocked down after feasting on the cobs.  I added them to the milk can on the front porch and then put some hydrangeas in with them.

Don't they make a lovely bouquet?

If you look carefully you can see some green beans hanging off the corn.
The beans were entwined around the stalks and I didn't notice them
until the next day.  I found 5 beans.

While walking around I found a feather. 

And this chunk of hair...

belonging to him.

Marshall posed for this shot just for me.  Sweetest old dog ever.  Most of the time.
He has selective hearing though. 
And he's still shedding.
He's 11 now and even though he has arthritis in his hips
he still runs like a young pup.

We have been walking every day we can lately because I'm a fair weather walker
and it's been really fair weather (except for today and the next 3 rainy ones).

Do you walk at least 20 minutes 4 or 5 times a week?

That's what is recommended for anyone who is older over 50.
I try.  And seeing that Marshall is over 50 he needs to walk too.
So we are trying to be healthy.
Too bad I reward myself with ice cream after my walk.
Kind of ruins the whole idea of losing weight doesn't it?

Do you reward yourself for trying to be healthy?

What is your reward or treat?

Just wondering.

We all do it don't we??

Or am I the only one!

Guess I'll be on the treadmill the next 3 days.
It's definitely not as nice as the fresh air and beautiful countryside
but it's exercise. 

Now, if I can just stay away from the ice cream!

Have a great day everyone!




  1. What a handsome dog! The stalks look nice tossed in with the hydrangea. Did you eat the beans?

    Your exercise plan sounds so doable. I must get back to doing better with my plan.

  2. Pamela, I love your corn stalk bouquet!! Some of ours had beans too from my mother's garden. We also had morning glories growing on them! What a pretty dog!! I have been trying to walk my dad's bike trails here because it is so pretty, but I have not kept with it. I need too...thanks for the reminder:-)

  3. Hi Pamela!
    Your porchside bouquet looks amazing.
    Love your sweet puppy friend too.
    I am such an animal lover!
    I go in spurts with exercising and love a reward afterwards of course! I have been so bad lately and need to get back to a routine quick before the weather turns on me and I have to rely on my treadmill, which bores me to death!

    My eyesight is not good enough to read a book or magazine while I walk on it, and we have no tv in the room where it sits, so I have to play 80's disco dance music loud to give me a happy beat to motivate me! Like a dance exercise!

    I am so weird, I know.

  4. Hello Pamela:
    Your Hydrangea heads look very elegant. They are a favourite with us as they make such wonderful garden shrubs and cut flowers around the house.

    Marshall the magnificent! He has such a regal pose here, quite in keeping with his elderly statesman status. He is clearly enjoying the exercise regime so we hope that you are too.

    We are thrilled to welcome you as a Follower to our blog. We are so pleased that we have discovered each other and look forward to future posts.

  5. Hi Pamela
    Marshall is a striking looking dog and the bouquet of natural elements looks lovely.
    I walk half an hour every day with my dog, even in the rain as I have gear that covers me head to toe. The winter is a different thing, the treadmill in the basement gets a workout then.
    My reward is seeing all the gardens in the neighbourhood, and, I feel good.

  6. I just got a huge stack of corn stocks delivered and many straw bells too. I am out to decorate the town for this week ends Apple Fest celebration. Thanks for stopping by. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  7. Your hydrangeas look so pretty!!It looks so good with the corn stalks. I love your dog too!!


  8. Pamela,
    Your porch arrangement is a wonderful use of what you have around you. That makes it personal and special.
    I should follow your walking advice. Perhaps I need to borrow your gorgeous dog for company!

  9. Hi Pamela, thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. The hydrangeas are very pretty. I try to walk four or more times a week. Hubby and my boys love ice cream, I prefer cookies or baked goods.

  10. Hi Pamela- your fall display is creative and beautiful. The pictures are simply stunning.

    Marshall is precious- he is the perfect exercise partner. I'm a weight watchers person- so exercise is part of my regular routine. It's hard to stay healthy- and yes- I do reward myself with treats- I think that is important.

    Good for you for trying to stay motivated- it's so hard sometimes--



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