Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, December 16, 2011

vintage children's Christmas books

This is a sweet children's book from the 1950's called The Shiniest Star.  The author is
Beth Vardon with illustrations by Charlot Byi.
 It was given to my husband when he was a boy but I remember we had the very same book at home too.

It comes in a box which is getting quite worn on the corners.

This is the actual book. The little gold star has been taped onto the cover.

The graphics are beautiful. I love the angels faces.

I love the 3-D fold outs.
  The story is about the angels shining their stars to shine brightly at night.
One, angel, Touselhead, has a dull star no matter how much it is shined.

A star's bright shine helped these children find their way home in the woods.

In the end, Touselhead's star shines on the stable in Bethleham and leads
the shepherds and wisemen to the spot where baby Jesus lay.

Such a sweet story.

The next book is called The Night Before Christmas, definitely a favorite for generations.

This book is also in a box. 

Copyright 1946

 When you open the book there is a space at the bottom of the
right page with built in jingle bells.

The bells are under the farm scene at the bottom. You can just see them
peeking up.  I've never seen a book like this before have you?

There are also the lyrics to 3 songs at the back of the book.

The back cover.

There are some very beautiful children's Christmas books available today
but some don't have the nostalgic character of the vintage ones. 
I guess I'm just getting old. :) 

Do you have a favorite Christmas story book from your childhood?

I'm joining Debra for Vintage Inspiration Friday.
There are some really interesting decorating ideas over there using
old vintage 'junk'. You'll be amazed!

I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.
Time's a flying!




  1. Our family loves books. I have several vintage ones that belonged to my husband and myself. I continue to save special ones of our children's so they will have them when they are classified as vintage to them! ;0) Yours are precious. Gorgeous illustrations!

  2. These all have such a familiar look to them! The art was certainly different back then but the stories the same!

  3. I love reading stories to my children that I remember as a child. The Night Before Christmas is a wonderful story.

  4. Oh you're so right...those graphics are beautiful. Such sweet faces on those children and angel children. What a nice vintage book to have in your possession.

  5. I totally agree with you. Those vintage graphics are so precious. I have the very same angel book and just love it.
    I have not seen one like your Night Before Christmas, but it looks adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a lovely post. I love all things vintage, especially the old children's books, your night before xmas reminds me a bit of the one I grow up with.

    I just read your last post and Pamela, the Lord will make a decision one way or the other and it will be the one that was meant to be.....but I do hope you can get to Alberta. Hugs to you my friend. Diane

  7. Such sweet old books, aren't they fun!? I love them and the illustrations are my favorite part.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Hi Pamela! I prefer the feel of these old books too. They look in wonderful condition. Sorry to hear about your failing MIL. I hope things go well for you. Your bit of snow is beautiful!

  9. Those books must bring back such sweet memories.

  10. I just love the vintage illustrations! It's wonderful that they are in just great condition and that you still have these sweet treasures.

  11. I love books and this post is filled with wonderful memories! Enjoy!

  12. Thanks for sharing these lovely Christmas books. i am happy to still have a book of Christmas carols given to me by my grandmother. I took it to my piano teacher and she let me use it to learn to play Silent Night. Best wishes for your Christmas in Alberta. We haven't had much snow this year but I really love having the bare roads to travel on. All the best for a wonderful holiday!

  13. Beautiful book! I love it. I enjoy photography too, and just recently purchased my first really nice camera. I want to take some classes now that my kids started school. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Holidays, now a new follower:-) Visit me anytime:-) Winona

  14. These books are wonderful - love the artwork! Beautiful stories! Time is flying - I hope you have a marvelous weekend,


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