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Spring 2018
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

stormy day coming

A snow swept road in the country.

There's another stormy day coming and it's going
to start overnight tonight.  We might get about 15 cm.

The St. John River ~ Sunday Jan. 29/12

It seems every snowfall we've had this winter was followed
by a mild day or rain.  There haven't been the kind of
snowfalls that land on the trees and stay there.
The pretty kind that are photo worthy.

January 2011

Wednesday is February 1st.  A new month.
I'm sure we'll get lots of snow this month and maybe
some good photo ops.

The sun is now shining in the living room window
when it rises.  That means the days are growing longer
as the sun swings around to the east.  I love the
rainbow sparkles of the prism hanging from this
candelabra as it catches the morning sun.

Thursday is Groundhog Day.
It's supposed to be cloudy in the morning with
sunny breaks.  I wonder if he'll see his shadow?
I guess it doesn't matter as spring doesn't really
feel like spring here until May!

Have a great day!



Monday, January 30, 2012

a barn in winter

                   It's time for Barn Charm  so I hope you'll come over
                to Trish's blog "Bluff Area Daily" to see some fine barns.

taken January 29, 2012

The moody sky over the barn makes it look dark
but the sun is shining on the snow in the field.

Have a great day!



Sunday, January 29, 2012

deer crossing

       It's Mosaic Monday at Mary's again and I'm going over there.
                                    Why don't you join us?

The strong westwind was blowing snow across the roads here today.

I came across these 3 deer just standing one behind the other
in the middle of the road so I slowed, grabbed my camera
and snapped a couple of photos.

You can see a car approaching from the other direction
and the 3 deer ran into the woods.  The car passed
and another deer jumped out from the right and ran
across, then a 5th one ran across (the 3rd photo).

I hope your week will be blessed.

Thank you for visiting and I especially welcome
my new followers!



Saturday, January 28, 2012

morning sparkle

   We are, rather hubby is, cleaning up after the storm of yesterday.

The view from the window with glittery ice on the trees. You could even see the distant
hills sparkle in the morning sunrise.

              We received about 10 cm. (4 inches) of snow, followed
              by ice pellets, followed by freezing rain last evening.

Isn't the ice pretty?  (a bit distorted through the dirty window)

Everyone is out cleaning their driveways with snowscoops, to snowblowers that you push, to snowblowers on tractors.

Hubby used the snowblower and scoop.

The sun is shining and it's a beautiful winter day.

I noticed a lot of cars going past with skiis on the roof.
They're heading to Crabbe Mountain about 20 minutes
from here.  It's really just a hill but has some great runs
and it the steepest verticle east of the Laurentian Mountains
which run through Quebec.
I'm sure they will enjoy the fresh snow this weekend as
will the snowmobilers. 

I'll stick to driving in the car.

Have a lovely weekend my friends.

Blessings to you!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

behind the trees

Behind the trees, another field...

some barns...

some snow swept grasses...

and seeds on the snow.

And Home!

{I'd really love to cut down those trees that are blocking our view
and the beautiful sun. 
Can you believe they started out to be a hedge that just kept on growing?}

The snow melted down a lot yesterday from the
above freezing temperatures and the fog.
But, we're getting more snow on Friday.

Even though we're almost through January and
the days are getting longer, we've got a lot more
winter ahead. 

I'm hanging in there.  Are you?

Have a great day!



Monday, January 23, 2012

tea time and roses

Today I'm joining Sandi for Tea Time Tuesday.
This is her second anniversary of hosting this weekly
gathering of tea lovers.

These are three of my favorite roses teacups.

This teacup is Royal Albert Random Harvest Series and is
called Somerset.  The dark red roses match the ones in the bouquet.

This teacup is Royal Albert but has no other markings.
I love the sweet basket holding the pink roses.

My teapot is a thrift store find.

This pretty one is by Royal Stuart and also
has the name Spencer Stephenson on it.
I love it's scalloped edge and dainty flowers.

A pretty silver and pine candle wreath.

We'll have a few cranberry shortbread cookies
with our tea.

Gorgeous red roses.

It looks like a rosey celebration going on in my china hutch.

I hope you will join Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage
for Tea Time Tuesday and help her celebrate
her second anniversary.

Thank You Sandi for hosting this event every
Tuesday.  You are such a blessing to each one
who reads your blog and are much appreciated!
May the Lord bless you!



I am also joining Kathy at A Delightsome Life for
A Return to Lovliness.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


It's Mosaic Monday at Mary's Little Red House.

I went for a little walk with the dog and my camera on the weekend to take
some photos of the snow.

Sunday afternoon was bright and sunny and about -10 celsius.
A beautiful winter day!

It was a very cold early morning on Sunday with the temperature at between -20 and -27
depending on just where you live.  It was -20 at our house but on
our way to church it was -27 along the river.

I noticed one thing in common with each of these photos.


Wishing you a blessed week ahead.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

white pitchers

Vintage pitcher with red berries.

I love a milky white pitcher.

They are perfect for fresh flowers,
artificial flowers,
red berries.

brand new pitcher with red berries

Happy winter weekend to you!



Friday, January 20, 2012

down lilliput lane

Have you heard of Lilliput Lane houses?

These little sculpted houses are crafted in Penrith, Cumbria, England.

I have a small collection of these little houses that were
quite popular to collect in the 1980's and 1990's.

These houses are intricately made by the company's
sculptors, designers and artists.
Each house represents a piece of Britain's heritage.

Rose Cottage - the shop where they are made.

When we were in England in 1992 we toured the little
shop in this old cottage where they made and sold some
of the houses.

Our daughter, Jennifer, with Mark looking on, as she pulls the mold
off a house.  We watched the workers paint the fine details
on each house.

one of the display shelves


This is my favorite house and the largest I have.
It is Kinlochness from the Scottish collection.
Kinlocnesss is the residence of the Laird's gamekeeper.

a closeup of the back

My next favorite is Brechan Bach from
the Welsh Collection.

This is a simple double fronted cottage, with cow house attached,
thick stone walls, whitewashed and a slate roof.  It does exist in Wales!
I bought this one at the shop because the name reminded me of
my 'breakin' back', which was bothering me even back then! :)

Sawry Gill

The above house is based on Beatrix Potter's home.

Bridge House

The Bridge House was built across a small river and was
an actual home.  I think a family of 13 lived here at one
time and the father was a toll keeper.

We toured this house (below).

the real Bridge House

Have you ever seen these houses?
Do you own any?

I haven't collected any in a long time as they are
difficult to buy here now and I really don't need any
more 'stuff'. 
They are interesting though and I enjoy the intricate
detail and workmanship in each one.

If you are interested in Lilliput Lane cottages you can
check out their website at:

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down Lilliput Lane.

Have a wonderful weekend!



I'd love to live in this thatched roof cottage. Wouldn't you?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

where's the snow?

Jan. 13, 1923

I've been scaning vintage photos and putting them
on the computer.

The above photo is a 2 horse power snow plow clearing
a street in Moncton, NB in 1923.

It must have been a huge storm and they sure didn't
have the means to plow the streets like we do today.

Of course there wasn't the car traffic like today.

Huge snowbanks lined walk ways into houses and
the streets too. 

Even when I was a youngster there were huge snowbanks
and if one stood on the top we thought we could almost touch the
power lines!  Winters were a lot more severe in the past.
Whether it's global warming or not, our weather is changing.

This photo was from 1952.  I don't know who the
children are but it's in front of my grandmother's house.
The streets were obviously plowed and the snowbanks
were still high.

My sister Margaret, brother John, and me - 1958

Even in the 1950's and through the 1970's we got
a lot of snow.  I remember one Christmas in 1970 it
started snowing on Christmas Eve in the morning.
By Christmas day the city was at a standstill with snow
clogged streets.  People couldn't get out anywhere.
Snowmobiles were called out to help transport sick
people to the hospital as the ambulances couldn't get out.
We were storm stayed for that Christmas and didn't get
out to our aunt and uncle's for dinner.  My friend
and his sister snowshoed to our house from across
the city to visit us though. :)

Our winters have changed and this winter has been an
easy one so far.  The snowmobile trails in our area aren't
open yet due to lack of snow.  Our son is not amused. 

This is my late father-in-law trying to rescue a deer from
deep snow in 1963.  The poor deer could 
hardly move! 

Have you ever seen a photo like this before?

Hubby pulling Ewan on our little bit of snow 2 weeks ago.
We do have a few more inches on top of this now.

How's your winter going?  Is the weather different from that
of your childhood? 

I have beef stew in the slow cooker and it smells really
good.  I'll be making biscuits to go with it.  Yum!
Good cold weather comfort food.

I hope you are having a blessed week.



Monday, January 16, 2012

I made something

                                         Don't be shocked!

                                   I am not much of a crafter.  

However,  when I visited Kathy's  blog,  Kate's Place, and saw her sweet lacey heart she made, I remembered I had some old lace edging from some vintage pillowslips.
Kathy's heart

putting the lace on the wire

I didn't have proper guage wire so I used a wire coathanger.

My but that wire is stiff!!  I had to use pliers, wire cutters and
leather gloves to shape it and in the end  only used about 7 inches of the wire.  My heart is much smaller than Kathy's!

the finished product

There it is.  Pretty shabby.  Shabby pretty.

The ribbon rose is from an old baby bonnet.

Definitely vintage.  Even wire coat hangers are rare.

Ta Da!

What do you think? 

Aren't I crafty?

Valentine's Day is only 4 weeks from tomorrow.

What have you been crafting lately?

It's been so cold here the past few days and nights.
It was -20 Celsius the past 3 nights!
and there was a windchill factor of -35 Celsius.
It warmed up to -9 C. this afternoon so I took the dogs
out for a playtime for about 15 minutes and took some
photos.  My fingers were so cold!

I hope your day is blessed and that you are warm and cozy.

I've edited this post so I could join Kathy's new link party
Home and Garden Thursday at A Delightsome Life.
Come on over.  The theme this week is thrifting or crafting.



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