Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

where's the snow?

Jan. 13, 1923

I've been scaning vintage photos and putting them
on the computer.

The above photo is a 2 horse power snow plow clearing
a street in Moncton, NB in 1923.

It must have been a huge storm and they sure didn't
have the means to plow the streets like we do today.

Of course there wasn't the car traffic like today.

Huge snowbanks lined walk ways into houses and
the streets too. 

Even when I was a youngster there were huge snowbanks
and if one stood on the top we thought we could almost touch the
power lines!  Winters were a lot more severe in the past.
Whether it's global warming or not, our weather is changing.

This photo was from 1952.  I don't know who the
children are but it's in front of my grandmother's house.
The streets were obviously plowed and the snowbanks
were still high.

My sister Margaret, brother John, and me - 1958

Even in the 1950's and through the 1970's we got
a lot of snow.  I remember one Christmas in 1970 it
started snowing on Christmas Eve in the morning.
By Christmas day the city was at a standstill with snow
clogged streets.  People couldn't get out anywhere.
Snowmobiles were called out to help transport sick
people to the hospital as the ambulances couldn't get out.
We were storm stayed for that Christmas and didn't get
out to our aunt and uncle's for dinner.  My friend
and his sister snowshoed to our house from across
the city to visit us though. :)

Our winters have changed and this winter has been an
easy one so far.  The snowmobile trails in our area aren't
open yet due to lack of snow.  Our son is not amused. 

This is my late father-in-law trying to rescue a deer from
deep snow in 1963.  The poor deer could 
hardly move! 

Have you ever seen a photo like this before?

Hubby pulling Ewan on our little bit of snow 2 weeks ago.
We do have a few more inches on top of this now.

How's your winter going?  Is the weather different from that
of your childhood? 

I have beef stew in the slow cooker and it smells really
good.  I'll be making biscuits to go with it.  Yum!
Good cold weather comfort food.

I hope you are having a blessed week.




  1. I can remember winters of deep snows and winters of not so much snow through all my life. Last winter was the winter that never quit and there was plenty of snow. A few years ago, I even had a contest on my blog about when the last bit of snow would be gone because we had so much.

    That winter 1923 in Moncton is one of of legend. My grandmother told me all about it. Her grandmother passed away down in Hopewell Cape and they had to travel by open wagon down to the funeral. She froze her face and ears that day and sometimes would have ongoing troubles because of it. I have never seen the pictures and am amazed by them. Thank you!

  2. I remember those wonderful snow banks in the 1960s - we were always warned by our parents not to make "caves" in case they fell in on us - I cannot remember if we always obeyed!! Such a temptation. I remember staying with Dodie in the mid 1970s in Ottawa and it was snow upon snow!! Enjoy your stew tonight. x

  3. I love the old photos, especially of you and the sibs. The deer photo is amazing. Our only hope for snow is usually at the New Year, which didn't happen, and around Easter, which is deep, wet, heavy, and melts in a day or so. I'm sure it's nice to have a little normal back to your winter!

  4. Interesting photos! Seems like we used to get a lot more snow--except last winter there was a lot, this year, no. Interesting photo with the deer and your FIL!

    I can almost smell the stew cooking! Yum!

  5. We were just talking about the huge mounds of snow we used to have. Guess global warming really is changing the weather.

  6. I could sit and look at old photographs for hours! Yours a treasures, Pamela. We have not a lick of snow here. Actually, the grass is still looking pretty green! Your stew sounds so good!

  7. I lived on the coast of Washington state until I was nine and it was nothing but rain, rain, and more rain. I don't remember ever seeing snow there.
    I lived in Northern BC until I was 19 and we got lots of snow and very cold temps. I keep an eye on their weather just for interests sake and I see that it has snowed almost every day for the last month and their temps have been about ten degrees colder than ours. So this sounds like a fairly normal winter compared to when I lived there.
    Have a super day and enjoy your stew and biscuits, it sounds mighty good right about now.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Your right the weather seems to be very fickle this year. One week is so cold and another mild. This week we are 5C. Grant you not complaining, but it goes worry me a bit about global warming. However, I just read that scientist believe the world will disappear in 5 million guess I could relax a little! Diane

  9. I've been saying that for years... I remember having lots & lots of snow to play in when I was a kid, but my daughter (now 26) had very little to play in & now, my grand-daughter (3) still has very little most winters... maybe a dusting here or there, but usually it's only ice if we get anything. I'd much rather have snow!!! LoL!

    I'm totally confused this year, because we had 3 snows before Jan, which is completely unheard of, but again, didn't amount to much, either, & one light snow since... it's been mostly in the 40's, 50's, & 60's even, so far this winter. Tuesday morning it was 65 degrees when I got to work, then dropped throughout the day. The weather & how strange it is worries me to no end.

  10. PS I got too busy talking about the weather that I forgot to comment on your photos... Hooray for your father-in-law for rescuing the deer, poor thing, both of them! Incredible photos!

  11. I love your photos! The snow is amazing! I have lived in Florida all my life and never seen much.

  12. Hi Pamela
    I love looking at old photos, such deep snow back then. Growing up here we had much more snow too and this winter there's been hardly any. I hope it's not an indication of a dry summer.
    Walking to high school some days, the cold would be so sharp as you inhaled, your nostrils froze shut. ;-)

  13. Pamela
    I agree, we have far less snow than when I was a child too.
    I hope it's just a cycle that will soon pass, and give us
    our precious snow again!
    I loved the photo of you with your brother & sister-so cute!

  14. We have had a huge dump of snow on Vancouver Island and are at a standstill. I'm in Nanaimo and can't get over the summit and home. This is happening more and more and is such a change for this part of the country. You're right, I think - climate change is upon us.

  15. Hi Pamela,
    What great old pictures...I remember when we used to have snow like that!!
    Not so much these days! The stew sounds good, great comfort food.
    Have a great day today!
    All the Best,

  16. So happy that we don't have a huge amount of snow this winter...hardly any really. We had enough last winter to last me for a very long time! lol I love that the roads are bare and not snow packed.
    Your stew sounds really good.


  17. Love your old pictures!! We definately don't get snow like that on the prairies any more either. It has been soooo cold here the last few days, but no snow really to speak of. Have a wonderful day in your part of the country!

  18. Hi Pamela! Oh I love the vintage snow pictures! Your area gets so much. I'm amazed that the snow plow with the horses! Are you and your siblings little dolls and I see the snowman you've made!
    I love your pretty header too.
    Thanks for popping in to see me and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

    1. I'm not able to comment here except by replying.
      I love the vintage photos! I think the weather has changed a lot since I was a child, in spite of the blizzard we had last year. We don't seem to have near the snows we had when I was young. I remember a lot of sledding and playing games like fox and goose in the snow. Even when my children were small, the snows were less. I remember one year our neighbor bought a snowmobile and they rarely got to use it for several years!

  19. Great photos Pamela. We have a lot of snow right now but then I live at a slightly higher elevation. I really don't want any more than this. Our banks are rising above the height of the car and that is the usual. I do know that there is a lot less snowfall reported elsewhere. I listened to CBC and they have a David Suzuki conference coming up here in QC addressing the issue of less snowfall.

  20. Hello Pamela....Loved all your photos. Fun to look at the old ones, isn't it? Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting , too. Come by any time. You will always be welcome. Susan

  21. Those are huge snow banks! Those are like the snowbanks we used to get in NYC. They would push all the snow off the streets and you would literally have to climb over them to cross the road. I always wondered how the elderly managed as I had a hard time and I was in my 20's!

  22. Pamela, So fun to see your snow photos from yesteryear! I have always thought NB was so beautiful whether it be winter or summer.
    The last one with the a delight.

  23. Lovely photographs. I have never seen snow like that and can't begin to imagine it.


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