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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my favorite pet(s)

Marshall and Buckley

I did a post about Marshall last March celebrating his
10 years living with us (he's 11 now).
Buckley is our son's dog and was 4 in December.
He doesn't live far away and we often look after each
other's dog when one of us is away.

Buck watching out the window for his master's truck.  So sad.

Mark was away for a few days in January so we looked
after Buck for him.  He wandered around the house
crying and whining for a half a day.  He just wouldn't
settle in.


Now, this is what I wanted.

I got an old quilt (don't worry it has a lot of holes in it) and
threw it over the wingback chair and he cozied in.
I had caught him one other time curled up in this chair so
I knew he'd like it here.
We don't allow Marshall on the furniture but they are
both allowed on it at Mark's!

Aww...Do I really have to get down?

I happen to keep this old coverlet on the sofa just in case
Marshall reverts to his old habits.  Good thing.

I looked in the living room one day and found a guilty
looking Buckley curled up.

Maybe if I just lay in front of 'his' truck someone will take me back home. ;(

Buck loves to lay beside or under the truck.

Marshall loves to dig holes in the snow.

Maybe if I did far enough I'll get through to Alberta and find Mark.

Thankfully, Mark came home after 6 days and Buckley was a very
happy boy.  I wish I'd been here the day he came back
to see how excited the dogs were.

As I said, we've had Marshall for over 10 years after
the kids talked us into getting him.  Then they moved out.
But, Marshall didn't.  Well, he did for a while but he's
mostly lived here even though he 'thinks' Mark is
still his master.  He's our dog now.

Marshall is part husky and loves the snow although at his age he doesn't like the cold as much now.

There 's the story of our pet(s) dog(s).

I love them both and they have brought a lot of joy
to my life.

Do you have a favorite pet?

I am joining Alison at The Polohouse for

I hope you'll stop by and see who has posted about
their favorite pet(s).
Maybe you'll get a hankering to get a pet too. :)

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment.




  1. Hi Pamela,
    Your dogs are beautiful,it's always so heartwarming to see how much dogs love their humans.
    I don't have any pets, I guess my favorite pet is my neighbors Bijon Frise, Baxter. He loves coming into my house and getting into the garbage. If I'm fast enough, he is happy with a cookie and will go outside again. He makes me smile!:)
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. I'm always amazed how smart and faithful dogs are. Buck sure looks like he is missing his master, especially the trick picture. The dogs are beautiful, we don't have a pet dog at this time, but I am keeping an eye out for a sweet little one at the animal shelter. Diane

  3. I love the story of your pets and how they have different rules at different houses. It looks as if you know how to be flexible, too. They are both such handsome boys.

    Molly has grown on me since that day when I promised my mother that I'd take good care of her. I am not a dog person in my adult years, though we had collies when I was growing up and I loved them all. Molly is just the best girl for nearly the entire day, but those three hours she's awake in the evening are a challenge. Ha!

    I'm more a cat person. Love cats and our Fioré is a quirky little calico with lots of skitzy personality. My kids talked me into taking her as she was a feral kitty hanging out in their yard. (My kids own and live in the same apartment house. One upstairs; the other downstairs.) My son had given strict orders to both my daughter-in-law and my daughter...no feeding that cat. Turns out that all three of them were feeding the cat. When my own kitty passed, I took Fioré and I'm so glad that I did. She's a sweet love.

  4. Two wonderful looking dogs! I love where you said Buckley looked guilty. Dogs sure can get funny expressions and guilty is certainly one of them! Enjoyed your photos.

    Stopping by via The Polohouse link party.

    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams

  5. Ah, what a great post and the photos are so good with wonderful lighting. Our family dog died a few years ago at 14--part lab and part chow and so sweet and beautiful. We still miss her. But no new puppy here. :-)

  6. I loved and enjoyed your photos and the story of Buck and Marshall. Buck's chin on the window sill lets us know about his waiting and longing for his master. Marshall nestled in the snow, in your final picture, gives evidence to his greatest comforts of snow and cold.

    And oh yes . . . I have a favorite pet right now and I have had other favorites too!

  7. Beautiful dogs.
    I like your photos, too.

    Regards and best wishes

  8. Hello Pamela
    It's nice to see other's pets, especially when you're a cat/dog lover like me.
    I love my cockapoo Topaz and our grand fur baby Henry (who's also a cockapoo) stays with us lots. Topaz stays with our daughter lots too though and he's there while we're in Florida for a month. I miss him.
    Here's something funny, while I'm typing Topaz's breed, my computer keeps changing it to cockatoo. :-)

  9. Really enjoyed your pictures for the last couple of days...the dogs are pretty,love animals...great picture of the old barn...they have should character.

  10. Aw, they're so much fun!
    We lost our giant malamute (168 lbs)
    four years ago. We still miss him!

  11. What gorgeous dogs Pamela!
    Our black lab Cada has the same facial expressions you have shown here when she is cuddled on something she shouldn't be! She also used to sit by the window a couple years ago waiting for the school bus to drop off my daughter, and I am telling you, her internal clock is within five minutes give or take to perfect accuracy!
    She wants fed at exactly 7:30 am, 12 noon and 6pm..... on the dot!

    Your sweet Marshall reminds me of our childhood dog Dixie, but yours is even prettier in the face! Gorgeous photos.
    Wish we had some snow!



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