Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine greetings

a little vignette for Valentine's Day

Do you save the Valentine's cards from your sweetheart
and your children?

I do.

from my sweetheart

I found most of the cards from my hubby.
They were mingled in with the cards he's given me
over the years for birthdays and anniversaries so
I may have missed a few. 
(he may have missed a few too!)

Our children have made and given cards over the years too.

home made cards from the children

Parlez-vous francais?

the children practised their French

This next card was given to us by my late
It is a vintage card she had on hand.

I love the pretty design, possibly from the 60's.

We'll be celebrating quietly tomorrow but I am going out for
a special Valentine lunch with my dear 'chickies'
from our Bible study group.

I believe in telling my dear ones that I love them
every chance I can get.  I don't reserve it for
one day a year.  Every day is a special gift from God
and I believe we need to share His love with our
 loved ones and everyone we meet.

I wish you, my dear friends, a Happy Valentine's Day.

Blessings and hugs,



  1. Hello Pamela
    Your collection of family cards is a nice mixture. I've saved quite a few cards too and it's nice to take them out every so often and look at them.
    Enjoy your Valentine lunch and have a great day.

  2. Your cards are lovely and yes .. I am a card saver .. smile..
    Enjoy your day..
    Happy Valentines Day...

  3. I especially love old cards and hand made ones. Yours are lovely! I recently found a picture my dad drew for his mother--not sure it was valentine's day or not. such fun!

  4. Lovely post. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  5. I agree every day should be a day of love shared with our faith, family and friends! Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Lots of loving cards!
    And, I agree, we shouldn't
    wait for V'Day to let others
    know we love them.

  7. A lovely collection of special cards - how fast the years go when you look back and see how many there are! Love how the children practiced their French on some. Are you bilingual Pamela?

    Have a truly lovely day - and I hope he sends one to add to the collection!!!!!
    Hugs - Mary

  8. Pamela,
    I have saved many cards as well. Yours made a wonderful post. I also love the lace and linen mosaics in your previous post. Happy Valentine's Day!


  9. Hi Pamela,
    Lovely card collection...
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    All the Best,

  10. Happy Love . . . Each day . . .
    Loved seeing and hearing about your valentine collections . . . we think alike!
    Love to you sweet new friend . . . be well and happy. . .
    Love, Lynne

  11. I collect my Valentine cards as well as all the other holiday cards. I love the ones from my kids, I love seeing how their penmanship changes over the years. Happy Valentine's Day to you my friend. Diane

  12. Hi Pamela,

    Your collection of Valentine cards are beautiful. Enjoy your lovely lunch and Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  13. Hi Pamela.
    A lovely collection of Valentine cards.
    That love in the family, is important. Enjoy your day.
    You know I have a cousin who lives in Toronto?
    I live in Brazil.
    Happy a Valentine´s day dear.

  14. What a lovely collection of cards. The ones from the children are so sweet.

  15. I'm a day late, but Happy belated Valentine's Day! =)

    You asked about the mouse over... click the link under the 1st pic on that post & it'll take you to the mouse over instructions - easy & it's a lot of fun! =)

  16. I love the pictures you have taken, I am also a photographer. I hope you will stop by and join my NEW blog. It's all about farm life, decorating, cooking, and lots more.


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