Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, March 17, 2012

spring is in the air

the deer are yarding on the hill

There is definitely more than a hint of spring in the air
here this weekend.

Today it's sunny and about 10 celsius (50 F) and this
weather is going to hold for about 5 days.

sunset Friday March 9 ~ deer on the hill
I counted at least 24

We always get a huge snowstorm around St. Patrick's Day
and this year it came on Wednesday night.
We got about 20 cm. of wet snow which made a
winter wonderland of the landscape yet again.

snow cones ~ March 15
{snow on hydrangea blossoms}

This afternoon I can hear the water running through
the eaves trough and down the gutter.
The melt is on.

the end of the downspout drain ~ water, seeds,  needles, melting snow, green grass

I hear it may go up to 20 C. next Wednesday.

daffodils poking through the leaves ~ there was a drift of snow on them yesterday

So yes, spring is definitely in the air.

I hope it stays.

I am looking forward to the many greens and then the burst of colour in the blossoms that will follow.  I can't wait to feel warm breezes and sunshine on my face and smell the spring smells.
I have noticed a few more birds that are returning from
their winter vacation too.

What a grand time of year!

Wishing you spring in your heart today!




  1. We missed that snow...just a dusting on Thursday morning as I drove John in for his appointment. Today, nearly all the lawns are bald with little snow fringes along the drives and roads. Dirty little snow fringes. The deer are yarding? I've never heard that term. Does it mean they hang out in people's yards? Sure are a lot of them! It's an awkward time of year, I think. The only real color is the blue, blue sky.

  2. Awesome pics. I am so excited with spring arriving, I am honestly not sure we will see anymore snow this year, but with the winter being so unpredictable who knows with the spring! Love the pics of the deer. Diane

  3. Yup... Spring is almost here.. smile..
    Lovely photos...
    God bless...

  4. I am so glad you found my blog so that I could see these beautiful pictures. The deer picture could win an award!

  5. Always so exciting to get those first whiffs of spring ... and then to be brought back to earth with a late snowfall.

    Reminds me of when we took off for a vacation in Hawaii on St. Patrick's day while living in Calgary, as the first flakes started to fall. Our son called late at night to say he got stranded in the 60cm that fell that day ! Talk about fortunate timing.

    Lovely before and after shots; enjoy those 20's next week.

  6. I loved your photos Pam . . . Just gorgeous, the deer grazing on the hill, "snow cones" and a true blush of spring . . . wonderful . . .

  7. Loving your sure signs of spring.

  8. I've been watching the signs of the season as well, but don't have a hill on which to spot any deer. Have a wonderful spring, Pamela.

  9. Nice shot of the deer on the hill- I've never seen that many all at one time before. Sp glad spring is finally here, but in my neck of the woods we will probably skip it and go straight to hot summer.


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