Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, March 1, 2012

the top shelf

                    It's Favorites on the First at The Polohouse.
                                        Today's theme is vignettes. 


This is the top shelf of my curio cabinet.

It contains some of my grandmother's flow blue china pieces,
which are 109 years old, and my husband's grandmother's rose china.

The plaid bow and white berries are representative
of Scotland's tartan and the heather plant.
I can't remember where I got this but it was in
the family ~ passed down ~ and my grandmother
was born in Scotland.

another bit of plaid ribbon

The pink flowered china has no marks on it
but it is probably 100 years old.

The dried sprig is real Scottish purple heather that I picked while in Scotland.

Above, is either a salt or pepper shaker.
I only have one and it was my grandmother's.
It says on the banner at the bottom ~
"Let Glasgow Flourish"

the top of the shaker

I looked up the crest on Google and found this information:

The coat of arms for Glasgow was adopted in 1866.
The crest is of the patron saint ~ Saint Mungo.
The supporters are two salmon bearing rings.
The motto ~ Let Glasgow Flourish by the preaching
of Your word, and the praising of Your name.

I was so pleased to find this information as I had no idea
what the crest was about.

That's the top shelf.

I hope you will visit Alison's Polohouse (the link is at the top)
and see more vignettes.  Thank you Alison, for hosting
this monthly event! 
{In case you didn't know, Alison really lives in a former
 polo barn ~ it's beautiful!}

Thank you so much for all your visits and comments.
I love hearing from you and I also would especially like to
welcome my new followers.  I appreciate each one!




  1. What a beautiful vignette. So full of beauty and memories. I'd love to have you join Seasonal Sundays one of these Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Such wonderful things! Thanks for sharing these and the stories that go with them.

    I love flow blue; I have some in my living room hutch.

  3. That was a nice find to learn what the salt shaker's message meant. Very nice. I want to know about the wee little tea set. Yours? Perhaps your daughter's?

  4. So beautiful--I love flue blu--or however you spell it. How very special in its meaning to you, and it's age!

  5. You have some wonderful pieces that have been handed down to you....I have some flow blue as well and I love it..

  6. Hi Pamela,
    Just beautiful!
    Love the heirloom china, what a great is all so very pretty.
    All the Best,

  7. Pamela - I love your china. It's really beautiful, and the fact that it was handed down to you makes it even more special. I wonder if the shaker with the crest on it was used as a sugar shaker? They used to make them for that purpose. By the way, if your china is unmarked then it probably was made before 1900. After 1900, most china had to be marked "Made in England" (or wherever it was made). Your blog is lovely and I will immediately start following it.

  8. My goodness, such lovely heirlooms and such antique pieces, wonderful to have them with you to take good care of them, you are so lucky. Thank you for sharing, these gorgeous pieces from your family. Have a terrific weekend.

  9. What a pretty top shelf! You are fortunate to have family pieces to pass along to your daughter some day. The first plaid ribbon is the Nova Scotia tartan - I have an evening kilt made from it and love it!

  10. Love your pretty vignette.. I so admire your Flow Blue as you know and was pleased to see we have the same gravy boat.. smile.
    My great great grandparents came from Scotland on my Dad's side..

  11. Hi Pamela!
    I hopped over to visit your Blog. Love it!

  12. A very pretty vignette. My grandda was born in Scotland. Take care.

  13. Hi Pamela, What beautiful pieces in you curio cabinet. I love the Flow Blue, and the little sprig of Heather you picked in Scotland. I love how you display with such detail. All so lovely.

    The French Hutch

  14. Beautiful vignettes and even better that they hold sweet memories.

  15. Your top shelf is very special indeed. What a wonderful treasure from both grandmothers that I am sure will be passed down another generation. Your pieces look really beautiful there. Something to treasure always.

  16. I loved this Pamela . . . Your Flow Blue and Rose pattern family pieces are lovely. Isn't Scotland a great visit . . . It has been years since my visit but it made me smile to read you have been there. We will have to visit more . . .

  17. Your china is gorgeous! They are all such beautiful pieces.


  18. Your shelf's sweet collection is wonderful!
    Love the plaid bows and that you saved heather that you collected while
    vacationing there. I must remember to do that... someday!

    Your collection and it's history is fantastic.
    I love having family pieces.So nice to hand things
    down between generations.

    Thanks Pamela, also for the comments and referrals to the linky party!
    I truly appreciate it!

    (Thought you would get a kick out of seeing Marshall as the cover model!)
    Handsome guy he is!


  19. hi there! just wanted to let you know that i am deleting the new linky follower tool from my side bar. Please make sure you are a follower of Fishtail Cottage using Google...(you can read about it here!)

  20. Pamela,
    I had thought the first bow was the Nova Scotia tartan, but I guess not. You have some very pretty treasures full of meaning, the best kind! It's always so interesting when an item has a story behind it.

  21. Love your shelf vignette! My grandmother didn't like blue, so no family pieces in my family. Your little Glasgow piece is called Crested China and was a big deal in the Victorian era. Gewrman and English companies made fanciful...and sometimes bawdy...little things with city crests on them to be sold as souvenirs all around the UK. Some were practical and useful, like your shake, and many were miniatures of everything from local monuments to boats, armchairs and later tanks and aeroplanes! A lot of people collect Crested pieces. Lovely to see your treasures!


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