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Saturday, March 3, 2012

an unusual visitor

northern mockingbird

I enjoy watching all the different birds that come on our
property.  We have a lot of softwood trees and 5 huge maples
that provide nesting spots and shelter for them.

I don't usually feed the birds as the feed attracts squirrels
and our dog doesn't like those little critters. 
Actually, he does like them and would love to get his
paws on one and will stop at nothing to attempt this.
Even jump at the dining room window.

So I gave up on feeding birds but, in February I start
feeling sorry for them and hang out a niger seed feeder
and a suet cake on the ham radio tower next to the back deck.
(so far, no squirrels at them)
Our neighbours do a great job at feeding the birds all year around
so they do get some help.

So far there are lots of chickadees coming for the suet. 
They are so cute and move so fast. 
They take turns flitting to and fro, waiting to take their turn.

Friday morning a larger bird landed at the suet holder and
stayed a while.  I grabbed the camera and took a couple
of photos then got out my bird book and found it was a
Northern Mockingbird.

I don't think I've ever seen one before although I may have
heard one and didn't know it because they mimic other bird sounds.

This bird is the size of a robin and has pretty white bands on
it's wings and tail feathers.  I will definitely be looking for
it again, and listening too.

Last Saturday hubby and I were driving along the road and
saw a crow picking at something along the side of
the road.  From a distance we noticed something large
and brown moving too.  As we got closer the large 'thing'
flew up and it was a bald eagle. 
It was so huge! 
They were sharing 'lunch' together on a roadkill.
That's the closest I've seen an eagle and I didn't have my camera!!
What a sight to see it fly up into the trees as we passed by.

Common Red Polls??  March 11/11 - on the feeder taken through the window

Isn't he cute?

That's about as exciting as it gets around here these days.

Waiting for spring and the birds to return.

It's snowing this morning and will be changing over to rain
this afternoon and evening.

Do you feed our feathered friends?

I hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend.
And, look around your yard and see what birds are there.
They are fun to watch.




  1. No, I don't feed the birds either because we are in such a tight neighborhood with so many dogs on the loose and squirrels and cats. I don't want to lure birds in to what could be their doom.

    How interesting about the Northern mockingbird. I've never seen one either. The Red Polls are very pretty, too. Wow, what an amazing sight you describe with the eagle and the crow sharing supper. Strange!

  2. love watching the birds...where I work at the nursing home we have a few feeders for the residents to watch the going and coming...ususally have chickadees and blue jays a few robins and been eating the berries on the crab trees...always reminds me of the Bible chorus....God sees the little sparrow fall, it mets His tender view; if God so loves the little things I know He loves me too. Great to know He provides for all of His creation. thanks for the pictures.

  3. Oh I love the birds, but they don't seem to love our yard...yet. It's been a few weeks and they still haven't decided to visit the feeder, don't know if I should move it to the backyard or not.

    We do have Magpies, a few nesting in the fir trees up top. Now that I think of it, maybe that's why we don't have any other birds....sigh.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. I absolutely love to watch the birds. I had to take my feeders down as we have deer tick so bad around here that carry Lyme disease. But I set up a bird feeder at our little summer spot, and will enjoy them there. Have a great weekend!

  5. You got some lovely shots there! I saw a flock of robins this week - the first time ever to see so many. They were all on the ground, pecking for worms and having a grand time. I wished I'd had my camera!

  6. You do have beautiful shots! Such a lovely bird. Several friends here lately have commented on birds flying into their windows. They care for them until they "come to" and can fly away. Too many cats roaming.

  7. That is a beautiful bird. Thanks for sharing them.

  8. Great photographs, a bird we would never see here, thank you for sharing. I love just sitting watching the birds. I do put some suet pellets and mealworms out for them daily at this time of year.
    I am a bit late visiting blogs as I have a new PC and we were busy setting it all up, it has Windows &, so a lot faster.
    Have a good weekend.Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  9. We love watching the birds...haven't seen a Northern Mockingbird either! We used to live on a mountain lake at 5,000 and had an Osprey nesting in a tree by our house. Loved to see him go fishing...and watch the Canada Geese scatter when he did!

  10. Really great photos . . . Love the Northern Mocking bird! I feed the birds and have an excellent squirrel proof feeder . . . it does the trick! I put food out for the squirrels in a separate feeder. I love the birds, love to watch them . . . helps me feel calm.

  11. Actally that is pretty exciting. Especially compared to what's happening here. We see mockingbirds south of here. We used to feed birds, but got hoards of big fire ants. They get to everything. Birds are like living flowers to me. Fortunately we live near a nature center, and there are small irrigation canals here so we get some good birding in. Your pictures are awesome.

  12. Pamela
    I've never seen a common red poll before-they are cute!
    We quit feeding the birds for the same reason. Now that
    I've seen a few blue Jays and Chickadees back I'm tempted
    to throw out a few seeds for them. Poor birdies!

  13. I love your photos, Pam .. We feed the birds and are always watching for them.. Your pics are gorgeous as I have already said.. smile..
    God Bles..

  14. Hi Pamela! Oh, what pretty birds. I don't think I've seen either one of these. We have mocking birds, but they don't look like this. Bird watching is a fun thing to do. Hope it's getting a little warmer at your house! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;0

  15. Great photos Pamela. We feed the birds as they bring us hours of enjoyment. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  16. We have a wide variety here in NW AR--all year long. They also like our Crabapple and Bradford Pear trees. Thanks for sharing the fun photos.

  17. Pamela, I especially love that last photo. What an amazing shot! He's a really cute bird. The mockingbird is pretty, too.

  18. Pamela,
    It seems we both had birds on the brain this past week. I don't think I've ever seen a mockingbird, so thank you. Chickadees will show up in my back yard, but not those gorgeous Common Red Polls; I like that touch of red on their breasts.
    Have a wonderful week!

  19. I have such a soft spot for birds too. Yesterday I bought a bird feeder to hold larger seeds for the blue jays. Right now we have robins sitting outside the kitchen window...seems early... and I have had a real noisy blue jay peeking in as well. So, I figured that I had better do something about it.


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