Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, March 25, 2012

water through the dam

The St. John River (headpond) above the Mactaquac Dam. (the dam is on the left)

It's spring runoff and flood season here in New Brunswick.

The St. John River flows from northern Maine down through
New Brunswick into the Bay of Fundy at Saint John.

All the snow melts gradually and sometimes, as in
the past week, very quickly filling up the brooks, streams
and smaller rivers that flow into the St. John River.
As with any spring melt there can be flooding.  The river
was frozen over and the force of the water pushed the ice
into ice dams that forced against islands, land, bridges etc.
blocking the flow of water.  The water then backs up and
floods low lying areas. 

That is what has happened in the
small village of Perth-Andover which is about a 2 hour drive
up river from here.  The main street area of both sides of this
village is under water.  A state of emergency has been declared
in this village as basic services have been cut off.  Homes,
businesses, the funeral home, and the hospital have been flooded.
It's a sad situation for hundreds.  Please pray for those affected.

The Mactaquac Hydro Electric Dam

This dam controls the flow of water from the upper basin
of the St. John River.  When the spring runoff occurs, some
of the gates are opened to relieve the water pressure on the dam.

Water pours through the gates.

This is quite a sight to see.  Tons of water forcing through
the spillways of the dam.  There are 3 gates opened on this
part of the dam.

This is farm land below the dam.  The water came within 2 feet of the road then receded.

Thankfully, the weather has turned cooler and the water has receded.  Most of the snow is gone.  After a week of above
seasonal temperatures in the low to high 20's (70'sF) we
are back to normal cooler spring weather.

There were a few visitors in the back field last week.
I watched 7 deer just after sunrise as they fed on the green
sprouts pushing through the dead grass behind our property.
These two posed for me.
That snow is gone!

How is spring blooming in your area?

I'm seeing lots of pretty flowers and blossoms around blogland.

I hope you have a wonderful week!




  1. What an interesting post but I am sorry to read of that poor village that has flooded...I will be praying for that community....

    The deer are gorgeous....I just love their expressions when caught by a lens....Great job...

  2. Sad that the rapid thawing from the early spring is causing difficulties for families and communities. I was concerned about those areas that had a great deal of snow, wondered if there would be flooding. Happy you captured some of nature.s beauty in the midst. You are a great photographer! I won't be able to check this before I send it because of this sporadic lock up I have going on. Smile. Hope it turns out okay . . .

  3. Spring is certainly springing around here! I have green lawns and my lilies are showing their little heads through the ground.
    Your photos are great, so sad to hear of the flood in Perth-Andover, we have NO flooding this year at all. But, our hotels are still full of the people who were displaced last year on the reserves due to flooding.
    Have a lovely day, my dear friend.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  4. I guess that is a problem when too much snow melts at once . We've had a good deal of rain this weekend and are thankful for it and the cooler, more spring like temperatures.

  5. Thanks for sharing this story with us. The deer are beautiful.

    I have never seen a March like this--today was warm, still--trees in full bloom--butterflies--bees--seems more like June here in NW AR.

  6. No flowers outside yet. Must get some crocuses and I say that every year and never do. Love that photo of the posing bookends. How awful for that community north of you. I will pray for them and believe that they'll get things righted around as quickly as possible. Crazy weather!

  7. Wow,It really interesting look when flowing water from dame.This is the best pictures collection.It really interesting.Thanx to share with us this kind of beautiful information.All animals are happy to watch water in the river.

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  8. Morning Pamela, we could do with some of the water here, we are having a hose pipe ban starting in April, we have had so little rain in the last year. Mind you, we are on an island surrounded by water!!! There is a wonderful dam in Wales we visited a few years ago, they are great to see.

    Those poor people whose town have been flooded, we don't really think how cold the temperatures can get in some parts of the world. I have learnt a lot and been more aware through blogging.

    God bless the people in Perth-Andover. Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  9. My thoughts are with those who are suffering such devastation from the flooding.
    I enjoyed your photos. The deer are beautiful.

  10. Pamela! Thank you for checking in with me and leaving such a sweet message! Oh my fierce running water. Wonderful images to tell your story!
    Oh my how I love the last image! What would I do if I ever came upon such beauties!sigh.Have a great week!

  11. Great photos Pamela, especially the deer! I must get up to see the dam- love seeing it in spring with so much water going through...

  12. You do have some powerful nature where you live! Our extremes go in exactly the opposite direction. Beautiful and interesting photos.

  13. Water has such force and can be so unpredictable. I only hope that we don't have the same flooding that we had in Quebec last year. It is so sad to see the devastation caused and realize how quickly these people that lose their homes are forgotten. As usual, lovely photos Pamela.

  14. Hi Pamela! You do live in an amazing place! Love your snaps and those deer are so beautiful. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  15. So glad the water went down but those poor folks who have been flooded..The dam is a bit scary, eh?
    Hope you have a good week..


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