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Monday, May 21, 2012

Billy's Butternut Country Market

Elbridge G., James M. and Connie G.

Saturday was the opening of Billy's Butternut Country
Market.  Elbridge and Connie decided to open this country
market on their homestead and named it for Billy (E.'s dad) and the row of butternut trees he planted along the driveway.
This family has a long history of farming and apple growing in
our community.

A photo of the late Billy G. hangs in the market tent with some old rope pulleys.
He would so have enjoyed visiting everyone who stops by.

the butternut trees are on the left
E. G. used some strawberry trays and built 'fences' around the peonies to hold them up.

If you wanted to buy fiddleheads, eggs, knitted items, plants or
baby bunnies, this is the place to come.
Oh and breakfast too!

The upper left photo is of the cutest handmade sundresses for little girls.

Elbridge next to an old potato planter.
{And, he gave me a strawberry tray.  :)}

And I have to mention Skinny's Ice Cream and the
Sweet 'n Sour Candy Shop too.

I'm sure they were both busy this weekend as it's been
absolutely beautiful weather ~ sunny and hot!

I know Elbridge and Connie will have a successful market
once the summer rolls along with fresh produce and fruit
available.   Especially for those of us who don't have gardens.
{that would be me}

Since it was such a beautiful weekend I just happened to
be out taking LOTS of photos.
I'll have a post on E.G's barn for Barn Charm
We went to St. Andrews by the Sea on Sunday and that is
always a great place for photos and this morning I walked
down to the local apple orchard and took pics of the trees
in full bloom.  So two more posts coming up!

I'll be busy!!

Come on back.

Did you visit a farmer's market this weekend?
If so, what did you buy?



  1. It looks like an interesting place. You can't beat a good farmer's market for seasonal fruit and vegetables. And all the little extras too.

  2. What a cool place! We have a farmer's market here that is rather popular.

  3. That looks like a great market to visit. We didn't go to the market but worked in the garden. The back deck is being replaced and out of the old wood I now have some plant tables and an updated workbench.

  4. That looks like a lot of fun!
    I'll be back in hopes that you'll have some photos of St Andrews. I've always wished to visit there.

  5. Hi Pamela! Oh, this looks like a wonderful place! Nothing like a farmer's market.
    Hope your weekend was great.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I'm happy you have had so much beautiful sunshine! We could use a couple of days of rain ourselves. But that's always true. Your weekend market reminds me that I've been so busy summer has just crept up on me!

  7. A farmer's market is always a great place to visit! So Moncton is your hometown? Interesting! One day I hope to visit NB.

  8. Aren't markets just great. I love the open booths of fresh fruit and veggies....one of the best parts of summer. Looks like you had a great outing, looking forward to your pics from St. Andrews by the Sea, I have heard good things about it. Did you get out to see Prince Charles and Camila? Diane

  9. Oh I absolutely St. Andrews by the Sea. You might remember that we went last summer and I simply fell in love with it. Lucky you!!

  10. So quaint there! Love it. Well, yes, I did visit a Farmer's Market where I considered buying some herbs. However, I came to my senses when I realized that the bed isn't yet built and I could wait.

    Can't wait for your upcoming posts!

  11. I love farmer's markets. We have a few in our area. Those bunnies are adorable!

  12. Oh Pamela this looks like such a fun place. Too early for Farmer's Markets here yet, but hubby and I visited a garden in S.L.C. I love going to Farmer's Mkts. Can't wait till some of the local ones open.

  13. Billy's looks like a fun market. I went to our market in Muskegon. I bought asparagus and an Oriole feeder . . .

  14. What a great market. Elbridge looks like a real character. I still haven't tasted fiddleheads yet. I think I've missed the season here now.

  15. Love the name for the ice cream place!!! Too funny!

  16. Would love to be able to go to the market! Looks like a great spot :) And maybe I need to have a little girl so Grammie can buy one of those sweet little dresses for her!


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