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Spring 2018
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Friday, May 4, 2012

early spring, a birthday and closure

first tulip bloom

It's still early spring here but the signs are starting to appear.

iris bulbs and leaves

I think I need to clean my flower beds a little more.

this tangled mess is the hydrangea bush - there are leaf buds in there but they are very tiny

Wishing I had the strength and energy to get out there and
dig in the beds some more.

hummingbird feeder all ready

I'm sure the hummingbirds will be here soon but there aren't any blossoms here for them yet.
Just sugar water.

Sure do wish I had their energy!

I hung this birdhouse in the cedar tree this year.

spirea leaves

I have seen a lot of forsythia bushes in full bloom and a
lot of trees are starting to produce leaves.

Don't you love all the shades of green in spring?

Would you like a cup of tea?

This old rock garden has a hosta, ferns and astilbe.
The birdhouse on the ground will be almost covered
with the hosta later in the summer.

Lots of green grass!

Saturday night is the full moon and it will be the largest
moon this year.  I hope to get out and take pictures of it,
{always a challenge}, so hopefully it will be a clear night.

Today is our son's 31st birthday and he is coming for supper.

fishing last summer

He's been looking after Marshall (our dog) for over 2 weeks.
I am glad.
He's shedding badly right now and my house is clean.

Monday is the day of the burial for my mother-in-law.
Family are coming.
It's been 5 months since her funeral and
I've never had to wait for this sort of thing (burial) before.

So, a busy time ahead.  Hopefully I'll get caught up
on my sleep after next Tuesday.
{does one ever get caught up on sleep?}

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!





  1. Weary one, sleep deprived . . . I hope you catch up soon. Delayed burial must be difficult, I have never had that experience either. I will keep you in my caring . . .

  2. Hello Pamela
    I like the new header and like you, I ship our dog off to daughter #1 when I need a break. That has got to be hard to go through the emotions again with a delayed burial. Sending you comfort and wishes for good nights of sleep after Tuesday.

  3. Gosh, Pam, I'm hoping that you can get caught up on your rest starting now. Tuesday is too far away. We also had to go the "delayed" route and, while it was not easy, family members that weren't able to attend the first service were able to attend the committal service. Many blessings on all who will attend and may there be sweet memories and sweet fellowship.

  4. Happy birthday to your son. We have a busy May as well. One sons birthday was Wed, mine will be Sat. THE BIG 65... Oh well it's just a number and I can look forward to OAS. lol

  5. Hi Pamela: I saw a hummingbird at the feeder today. Don't know if he was just passing through or whether he will stay. It is wonderful to see the colour back in the garden. Valerie

  6. Such beautiful images of Spring! My thoughts will be with you as you find closure.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Blessings to you Pamela during this busy time. I'll be thinking of you. Enjoy those signs of spring if you can. ~Ann

  8. Great spring photos Pam. Hope you had a lovely birthday dinner with your son, and I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday.

  9. I really like your pretty header, Pam. Happy birthday to your son and I hope you get some much needed rest soon. I, too, hope everything will go well Tuesday. Blessings to you and your family.

  10. Happy birthday to your son on his 31st birthday, hope you all had a lovely supper with you sharing your visit to your daughter and about little Ewan. I didn't realise you hadn't had the burial yet, will be thinking of you.

    Have a relaxing weekend, I am sure you will be catching up with friends at your Church. God bless, Jackie in Surrey, UK.xx

  11. Hope you've had much needed rest by now - takes a while after a trip and then having to deal with so many things at home.

    Your son looks like a handsome guy...........hope his b'day was fun.



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