Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, May 25, 2012

have you ever been to St. Andrews by the Sea?

It is a tradition for us to go to St. Andrew's by the Sea on the Victoria Day weekend.  We try to make a trip down there a few times in the summer or fall.

St. Andrew's by the Sea is a quaint tourist town on the
Passamaquoddy Bay which is connected to the
Bay of Fundy.

One of the many beautiful historic old homes. 

The large building with the red roof is the world famous Algonquin Hotel.
We spent part of our honeymoon there - back when it was cheap less expensive - 35 years ago!

There are beautiful old homes, churches and shops along
the tree lined streets.

this was like driving through a green archway

Water Street with it's old buildings housing restaurants and shops.
There are some wonderful bed and breakfast places in sweet older homes
and cottages.

a view from the wharf

We always walk out the wharf and look at what boats may be docked.  Sometimes there are whale watching tour boats
loading or unloading, depending on the tide.
The tide was just going out when we were there.

We took a walk along Water Street and saw quite a few
familiar faces from home and visited on the busy sidewalks.
Then we stopped for an ice cream and we walked around the streets and enjoyed the beautiful day.

There were a lot of people around and many, including a group
of about 40 motorcyclists, travelled from Moncton, Saint John and
Fredericton for the day.

there are 3 churches on this street

We drove to the point where I walked on the beach
as the tide was going out.
{Murray had a nap in the car}

This is not a sandy beach.  It is mostly rocky with areas of red sandstone and rough red sand.
And the water is very cold, even in summer.

That is Maine, USA in the background.

A favorite shop for all things related to birds, dogs, gardens and original
artwork by Steven Smith.  And the building has so much character!

Since there are many more photos I'd like to share with you
I'm going to do another post on another day.
I hope you will come back and see the Blockhouse
and a beautiful sunset on the St. John River.

Click here St. Andrews by the Sea to see another post about this
 pretty town that I did last year.

Have a great day and enjoy the weekend!



  1. St, Andrews by the Sea looks very pretty, Pamela. I was going to say it reminded me of Nantucket or a town in Maine and then you showed Maine across the border! I'd love to beach comb on that rocky beach as I imagine you could find some sea glass there.

  2. No, I have never been, but I am enjoying seeing your lovely photos. So much to see, thanks for sharing. I will come back and see what else you wish to share. Enjoy Memorial Day week-end. Linda

  3. Hello again Pamela - i've really enjoyed reading through all the posts i've missed. you've posted some wonderful pictures and each time i feel like I've seen another page of the Maritimes scenery. St Andrew's by the Sea would be exactly the place i'd love to explore on a spring day. May dream is to see the Maritimes one day. i've never been further than Montreal in Canada. Thanks for taking us with you on your trips. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hello Pamela
    When we went out east one year we unfortunately didn't get to St. Andrews by the Sea but I am aware of how historically beautiful it is. We've been talking about coming out your way again, sooner than later, I hope.

  5. Hi darling Pamela!
    First, thank you so much for your wonderful wishes for our Sil..the operation came out perfectly, he is in a lot of pain, though, but it's normal the surgeon says. Wow, St Andrews by the Sea looks amazing and beautiful! Oh, I'd love to visit it, it's my kinda place! Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  6. Such a beautiful place to visit!!! Thank you for inviting us along, Pamela!

  7. Love this series of shots.. love the boats most!

  8. Beautiful place. I need to add it to my list. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Well I am going back to your former post. I love this town. It's so quaint and picturesque. I've never stayed at the Algonquin, but I'd like to! My parents used to go there every summer with friends to dine and oh the stories they told about the beautifully presented foods. (Not much of it, though.) Thank you for sharing the beaches and the Blockhouse. I don't recall spending a lot of time at either as we usually just walked up and down and in and out of shops.


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