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Monday, May 7, 2012

a perfect day

This is the cemetery where some of my husband's relatives are buried and where we had the internment for his mum today.

It's not a pretty cemetery.  It's an open field, formerly farmland,
on a windswept hill above the St. John River.

The cemetery was originally next to the church where the
Mactaquac Dam now sits.  The remains and grave markers
were moved to this new spot and the first Baptist church
was burned.  The power company built a new church on
this land donated by two neighbouring families.
Some of the grave markers date to the early to mid-1800's.

This is the old spelling of Mactaquac, an Indian name. Fall 2011

old tombstones - fall 2011

On a beautiful day this is a gorgeous spot overlooking the river.
On a wet, windy, snowy, dreary day it's not very pleasant.

Today was a perfect day.

the view across the river with trees in spring's glory

The ceremony was short with words said by our pastor. 
There were only a dozen of us there.
We said our farewell in January and today we closed
this chapter in our lives.

view of the St. John River valley today

The siblings and spouses went to the city for lunch and
I took the above photo on our way home.
It's one of my favorite views.

a closer view

Hubby is back to work in the morning and his sister and
her hubby will be here one more day.

It's been good you know?
Good to have family here.  Good to have closure.
Good to have a perfect day.




  1. I have always loved graveyards -- during the day that is! So peaceful and I'm always fascinated by the names and epitaphs on the stones.

  2. A perfectly peaceful place to rest. The loss of a mom is hard loss. May she rest peacefully.

  3. Thinking of you and your family today. Losing a Mom is very hard on the family. The cemetery looks like a very peaceful spot.


  4. Such a lovely spot overlooking the green fields (or white ones) with the river below. Saying goodbye would be quite miserable without the promise of being reunited one day. I am glad that you and your husband and his siblings and their spouses were able to share this time. Sweet blessings...

  5. It's nice to have that closure - to have the time to sit with siblings and their spouses and talk about past times, old memories and to laugh and cry a little together.

  6. A look of peacefulness as this life comes to it's ending . . .

  7. Pamela
    Your view from the top of the rolling hill is pretty.
    It's good you could all gather for your final, last respects.
    And I'm glad it was a good day weatherwise for you.

  8. Finding Beauty in difficult moments...Womderful.

  9. Closure needs to be, and it looks like you were blessed with beauty and peace.

  10. A beautiful and peaceful spot to say your final goodbyes....

    I am so glad that there was sun, it couldn't have been easy.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. Glad you were able to have family with you and have your closure together. Beautiful shots and a nice way to remember!

  12. It's such a lovely place, and so wonderful that you could spend time together.
    Sending hugs,

  13. Hello Pamela
    I think the view alone is enough to make the day feel a little better; that, and having family close together.

  14. So glad it all went well Pam. I was thinking of you. Having family close makes this a little easier. What a beautiful green final resting spot. So serene...

  15. I too love old cemeteries - the view is so pretty. And we do also share the strange Indian names here in MS. Thanks for dropping by and may the peace that passeth all understanding bring comfort to all of you.

  16. Pamela, the beautiful countryside made the sadness of the moment a little easier I hope. Closure is important and I'm sure your family now have time to remember that dear lady in a happier way. Thankfully the weather was fine, that always helps at sad times like this.

    Hugs - Mary

  17. Sometimes having a bit of time in between deal and burial is a good thing. Closure is such an important part as well.

    Pamela was a precious prayer in your previous post! Bless his heart! Have a happy Mother's Day.

  18. It is a simple, yet beautiful and serene grave yard. I'm so glad there was a closure to a sad happening in the lives of your family. Thank you for dropping by and for the lovely comment. You are right, this would make a nice summer table later on. Have a blessed and happy MOTHER'S DAY.

  19. So glad your family were able to be together for this last chapter of your mil's story. I'm sure your hubby and you will be thinking of her and missing her this weekend especially. Many blessings!

  20. I also lost my Mother in January, so I know how you and your husband feel, Pamela. May they rest in peace and may we be reunited in heaven with all our departed loved ones when our time comes. {{hugs}}


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