Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, June 28, 2012

before we paint

It's Thursday evening and I'm sitting and watching tv.
I look at the coffee table and think it needs a change.

I got out my rubbermaid container of faux flowers.
{I have 4 containers under the bed 2 for winter/Christmas,
1 for fall and 1 for spring/summer}
Where do you hide your faux flowers?  :)

I want to find new slips for the solid pillows that came with the sofa.
The glass dragonfly has a magnet on it.

I thought since the daisies are in bloom in the wild I'd get
out my silk ones {actually they aren't really silk, they're
faux silk ie. polyester - you can't get much more faux than that}. 
 I put them in my vintage enamel pitcher that usually sits
 on the washing machine.
It is stamped "Sweden" on the bottom.  Love it!

Last week I decided to do something different with the wall
above the sofa. 
I had a single antique stitchery there for almost a year plus
a platter hanging on each side of it.  It looked too empty
and I wanted to move these frames over from another wall.
I replaced the photos in the frames with some favorites
and hung them.
What do you think?
You can see the full look in the first photo.

The sofa is really a soft green but in the evening backlight it looks beige or grey.

I like the change.


Now that I have the living room all decorated for summer
I have to take everything down and put most things away.


Because the painters are coming next week!

What a job that will be.  I mean, the taking down and packing
of everything. 
And I may even get the brown stained built in book case
painted white.   And I have tons of books to pack and move!
Now I'm really starting to panic.
But, it will be worth it.

I'll post some new photos when the painting is done and
everything is put back to rights.

This weekend is the Canada Day holiday long weekend.
July 1st is the holiday and Monday is a government holiday.

I think we're actually going to have some fairly nice weather
with sunshine, hot temperatures and a chance of thunder storms.
After having almost 90 mm of rain this week I hope the
thunder storms don't materialize!

Thanks for all your visits and comments.
Welcome to my new followers too!

I'll be back tomorrow with a special post for Canada Day.




  1. I think the pictures look very nice in your room. Love the jug! Looking forward to the new photos with changes you are making.

  2. What a peaceful place to relax. Very pretty. I absolutely love the new pictures on the wall with the black frames. Everything is so nicely put together. Love the enamel pitcher with the pretty flowers......and the dragonfly! Looking forward to the end results after the painting is finished. I know it will be very nice.

  3. Happy Canada Day . . .

    Such fun to have things spruced up, painted, rearranged . . . oh my though, it does result in so much work! I like the framed photo arrangement behind the sofa.

    I recently found some large napkins at Anthropologie. I think they would be perfect for pillows. An inexpensive fabric to use for the change of seasons/pillows.

  4. I love painters, the alternative is me painting. Oh my aching neck muscles. hahahah. I am you current newest follower. I linked to you from Lavender Dreaming. She is a sweetie. Please come see me when you can. Mary

  5. Painting does seem to take over the whole house even if you are only painting one room. Everything is out of place...drives me nuts but it's so worth it in the end. Happy Canada Day! We broke a temp. record here in Ohio. Today it got to 103. Whew!

  6. Pamela
    I like your re-arrangements. Your living room looks very fresh and summery now.
    At least you have photos now so you know exactly where to put everything after the painting is done!

  7. What a concept - painters!! Perhaps I could introduce my husband to this concept, and then we'd actually get a room painted, thoroughly, in one go! :)

  8. I was here last night and read your post and had not a lick of energy to comment...nothing to do with the post...everything to do with my day. Oh I love that you are using your photography! Have you ever thought of having a photo enlarged a lot? Your photography is so terrific that it would be cool to see it enlarged. I'll send you a link to what another blogger is doing along these lines so you can see what I mean. (I do like the grouping over the sofa, but it's difficult to see the photos.)

    Painters! Yay! While washing the deck last night, painters came to mind because the thought of painting that thing again is just too overwhelming. I once hired the youth group to do it, but they were young and didn't do the finest job.

    My faux flowers live in a drawer in the sewing room.

  9. Hi Pamela! Oh, your living room looks so lovely and I do love the fauxs! Yours look pretty and I love the pitcher with the little dragonfly on it. Your picture arrangement looks great and I wondered if you ever framed and hung your snaps. I'm so glad you do - they're lovely. How exciting to have some painting going on! :)
    Be a sweetie and Happy Cananda Day!
    Shelia ;)

  10. Those are your shots in the frames aren't they? You should have some blown up really big!

    What colors are you painting? Have you chosen them yet, this is exciting.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. I'll have to take your word for it that the place needs painting because I think these "before" photos are looking pretty terrific. Have a wonderful weekend, Pamela. Happy Canada Day.

  12. It all looks so nice now Pam.. Painting is a lot of work but it is so lovely when it is all finished.. Happy Canada Day...

  13. It looks good already but it will be interesting to see the new paint. The arrangement over the sofa looks good. Frames like that can be so hard to get just right but I think you have done it. I hope you have a good holiday weekend and stay cool!


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