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Sunday, June 3, 2012

a fixer upper

I found this rusty heap of a car? truck? up the hill.

Do you think it's a fixer upper?
I think it needs a lot of work.

I had fun with Picasa's Lomo-ish feature.

It's dull and cool here today.
I wish the rain would come, get it over with, and leave.
But, apparently, it's taking it's time and will
stay for a few days. 

I did some painting yesterday.
I'm refinishing some old furniture.
{if it ever warms up again I'll get it finished and show you}

How was your weekend?

Wishing you a blessed week!



  1. I know you all have had lots of rain. Hopefully that will give you some beauty of lush green and wonderful gardens when it is over!

  2. Amazing what you can find sometimes. The rain just came here to Massachusetts. I imagine you got it first.

  3. It's a fixer-upper all right! Wonder how it would look with flowers all around.

    We've had six inches of rain this weekend. Torrential downpours off and on with ongoing steady rain. There's flooding everywhere. It retrograded back on top of us moving eastward and then westward. Don't hope for it. Pray it off to sea or something. (Plus my basement is officially flooded.)

  4. I think that vehicle (?) can be officially written off - beyond redemption. But it serves as a fine model for photography !

    As for the weather - hmmm; we thought summer was almost here but now we're back to cool (~15C), wet, and constant overcast. Looks like little relief for the next 4-5 days. Ah well, beats snow !

    Have a good week.

  5. I think you did a good job of playing with Lomo- ish!


  6. Even a rusty old car/truck can look good in your photos, Pamela. It poured here all day! It was cool, too.

  7. Nice photos Pamela . . . I think any heavy duty car fixin' should be by passed . . . camera only!

  8. That is indeed a fixer upper! You would have to have a lot imagination for that beauty! Interesting I have a BIL that is a mechanic and he restores old cars and trucks as a hobby and loves it. Something about old cars I guess! Diane

  9. Yes, it does look like it could use a lick and a polish doesn't it?

    Have seen a few matching ones around here also.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. That one might just be beyond fixing! Nice photo! And please, send us some of your rain, it is so dry here.
    Have a nice Monday!

  11. Hello Pamela
    I think that wreck is more like vintage yard art. :-) We've had rain for 2 days now, a nice gentle one that my plants are loving! It's been an expensive weekend; my printer went, then the pump for the pond waterfall and we're waiting for the third thing.

  12. Hi Pamela..loks like that one is too far gone!

  13. I like what you did with the photos! The colors are so vivid! That may be beyond a fixer upper! LOL!

  14. Hi Pam,
    Your weather sounds like ours, AND it's pretty chilly but I'm NOT going to complain(MUCH EASIER TO WORK IN COOL TEMPS)...
    Oh My Yes, it's a fixer upper... ANYTHING Old and Rusty can be MOLDED into a Gardening Delight! Just think of how much DIRT and FLOWERS that BIG Ol' Thingy can hold!!!
    Have a FUN week,

  15. Pamela
    It looks pretty gnarled and a bit beyond repair to me.
    But it makde for a great photo shoot!

  16. I think that old jalopy could be crushed into a neat cube to make a nice little outdoor garden table. Strange as it may sound I've always wanted one of those but maybe not so rusty! :)

  17. I like the way nature seems to be gradually swallowing it up. Great pics, as always :)

  18. Hi Pamela, Great find! I love the lomo treatment, too. Wishing you a lovely week ahead. :) – g

  19. I need to check out Piacasa's new features.

    We're getting a bit of sun today - hope you are too!

  20. Hi Pamela! I'm sure someone could get a great discount on that used model! :)
    You do take marvelous snaps! Thanks for popping in to see me and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Hi Pamela,

    I'm not too sure about the vintage car, but your photos are lovely! Glad to hear you are doing some painting while the rain is visiting.

  22. Those are great photos of the old vehicle. No, I doubt if it's a fixer-upper! The weather has been beautiful and sunny since I've been home, the forecast for yesterday was for rain and thunder storm, it didn't happen, just a few rain drops and it was over. I hope it clears up for you, dear lady.
    Hugs, Cindy

  23. Hi Pamela:
    We finally got some rain here over the weekend...and it is still dark and gloomy today...Such clouds we have seen....very ominous...
    Get busy on your furniture project...I love before and afters!!

    Linda :o)


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