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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

it's summer time!

Yay!  It's summer time.  The season I love the most.  Well, actually,
all the seasons have some good things about them.  Especially the beauty that nature provides.  But I prefer summer because it's the only time of the year that I'm not cold all the time.   I can't stand air conditioning, cool breezes, dampness, cold winters....well, you get my drift don't you?  I think I should have been born in Arizona!

Tuesday afternoon ~ windswept clouds {mare's tails}

My morning walk looked like this.

Wednesday morning ~ hot and hazy
on a clear day you can see the city very clearly ~ not this day

blue bird house inhabited by swallows

I've been trying to get photos of bluebirds for a year now.
They are nesting in two boxes that I know of.

I saw 2 of them on a pine tree and got this fuzzy photo of one.

Such a pretty blue.

Does anyone know what this plant is called?
It grows along the road and in fields.

Aren't these blossoms unique?

As I neared home I realized it was getting very hot out.
When I checked the thermometer it read 30 ° C!
What a great first day of summer!

When I looked in the mailbox today this is what I found.

Just a reminder that Fall is 3 months away!  HA!!
I won't mention the fact that after tonight the daylight
will start getting shorter. 
Nothing we'll notice for a month or so.
But, it will happen.

For now though I'm going to bask in glorious sunny
warm summer because before I know it I'll be cold again.

How about you?  Do you enjoy summer's heat and humidity?

Thank you to all of you who read my blog and enjoy my photos.
I appreciate all your visits and comments!

Wishing you blue skies, sunshine and a little rain to keep
things pretty.

Happy Summer!



  1. What a pretty route you have for your walks. Where I am, it is nothing but houses, stores and city roads.....lucky girl you are! I too am very happy to see the summer arrive, warm days, the beach, bike rides, cars rides with the window rolled down....summer! I'm a bit like you too, I have a love/hate thing for Air Conditioners. Love the summer heat, but don't like being too hot...crazy. Enjoy the summer my friend and your pretty like walks. Diane

  2. HI Pam:
    What a lovely day in your neck of the woods...
    We are sweating here as well...but...off to the Lake tomorrow...YEAH!!
    Don't know the name of that cute little plant...
    Maybe Crafty will know!!! She helps me a lot...

    I am certainly enjoying the first day of summer...but, it always goes way tooooo fast..
    Enjoy the rest of your day..

    Linda :o)

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Linda.

  3. Gosh, the kids here just got out of school today! I hate the rush of catalogs. They actually fry my franny, but on a day like today, I'm easily fried. No, I don't much enjoy heat and humidity, but I am glad that you have a lovely day to enjoy. I can hang out by the AC.

    I've often wondered about that wildflower myself. Hope that someone knows!

  4. Pretty summery scenes. And our heat has gotten intense here. But yes, the stores have us thinking about fall of course. Always rushing to the next thing,

  5. Gorgeous scenes! Love summer - not humidity though. The island breezes help to keep it down.

  6. What wonderful photos! They would make beautiful notecards! And yes, summer is my favorite season, too. I love the sunshine and warmth...that's one of the reasons we retired in Florida! I just love it here!

  7. Lovely series of photos. I think your wildflower is bladder campion. We have lots in the fields. I'm always pulling it, because even though it is so pretty it can be invasive as it spreads by seeds.
    I can take the heat but the humidity is draining. We are pushing temperature records today, so I'm sure this weather will be heading your way soon.

  8. I just googled this plant under 'bladder campion'. It is a plant from Spain and Europe and the leaves are eaten in salads etc. It is invasive and considered a weed here. Thanks to Crafty Gardener for nameing the plant!

  9. Pamela, you live in a very beautiful place!
    I love big open skies and grassy fields, too.
    But I dont't love humidity, lol!

  10. Gee, Pamela, ALL your photos are worthy of Note Cards, I'd say! Thanks for the encouraging words on my little offerings at the party today. And, too bad that bladder campion is considered a weed - it is so unusual and would be terrific in a messy English cottage garden - if it would be sure to behave and not take over!

    1. I have it in one part of my garden. I'm just careful to pull the blooms before they set seed, which will contain it.

  11. What beautiful photos! The colors are fantastic! Really nice shots, Pamela!

  12. You have captured the moment! I love them all!

  13. Pamela, your photos are so beautiful. I love the scenic rolling hills when we travel and always say sometime I'd love to live in an area like that.

  14. Hi Pamela! Your meadow walks look like the perfect summer activity and you captured them beautifully. That expanse of sky is mesmerizing.I know it's been hot in a lot of areas but we are still mostly having rain. Although two beautiful days over the solstice was most welcome!

    Hope you have a lovely, sunny weekend!



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