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Spring 2018
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

new growth and rain drops

purple iris

We have had days of clouds and cool gusty winds but
things are starting to grow and bloom.

raindrops on hosta leaf

fresh green tips on the spruce trees

my favorite ~ raindrops on the back of a pansy bloom

my friend's poppies - unedited

I have planted my annuals almost 2 weeks ago into pots and
window boxes but they have spent most of their time in
the garage out of the cold wind.  Poor things.  But, they are
growing and blooming!

geraniums in a pot on a sunny day

I chose a variety of colours for my annuals this year ~
coral, salmon, purple, pink and I have a few more to purchase
when it warms up.  Hopefully on Friday.
Do you use a colour scheme in your garden or do you like
a mix of everything?

Summer is 2 weeks away so
I hope it brings real summer weather with it's arrival.
We've had enough of this cloud and cold.

I hope your week is going well.
Enjoy the day!



  1. Love your photos, Pam.. Your header is lovely, also.. The sun is coming out here this am..

  2. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Have a great warm sunny weekend!

  3. Oh I think my favorite is the pansy, too. I've been noticing all the fresh green fluffy growth on our Eastern Spruce. Very pretty. Hope that your poor flowers get a reprieve from the garage soon. My plants are sitting out on the deck table looking purely miserable. I may have to start over.

    (Obviously, I'm still here. I may need to eat some of those cookies I baked yesterday.)

  4. This year I bought what looked good to me regardless of the color. So, some of my pots are eclectic.

  5. We are like you Pamela....hoping for summer to come soon. We haven't sat outside one evening yet and it is raining again today.
    I just love fresh growth of spruce trees but all those photos are amazing.
    Maybe if the rain stops momentarily I'll go take photos of my poor roses that are blooming so beautifully right now.

  6. That pansy is such a gorgeous colour, and the poppy is stunning. I enjoy seeing the new growth at this time. Things literally seem to change by the hour. Now if it would just stop raining I could have a look in our garden!

  7. There is nothing more beautiful and exciting than the first buds of spring as the open to give to life to another season after a long dark winter. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  8. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. The hosta leaf with the raindrops is my favorite....I think ...I love them all. I love the brightness of the poppies. You really are talented! Thank you.

  9. Gorgeous photos . . . Love the raindrops on leaves and blossoms . . .

  10. How beautiful! You do such a wonderful job "playing" with your camera! :)

  11. It has been cold hasn't it? And everywhere it's cold, or else it's so hot that they are in a drought...weird weather.

    But your flowers are lovely, shivering or not.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. Your photos are just stunning, Pamela! Send some cooler weather our way, please! It's too warm and too dry...we need rain desperately.
    Have a great day!

  13. Once the flowers start blooming outside isn't it hard to stay inside? Or leave your camera behind?
    I'm outside on our deck enjoying the fountain burbling and the sunshine on our flower resplended garden...I should be inside working. Sigh.

  14. Beautiful photos Pam. Love the water-logged pansy and the poppies. My poppy buds are just starting to crack open.. which means they'll likely be at their "peak" when I am away next week... arrggghhhh

  15. No shortage of raindrops to photograph I see. It's been lovely here for a couple of days now and hopefully the sun will find your province soon too! I love running my hands over the soft new growth of our blue spruce, you captured the softness of yours very well in the photo.

  16. Love the color of those flowers! Yummy!

  17. I love the photos of raindrops on petals, Pam! Thye are Nature's diamonds!

  18. You must have a really good camera to be able to take such lovely photos. I really love colour and i think every colour goes with every other so I don't have a scheme. My favourites are my perennials - it's so much fun to see them growing again with out any trouble at all. Happy Gardening!

  19. Great pictures Pamela! I love how everything looks after a rainstorm. The earth seems renewed. Hope you get some sunshine!

  20. Gorgeous photos, Pamela! I love the ones with the raindrops, you do take good photos, lady.
    I hope the clouds roll away and bring you some beautiful, warm sunshine very soon. We are getting some much needed rain today, it has been in the 30's and would you believe my central air unit has quit working. Thankfully it is much cooler today.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. When you mentioned on Facebook that you had posted the poppy pictures I had to come and look. I must have missed this post. Wow. You have some great photos here, the iris bud and the rain on the leaf, and that pansy petal! You have quite the eye.


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