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Sunday, June 10, 2012

what a busy weekend!

table centerpiece

Saturday morning was busy with me taking photos at
the Ladies Breakfast at our church and also for
our church's participation in Love Fredericton.

The breakfast was prepared by a chef from a local hotel.
And it was delicious!

After this I went out to find the teams that were volunteering
with Love Fredericton. 

It was a drizzly day and cool but most were prepared.
There were free hot dogs and a free car wash at the church.

Gas was pumped.

Groceries were loaded in people's cars.

There were churches from all over the city and in outlying
communities participating in this event.

Then on Sunday we had a huge event at our church.

Day of Thunder.

This wasn't thunder from the heavens.

It was thunder from motorcycles, muscle cars,
hot rods, drag cars and classic cars.

The event started at 10:00 in the church parking lot.
There was a church service inside from 11:00 - 12:00.
(the service was even broadcast outside for those who had to
stay with their vehicles)

This was an outreach to draw people to our church and
there were almost 2000 who attended the event which went
until 3:00.  There was Motor Cross Jumping as well.
Everything was free including the hot dogs and hamburgers
and beverages served at lunch.

A lot of work by many church members went into
this event to make it such a success.

The weather was perfect with sun and cloud so not too hot.

Everyone had a super time.

So that was my weekend.  Very busy.
Very enjoyable.
Very blessed.

A new week is here.

I hope you will be blessed this week.



  1. You certainly did have a busy weekend! Wow . . . I like hearing about many churches plus community coming together for others in a sense of unity and love. Well done . . . breakfast looks yummy . . .

  2. I have been visiting your blog. I enjoy it as I, too, share a love of photography, especially of nature. I have visited Alberta and B.C. in Canada. I live in Oregon and they are closest. Visit my blog sometime! Let me know what you think of my photographs and articles. http://poetrose24.blogspot.com/

  3. Pamela
    Wow, that sure must have taken a lot of planning.
    It looks like it was successful with a turnout of
    over 2000!
    You are proud Fredericton's.

  4. Wow - members of your church certainly know how to work! It looks like it was a very successful day.

  5. Morning Pamela, that looks a great weekend. Phil would of loved the motorbikes. What a great community event and you had good weather, which helps!!!

    Have a good week, love Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  6. What fantastic events. It's great everyone pulling together for the church and the community.

  7. Hi Pamela
    Great community spirit and the best photographer covering the events. We had Summer Fest this weekend at the big park at the lake but it rained most of Saturday - didn't stop the fireworks though!
    Have a good week.

  8. Looks like that was a fun weekend. I have never been to Fredericton but I have heard very good things. It is next on my list when we head back to the maritimes.

  9. Fredericton must be a very community oriented city. What a great idea to celebrate the warm weather and the beginning of summer. It must have been fun!

  10. Very hip ideas! Glad that it was a great success despite the drizzly weather. This week should be gold!

  11. Great Weekend! You will probably need to rest a bit this weekend!

  12. Pamela, the churches in Fredericton certainly take an active role in the community. Your photos turned out really well, including the shot of the airborn motorcyclist. I guess you'll be "hired" again next year to take the pictures! Enjoy your day.

  13. We have 'Love Chilliwack' in our community every year...with our church is always a part of. Such a great idea! So glad you had sunshine and good times.

  14. What a great outreach that took a lot of work! Glad you had a nice day for it and it sounds like a wonderful turnout. Love your photos! I must say that I wish I had access to that yummy plate of fruit right now! :D

  15. What fun! I just love warm weather and fun outside events. :)

  16. Wow! That was quite the weekend! It looks like it was a good time for everyone!
    Hugs, Cindy


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